Monday, October 8, 2012

Britain's Most Advanced Warship HMS Diamond in Kuwait - A Jewel in Our Crown

My husband and I attended a reception onboard this very, very impressive ship. Thank you to all our charming hosts for a lovely evening. Wishing you all a safe (hopefully uneventful) trip.

I was told HMS Diamond's cost was a billion pounds sterling and she can attack submarines, ships and aircraft simultaneously. She can track on her radar 1,000 targets up to 400 km away. She can also detect ballistic missiles and has anti-ballistic capabilities. Keeping in mind it's the long and mid range ballistic missiles that are normally armed with nuclear warheads. Certainly helped me feel a little more confident about the whole Iran thingy.

HMS Diamond is the third ship of the Type 45 or D class of air defence destroyer built for the Royal Navy. She was launched in 2007. 

The most distinctive design point of the D class is their sleekly designed straight edges and superstructure free from clutter. This is designed to give the ship a low radar cross section - commonly called stealth features.

Advanced air defence

The D class are often considered the most powerful air-defence warships in the world. The ship's capabilities centre on the SAMPSON Multi Function Radar which can detect hundreds of targets out to a distance of 400 km (250 mi) and the Sea Viper missile system. In addition Daring'S1850M 3D air surveillance radar is capable of detecting 1,000 targets up to 400 km (250 mi). It is also capable of detecting outer atmosphere objects such as ballistic missiles.

Weapons and systems

Anti-air Sea Viper missile system.
  • 1x SAMPSON multi-function air tracking radar - range of 400 kilometres (250 mi).
  • 1x S1850M 3D air surveillance radar - range of 400 kilometres (250 mi). Capable of tracking up to 1,000 targets, including outer atmosphere objects such as ballistic missiles.
  • 48 x Aster 15 and 30 missiles in a 48 cell SYLVER A50 vertical launcher. Missiles as follows;
    • Aster 15 - Short to medium range anti-air missile - range of 2 – 30 km.
    • Aster 30 - Long range anti-air missile. Also anti-ballistic missile capable - range of 3 – 120 km.


4 x Sea Skua anti-ship missiles. On the embarked Lynx HMA 8 helicopter.


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