Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tried and tested www.6alabat.com

I was curious about this online food-ordering site so last night I gave it a try.
6alabat means 'order' in Arabic and is pronounced Talabat as the 6 in Arabic is a T. It's quite straight forward register your details including accurate address, receive password at your email and go check the restaurants and menus available. I settled for a pizza from Saso. There are over a 100 restaurants registered so you have great choice and only one website or number to remember. Plus once you've put your details in there's no repeating them again to every restaurant employee in Kuwait.

Saso restaurant, Abu Halifa minimum order KD 2.750 (AH that's the nearest to me)
Four seasons pizza KD 2.950 + 400 fils delivery charge, total KD 3.350
Ordered at 7.58pm arrived 9.04pm

It was COLD when it did arrive :O( Partly due to the poor packaging which would not have kept anything warm. Pizza was not bad, quite authentic tasting, wood oven taste and a nice base. If it had arrived warm and earlier probably would have tasted a lot better. Over an hour to deliver is way too long.

But I would definitely try 6alabat again. You can call them if ordering online frustrates or daunts you.

Click here for website:


or telephone 1833663

Update - Hmmmm... Ordered again and unforgivably late. We refused the order. Other people seem to have better luck than me.


  1. Try their makis or mini burgers, those are good when delivered home. Pizzas are better when you dine in....

  2. Hi Anon, Thanks for the recommendation. Would definitely try Saso again. If I hadn't been so hungry would have re-heated it, it was a good pizza just how I like 'em.

  3. Thank you Saso Team for the email. Your customer service is impressive. Good luck with the new restaurant Saso Ocean Groove at Free Trade Z

  4. Ooops should be Saso Ocean Groove at Free Trade Zone :O)
    Sounds very Malibu doesn't it?
    I look forward to visiting them especially if the pink flamingos are around.

  5. I think Saso in FTZ must have closed. Will try the one in Sharq.


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