Saturday, June 16, 2012

Awesome England!

It's pretty nerve-racking stuff watching England play football. I thought we played badly against France and were lucky to get a draw. But last night they were fabulous. Those Swedes were big, intimidating fellas and we whooped them. So, to the only Sweden supporter at the British embassy last night - a big fat raspberry :OP

Oh and a big thank you to Simon back in the UK for wearing his lucky pants - please keep wearing them. And our other secret weapon; any time I go to the bathroom during a match  England scores. So don't worry lads between Simon and I we've got you covered.

Euro 2012 schedule [link].


  1. Simon FordJune 16, 2012

    Hello there, Simon here! Very pleased to hear that the combination of my undergarments and your incontinence are keeping the hopes of the nation alive! I hope for your sake that when we get through to the knock out stages we don't have a 0 - 0 draw which goes to extra time followed by penalties. Still if you haven't been for 120 minutes you might need to make several visits in quick succession!

  2. Hello, Simon here! This is the third time I have tried to comment so please accept my apologies if this comes up 3 times. All i wanted to say was how delighted I am that my under garments and your incontinence are keeping the hopes of the nation alive. I am just a little concerned for you should we get through to the knock out stages. A 0 - 0 draw plus extra time could be a little uncomfortable for you but at least you will able to make several visits to the bathroom for the penalty shoot out!

    1. Dear Simon

      Thank you for your perserverance in posting your comment, it's much appreciated. I'm so happy to hear from you. As you know your sister and I are great friends and have discussed at length the burden of responsibility upon our shoulders for team and country. So, with regard to this, I shall not be medicating myself against the incontinence problem and hope you don't get divorced, fired and/or ostracised by your community for wearing the lucky underpants for the required length of time (another 8 days I believe).
      I have heard that the lucky undies are very old and must be a couple of sizes too small by now but one must do what one can.

      Kind regards, Kim.


Always great to hear from you :O)