Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Very Proud Mummas, Dads and Kids

Was mighty surprised and bowled over with pride myself when babygirl got the year 4 award for geography a few weeks ago. Then we revised hard for exams and were not sure how they'd gone. But WOOHOO! She did great, mostly As with a few Bs. What most pleased me was that she tried her best. Still a bit of a chatterbox.. but we're working on that. Thank you to all the wonderful teachers and staff at her school. Hope you all have a great summer.

To all the wonderful mums and dads who've put in hundreds of hours doing homework with their kids, supervising, revising, cajoling, begging, worrying, yelling, threatening, encouraging, helping complete projects...Very, very well done!  Enjoy a few months off :O)


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    1. Awww.. thanx sweety. I have a theory that having kids knocks 20 years off your life and had started a blog with a similar name only to have my close friends tell me it could cause irreparable damage to my pumpkin ;O) I had thought it was a light-hearted and truthful eye-opener to having kids, they thought otherwise LOL.

  2. Congratulations for your daughter's achievement!

    1. Thanxx Kuweight 64. I'd like to see her off to a good university like yours. Take a pat on the back yourself xxx


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