Thursday, June 21, 2012

McDonalds and Animal Poems

McDonalds on the Gulf Road with the Malibu view

My daughter and I went off to McDonalds today for some comfort food and there's not much that's more comforting than a McDonalds' breakfast. I received this lovely poem from a reader whilst I was there that had me crying on my pancakes. Thank you Shabana x

"An Animal Poem"

You are mute
But you communicate better
Than most people
You seem
To understand
What baffles
My human mind
No matter how agitated
I am
I always see
Peace when I look
Into your eyes
You are calm
When I fret
When I only react
Where I am callous
I call out to you
But you reach out to me
I may buy, adopt or take you in
But truly it's you
That accepts me
I may see breed or lineage in you
You only see
You might be the one
To die on me
But I'm the one
Who has learned
To live from you. 

© 2012 / Shabana Shaikh
(Warning: Contents not to be used or reproduced without prior consent of author)

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