Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Current Parliament is Unconstitutional and Illegal to be Dissolved Permanently: Last Elections Void

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Seems the current parliament will be not suspended for a month but dissolved permanently as it is deemed unconstitutional and illegal. The former late Amir, Jaber Al-Ahmed had dissolved a previous parliament and that issue was unresolved, and so these elections and parliament are illegal. The previous parliament is to be re-instated.

LWDLIK - Can we get an 'Amen'

No longer a rumour [link].


  1. AnonymousJune 20, 2012

    Things are going from bad to almost ridiculous!!
    Let's just be done with the whole idea of democracy! It is holding the development of this country back! Scrap the concept of a parliament completely!!

  2. I'm still singing. Aaamen, aaamen, aamen, amen, amen :O)

  3. I'm American and would like to believe that I'm pro-democracy. But what I've witnessed since 1996 in Kuwait has me questioning that philosophy.

    Are the parliaments truly democratic? No - because Kuwait is NOT a democracy; it is a constitutional monarchy. There is no 2 party system in Kuwait, so what is the point of a parliament anyways? No checks and balances.

    And, ministry appointments: Ministers should be elected and given terms of no less than 4 years (you can't accomplish any change in less than 4 years). They should only be put in positions based on their education and experience in the field which they will serve. For example, an MD should be the Minister of Health. The Minister of Commerce should have at least a master's degree and considerable experience in business; LARGE business. Etc.

    This is one parliament that I am VERY happy to see gone. "Decency" law? Yeh!!!


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