Monday, June 11, 2012

Kuwaiti Woman Dragged Along by her Ankles on Gulf Road

Kuwait Times: Search is currently ongoing for a well-built man who physically assaulted a female driver on Gulf Road recently after she ignored his harassment. Police rushed to the location Friday night after the victim made an emergency call and found her on the verge of a nervous breakdown. The Kuwaiti woman explained to officers that the suspect forced her to stop at the side of the road before pulling her out of her car, grabbing her ankle and dragging her around on the floor. The suspect then tore her scalp out before getting back into his American-made SUV and driving away. The woman’s torn clothes and bare hair served as evidence to her story and she was hospitalized before being helped to the Maidan Hawally police station to file the case.

LWDLIK - How terrifying for this poor woman. Did anyone see this or have any info? If so, get in touch with the police or email me and I'll put you in touch with the police. I hope they find this psycho soon and throw him in jail. 


  1. AnonymousJune 11, 2012

    Utterly disgusting behaviour! I sincerely hope there are witnesses that can help out in this horrible assault and that the judge who oversees the case sets an example with this monster!

  2. NEVER unlock your doors when this kind of thing happens. NEVER leave your car. Take photos with your phone.

    I've had guys run up to my car at traffic lights trying to pull the doors open. I've had men try to run me off the road before the police could get there. Things happen. Women should be more vigilent about what NOT to do if something bad happens.

    1. Great advice DG. It's something I do whenever I'm feeling a little threatened.
      My girlfriend and I had a guy try to get our attention, we ignored him, he tried to drive us off the road, I kept driving, he put a policeman's hat on and was gesturing us to stop, I drove to the nearest police station, he slowed down wary about pursuing us inside, we wrote his registration number down whilst he was watching us, we went straight to the captain's office and told him what happened, shortly followed by the 'policeman' who had followed us in a civilian car, he tried to salute the captain and nearly fell over, he was drunk or on drugs - one of the two, the captain assured us he would deal with him and asked if we would like a police escort home, we declined and left.

      Do not be intimidated. Do not aggravate the situation by yelling obscenities or challenging them, stay cool and in control. Go to the nearest police station. If you are trying to take a pic try to do it without being seen. Call a good friend and tell them where you are and what's going on, giving them car plate number and person's description if possible.


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