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Bahrain Summer Festival 2012

Bahrain Summer 2012
Manama is a city that bustles every morning with the intermingled sounds of birds, children, vendors, shoppers and humble people who survive life through love. The multiple facets of Manama and the diversity of its inhabitants create the unique culture which enables it to grow and prosper day by day within an environment of satisfaction and pleasure.

Joy has a city called Manama and Manama has another name too, JOY. The two are interchangeable.

Bahrain Summer, tours the cities of love for the fourth time, this time planting its palm tree in Manama, the City of Joy.
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June 15-July 15
Nakhool City
Genre: Edutainment
Time: Daily 2 p.m.- 7 p.m.
Minimum Age: 3 years
Venue: BIECC, Hall 1A

Cities represent diverse environments, sheltering different kinds of people within their unique environs. Within their boundaries, a process of discovery and re-discovery takes place every day and change provides the stimulus to everyday life.
Within Manama, the city breathes with the oxygen generated by its palm trees – a loved cultural representative of both the city’s humanity and sustenance. The palm tree cannot be divorced from the identity of Manama and enjoys a special relationship in the hearts of all the city’s inhabitants.
Because capitals are homelands of love, hope and survival and because the sun never sets upon laughter, the Bahrain Summer Festival this year opens the doors to the Capital of Arab Culture with Nakhool City growing little by little within the lively and joyous city of Manama.
Nakhool city, the place that carries the face of the capital, forever smiling.
June 14-June 19
Created & Staged by Slava Polunin
Time: 7 p.m.
Genre: Theatre
Country: Russia
Minimum Age: 8 years
Venue: BIECC, Hall 1B
Since its creation in 1993 by renowned Russian clown, Slava Polunin, Slava’s SNOWSHOW has played to over three million people in more than 30 countries and 120 cities. Lauded as "a theatre classic of the 20th century,” with Slava Polunin described as "the best clown in the world,” the show has garnered international popular and critical acclaim including a number of important awards worldwide.
Drawing on the influence of artists such as Charlie Chaplin, Marcel Marceau and Leonid Engibarov, Slava Polunin and his company of clowns have brought clowning into the theatre.  Slava’s SNOWSHOW is a fusion of traditional and contemporary theatrical clowning arts within a beautifully crafted visual spectacle, creating a world of wonderment and fantasy that transports the audience to a joyous dream-like place with a stunning finale.
A visual masterpiece loved by children and adults alike.

June 21-June 22

By Los Vivancos
Time: 8:30 p.m.
Genre: Flamenco
Country: Spain
Minimum Age: 8 years
Venue: BIECC, Hall 1B
Los Vivancos, the sizzling international family flamenco sensation, will heat-up the City of Joy on 21st and 22nd June! For the award winning, best- selling Flamenco group of seven brothers, dance is a way of life and a showcase of their cultural heritage. Los Vivancos brings a variety of musical and dance disciplines, including some of the more graceful movements from the martial arts, ballet, theatre and the circus. Raised by a wandering musician family, Los Vivancos spent their youth traveling the world absorbing the diverse cultures they encountered, ultimately incorporating them into their flamenco performances.  As they became teenagers, the demand for the brothers’ unique talent spread and they found themselves performing together around the world.
June 26-June 29
Wooden Circus 
by Karromato
Time: 5 p.m.- 6 p.m.
Venue: Nakhool City
Genre: String Marionettes
Country: Czech Republic
Minimum Age: 3 years
Venue: BIECC, Hall 1A
Acrobats! Exotic animals! Clowns!
Founded in Prague in 1997 by artists from the Czech Republic, Hungary and Spain, experiences from various theatrical backgrounds have been brought together in a stunning 3-ring circus of the imagination, full of energy, perfect timing and surprises. The show dazzles with secret special effects stemming from the classic 19th century European marionette theatre. Beautiful wooden marionettes and traditional music will take you back in time to the golden age of puppetry. Karromato’s marionette spectacles have delighted audiences in more than 30 countries across Europe, Asia and the Americas, speaking directly to the heart, without words, using only music, universal humour, and the unique personality of each and every handcrafted marionette.
June 30
Omar Faruk Tekbilek & Ensemble
Time: 8:30 p.m.
Genre: Music
Country: Turkey
Minimum Age: 8 years
Venue: BIECC, Hall 1B
Recipient of the Best Artist Award during the Turkish Music Awards in 2003 from the Turkish Writers Association, Omar Faruk Tekbilek’s work transcends political and cultural boundaries.  Born to a musical family in Adana, Turkey, Omar Faruk displayed a fascination and keenness for religious studies. He has established himself as one of the world's foremost exponents of Middle Eastern music. A multi-instrumentalist par excellence, he has collaborated with a number of leading musicians of international repute such as jazz trumpeter, Don Cherry, keyboard player, Karl Berger and ex-Cream rock drummer, Ginger Baker, amongst others. Faruk’s music is rooted in tradition, but has been influenced by contemporary sounds. He views his approach as cosmic and his commitment to music runs deep. His creativity resounds with and emanates mysticism, folklore and romance.
July 3
aka Don Legend the Kamelion
Featuring DJ OUTLAW and Flipperachi
Time: 8:30 p.m.
Genre: Hip Hop/ R & B
Country: KSA/ Bahrain
Minium Age: 8 years
Venue: BIECC, Hall 1B

The Middle East Hip Hop Ambassador is one of the first Arabic Hip Hop Artists, and the first Saudi Arabian Rapper. He has established himself as an important part in the city’s musical culture. Under his Eyesomnia label, Legend has been both prolific and successful, pioneering the perfect blend of Arabic music and Hip-Hop. Don Legend’s alias “Kamelion” accurately describes his ability to adapt to any situation in his path, and has demonstrated an unsurpassed passion and focus towards this amazing genre of music.
At the same evening, the Ambassador features two of the young Bahraini talents, “DJ Outlaw” who started off his music career as an independent DJ with his own production studio at home (Outlaw Productions), and the rising young Bahraini star Hussam Aseem (aka “Flipp” or “Flipperachi”) who has gained quite a fan following and a reputation as an Arab rapper to watch for. A traditional Bahraini Laiwa band will join Qusai on stage as well to create an authentically diverse musical performance.

July 6
Hala Alturk

Time: 7 p.m.
Genre: Song
Country: Bahrain
Minimum Age: 3 years
Venue: BIECC, Hall 1B
The talented Bahraini Hala AlTurk began showing a brilliant talent by the age of four when she started participating in kids’ talent shows but it was at the age of 9, when she participated in the “Arabs Got Talent” show that her fame catapulted. In the Bahrain Summer Festival, Hala will present some popular favorites like “My Lovely Daughter” and “Sleep”.

July 10- July 15
Directed by JOHN PAYTON
Time: 7 p.m.
Genre: Musical Theatre
Country: United Kingdom
Minimum Age: 3 Years
Venue: BIECC, Hall 1B
One of the best-loved and most successful film musicals in history, winner of five Academy Awards, with a soundtrack that has gone Platinum over 12 times. The Sound of Music recalls the dramatic true story of Maria and the Von Trapp family, and their struggle to freedom as their homeland (Austria) is faced with Nazis expansion in the years immediately preceding the Second World War, The Sound of Music features lavish costumes, a sumptuous set and stars a wonderful cast and orchestra direct from London's West End. Directed by John Payton and produced by both John Payton and Lucy Magee for Popular Productions Ltd, this is the perfect, matchless family entertainment.

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