Sunday, June 3, 2012

Tips on Being Confident

1-Dress up, look your best! When you look good, you feel good! (True - a shower, make-up and a nice outfit is better than prozac).

2-Do something you really like and are good at doing and share it. (Can be baking, being a good friend, telling jokes, styling hair, sewing, being considerate, etc).

3-Walk with your shoulders back, chin up, NOT looking down at your feet, walk a tad faster, make eye contact and wear a SMILE! (People will smile back at you, it's infectious).

4-Be grateful! Think constantly about all you are thankful for! (Amen).

5-Accept criticism without being defensive and accept compliments with grace.

6-When you pass by a mirror give yourself a WINK & a GRIN!

7-Do something for others. When you give to others, you give to yourself and it makes you feel good inside.

8-FINISH what you start! Follow through! DO what you say you will do.

9-Face your fears. Do something everyday that removes you from your comfort zone. THIS is how you GROW. (Makes you ready for anything).

10-Get organized, prepared and ready for tasks. (Preparation is key).

11-Improve your body language. Be PRESENT in a room but be approachable. ( Presence will attract people to come and talk to you).

12-Surround yourself with people that lift you up but remember YOU are responsible for your own HAPPINESS! (Move on from the energy sucking pessimists in the room with a polite excuse me).

13-Give sincere praises to others without expecting for one in return. Don't fish for compliments. (Everyone loves being complimented but it can get a little scary if it's over done and fishing for a compliment shows immense insecurity).

14-KNOW yourself, make a decision and stick to it! (Dithering or reneging on a promise is a no-no).

15- Learn to accept and be comfortable with your imperfections. Learn to be comfortable in your own skin. (After all if you like you so will others).


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