Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Fake Diors, Guccis, Chanels, Mulberrys You name it..

I was in City Centre in Salmiya the other day and, of course, one has to check the tacky cheap stuff out in the mall area. The place is full of fake designer handbags, shoes and fake Burberry kids clothing. Now this would really annoy me if I was buying Burberry and Chanel bags at full price (I'm not -anymore - long story).  My BFF has just bought a gorgeous Chanel for a ton of money and to see it duplicated all over the place would be mighty flipping annoying. What happened to copyright law infringement? 

Ok, so if you own a designer 'anything' you can tell from the quality that it's infinitely better than the  stuff sold there. But some of them look pretty darn close to the real ones - from a distance.

And I think that the Hermes bag (whether real or a knock-off) has become a symbol of lack of style. It's like a blinking uniform. If I had one I'd put it in a closet for a while until the flocks move onto something else. 

Oh, don't travel to France with a fake designer bag I was warned by an Italian policeman on a train to Nice that the French police/authorities can confiscate fakes (probably only after the fake French designer bags). Be warned.

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