Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I Can't or Won't Believe Our Baby Boy Maury is Dying :O(

Maury the Lovebug, our beloved Japanese Spitz dog - whom we got from an animal shelter here in Kuwait - has neurological complications from an old case of distemper. For those who have dogs that have been around Maury we have been assured by the vet that this is an old case that is not contagious. This canine virus has left him with degenerative brain damage. Sadly distemper and parvovirus are very common in Kuwait. Please ensure your dogs are vaccinated and boosters are given. 

We are so very sad. The vet has told me today there is nothing they can do for him and it might be a matter of months. I can't believe that he can be so ill. Apart from the twitching he seems fine, he does falter sometimes with his left front leg when walking but he still likes to play, eats well and is as sweet natured as ever.

We've only had him two months and have fallen madly in love with him and I think he has with us too. I noticed a twitching ear that had gotten worse and now his leg has started too. Yesterday one of his eyes started winking and half of his face was twitching. I thought maybe an old trauma to the head, epilepsy or a tumour - all of which might be treatable - but it seems not :O(

So for as long as we have him it'll be oodles of love, double portions of peanut butter (he adores it) and his favourite meal of boiled chicken.

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An update on Maury the Lovebug  

Maury's doing just fine he has just recovered from an aural hemaetoma that he got from scratching his ear too hard but other than that he's fine. I'm still in shock at the vet's diagnosis and delivery of that info which has led me to think a) vet has no clue what he's doing. b) he has zero compassion. We're all just so happy Maury's doing okay. Spoke with other vets who seem to close rank a bit but are happy that Maury's decline has been very minimal, in fact, he seems to be a bit better these days still twitches but his balance is better. 

Must be all the TLC he gets ;O) 


  1. Sorry to hear about it, Kim. Thought you might like a poem I wrote for pet lovers.

    "An Animal Poem"

    You are mute
    But you communicate better
    Than most people
    You seem
    To understand
    What baffles
    My human mind
    No matter how agitated
    I am
    I always see
    Peace when I look
    Into your eyes
    You are calm
    When I fret
    When I only react
    Where I am callous
    I call out to you
    But you reach out to me
    I may buy, adopt or take you in
    But truly it's you
    That accepts me
    I may see breed or lineage in you
    You only see

    You might be the one
    To die on me
    But I'm the one
    Who has learned
    To live from you.

    © 2012 / Shabana Shaikh
    (Warning: Contents not to be used or reproduced without prior consent of author)

    Wishing you well,

    1. Oh gosh Shabana that is so lovely. I was in McDonalds having a comfort food breakfast when I read this, it had me crying in my pancakes. Thank you so much sweetie xxx

    2. You are welcome. Yeah, I have been told by others that the above poem has brought a tear to their eye, and nothing I say will make you feel better. But then Maury is worth been missed and like they say: 'one might forget what you did for them, but no one forgets how you made them feel.'
      Maury needs that more than anything else right now.....You hang in there.

  2. Oh my gosh, this really makes me sad.... :( Our home is like a shelter for animals (we currently own 4 dogs and 4 1-month old puppies, we also take care of 4 stray cats and 4 kittens that we found on the street) and a couple of years ago, we lost 3 dogs due to parvo. It was so heartbreaking, my 7 year-old nephew couldn't stop crying, he had to skip school that day. A couple of months back, we lost another dog due to epilepsy. We really treat these animals like they're part of our family so everytime one of them dies, it really breaks our hearts. Sorry, I know I'm probably not helping to make you feel better but my point is, I know what it feels like and I guess the only thing you can do is pray that he doesn't have too much of a hard time.. Just make him feel like he is loved and I'm sure he will never forget you even when he's already up there in dog heaven.. :)

    1. It is heartbreaking to go through I'm sorry for your loss. Your poor nephew, bless him, he must have been very attached to them. And how can anyone blame him they steal your heart, become your best friend, love you unconditionally and offer such loyalty and all for a little kindness shown to them.

      Did you read the above poem, so very true we have a lot to learn from them. Like them being so happy to see their owners, imagine everyone getting that kind of reception when we greet each other - be a much nicer place to live wouldn't it?

  3. Chikky SirishJune 21, 2012

    That is so very sad to hear. However, you must know that you have given Maury the best possible gift in his little doggy life - that of LOVE. My heart goes out to Maury and to your family.

    1. Thanks Chikky. He will be spoiled rotten. We are so very happy to have in our lives for as long as possible.

  4. AnonymousJune 21, 2012

    Gosh Kim, i didn't know.I"m so sorry to hear this!!! I know too well, how heartbreaking it is to lose your pet.But you have without doubt, given him the best 2 months he has ever experienced, full of love,a safe and secure home. He may prove the vet wrong and live longer than that, but i hope you can just be strong enough to just be there for him, love him, cuddle him and appreciate every day you are blessed to share with him.Thinking of you all. Rachel, Al & Sami XXX

    1. Hi Rachel,Al and Sami, thanks hon for the support xxx. We are in denial and just loving him more each day. He still has lots of life in him so we're going to make the best of it and not dwell on the diagnosis. (I'm secretly convinced the Dr has it wrong).


Always great to hear from you :O)