Monday, June 11, 2012

'The Help'...Somethings Haven't Changed Much

My daughter and I watched the movie 'The Help', a few days ago, it's set in 1960's in the horribly racist southern state of Mississippi. I found myself making comparisons to how many of us live now. 

Have things really changed? 

I was touched by my 9 year old's response, she was horrified at how the maids were treated, squealed with joy at the chocolate pie revenge, and cried like a baby with her mumma at the end when the ostracised, beautiful, kind lady-of- the- house cooked dinner for someone special. 


  1. Good Point there...Things have not changed much out here....Our Homes cannot function much without them out here...Yet, everyday we find cases of abuse and atrocities committed against them. Aren't they humans just like us!

    I'm glad your daughter at her young age can empathise towards them. Good job on that.

    We can start early, teach our children to love all fellow human being alike. Race, colour, sex, nationality, whether they are young or old, rich or poor, sick or healthy, We shouldn't differentiate against people. Be Human!


    1. Yes they are human and any god-fearing person should show compassion and humanity towards their fellow human beings.


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