Sunday, May 26, 2013

Summer Camps in Kuwait 2013

DASMANite summer camp for Kids that will be held at the Fitness and Rehabilitation Center in Dasman Diabetes Institute. This is a 3 week summer program that DDI have made that will teach children 11-17 how to make better nutrition choices, how to cook healthy meals, how to read nutrition labels and choose wisely when dining outside. Also, the classes will include fitness classes of all sorts (Zumba, Kickboxing, Dance, Running, etc) and basic first aid. Although we have stated that only overweight or obese kids can join, we have increased that to also include other children in order to stop the epidemic of obesity early on.

The program offers group nutrition classes, one on one nutrition counseling, and daily exercise sessions. 
Why should you enroll your child at Dasmanite?

Being overweight or obese can harm your child in many ways, both physical and psychological. It can make your child more susceptible to multiple chronic diseases later on in life, and it can also affect your child’s confidence.  In addition losing weight is a struggle, so let us help your child by enrolling him/her in our program.
Age Groups: 11-13 and 14-17
What are the dates and fees of the program?
·         Session A : June 16th- July 4th
·         Session B : August 12th-August 29nd
·         Fees: 100KD/ 3 weeks

What are the program timings?
·         9am-12pm ( Sunday to Thursday)

Childhood Obesity prevalence in the Middle East in the 1970s was between 4 and 5% and increased to 17.6% in 2006, with more than one third of all adolescents and children being obese in 2008. At a recent first annual obesity conference in Kuwait, it was disclosed that Kuwait was the fifth most obese nation on Earth, a sign that the vigorous education and other measures adopted against the disease could be working, Kuwait, the year before, occupied the top spot in terms of the prevalence of the disease.

For additional inquires please contact:

Osama Alowaish

Phone: + 965 22242999 Ext. 4907

Zainab Almousa

Phone: + 965 22242999 Ext. 2074

Check back from time to time as more camps will be added as info comes in. Any reputable camp organisers feel free to email me your flyer (jpg) to be included here. Email

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