Monday, May 6, 2013

Motor Bike Rider with Monkey Wrapped Around his Head

Copied from my friend's FB status this morning -
"I've seen a lot of crazy things on the roads in Kuwait but yesterday a guy flew by me on his motor bike with his pet monkey wrapped round his head. The guy wasn't wearing a helmet but thank god the monkey was wearing a nappy."

Thanxxx Fiona.
LWDLIK - Can't stop wondering WTH.  If you have ever lived in Kuwait, or visited, you know that this is entirely believable.


  1. "..thank God the monkey is wearing a nappy"
    -HILARIOUS!!! :)))

    But seriously though, I feel bad for the monkey.. If God forbid, that guy gets into an accident, I'd be more sad for the poor, helpless monkey. :(

    1. LOL yes poor monkey. It would have been lot safer if the monkey was driving.


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