Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Kuwaiti Doubting Wife’s Virginity - Seeking Divorce

ARAB TIMES May 24: The Personal Status Court presided over by Judge Sultan Mohammad rejected a divorce lawsuit filed by a citizen against his wife because he was unable to accept her behavior and character, and doubted she was a virgin before their marriage.
According to the case files, the citizen requested the court to order his wife to undergo forensic test to determine if she is a virgin as she claims, as a preliminary move towards cancelling their marriage contract, dropping all her legal rights and obligating her to return the dowry she took from him.
He requested to reserve the right to return to her through payment of compensation that will cover the material and emotional damages he sustained during the marriage. He also requested obligating her to pay the legal charges.
The plaintiff (husband) informed the court that he was told before the marriage that she was divorced but still a virgin, as her earlier marriage was not consummated.
However, after he married her, he discovered that she does not perform the five daily prayers and possessed traits that indicated lack of decorum with others.
He also added that when he consummated his marriage with her, he realized that he was duped because she was not a virgin as she had earlier claimed.
Defense Lawyer Abdulmohsen Al- Qattan informed the court that his client was officially divorced from her earlier marriage that lasted for ten years.
He added that the plaintiff admitted consummating the marriage several times, which will make the bid to determine her virginity by the forensics futile

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