Thursday, May 30, 2013

The C word - Help is Available for Cancer Sufferers in Kuwait at KCCC

How many of you know somebody who has been diagnosed with cancer?
I'm betting that most of you do.
In our society, cancer is a taboo subject.  People don't like to mention it because it’s immediately considered to be a death sentence.  
Good news: It doesn't have to be.
The #1 tool to fighting cancer is awareness.  Awareness leads to early detection. Early detection leads to prevention. But above all the most important thing is to be informed and educated on the subject so we can fight the battle together.
The University Health Network signed an agreement with the Ministry Of Health in the State of Kuwait in September 8, 2010, to provide clinical expertise to Kuwait Cancer Control Center (KCCC) and strengthen cancer service delivery at the KCCC by focusing on areas such as radiation medicine, medical oncology, surgical oncology and laboratory medicine. The University Health Network is a teaching and academic health science center and one of the largest medical research centers in Canada. 
UHN and KCCC have sat down together and have launched the first portal related to cancer care in Kuwait.  It will serve as a educational tool and informative platform to help educate patients and their families about the cancer journey as well as ways to:
  • Inform about the public about the latest news related to the center
  • Provide department details and initiatives
  • Offer important facts about the population in Kuwait related to cancer prevention, care and treatment
  • Find out about patient and cancer support services
  • Find out ways you can help/volunteer
The best part about this is that this is the first time information like this is available in Kuwait in Arabic and English.

Share this info and show your support and do your part to help enhance cancer treatment and better educate the people of Kuwait on what the Ministry of Health is doing to better and strengthen cancer care and delivery in the community.


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