Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Man Dares Authorities to Deport Arrested Driver - Initially, I found this Idea Quite Gallant but Read on...

KUWAIT TIMES: Interior Ministry officials completely barred a Kuwaiti man from hiring any domestic workers in the future after he refused to hand over the passport of his driver who was to be deported. The Asian man was told he will be deported after he was arrested for jumping a red traffic light – a violation that led to the discovery that he had a record 24 violations against his name – including 15 for jumping the red traffic light. After coming to know about the predicament that his driver faced, the employer headed to the office of the General Traffic Department Director and tried to talk Major General Abdulfattah Al-Ali into pardoning the driver. Even after his appeal was rejected, the Kuwaiti man refused to cooperate and left while remaining adamant about not handing over his driver’s passport. The driver was eventually referred to the deportation department after Maj Gen Al-Ali obtained necessary travel documents from the embassy of the country to which the driver belonged. In the meantime, the Immigration General Department was contacted to blacklist the employer’s name for refusing to hand over his driver’s passport.
LWDLIK - See what I mean.

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