Saturday, May 18, 2013

Women Almost Carjacked in Kuwait, Second Incident This Week

Ladies, please read this status from one of the BLS members. This happened yesterday in Salmiya. Please take care.

This is what happened to me today......ladies of Kuwait be warned.

I was at traffic lights and this man waved to me and told me to pull over as I had a flat tyre. I did. When I had pulled over he said .... I also had smoke coming from my engine. So I panicked. He told me to take the car to a side street (deserted).....So I did. He then pretended to look at the engine. He then said he wanted to drive the car. I said no so I got back in the car because I had a funny feeling by then because he was acting nervous. He then tried to get the wheel while I was in the car. He tried to grab it over me which was scary! That's when I figured I was having my car 'jacked' so I slammed the door and drove off. I told the police and they told me I was the second woman in two days. They didn't file a report though, which I found frustrating.
Please pass this on just in case someone else is as stupid and gullible as I am. Thank you.
LWDLIK - Becareful people. Glad this lady was okay.

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