Sunday, May 19, 2013

NCCAL International Music Festival 20-26th May 2013

Performances start at 8.30PM in Al-Dasma Theater except for the Serbian folk music which is in Kuwait National Museum Theater.

20 May - Opening ceremony: Honouring lyricist, Bader Boresli, led by maestro Ahmed Hamdan.
21 May - Paravonista: Bolivian Band 
22 May - Kuwaiti folk music featuring Fatooma and Sulaiman Al Qassar
23 May - Naya: Jordanian female ensemble Arabic music.
24 May - State musicians of Turkish Cultural and Tourism Ministry
25 May - Branko Krismanovic: Serbian folk music
26 May - Closing ceremony: Orchestrial performance 'Al-Aasjad' led by music composer Dr Sulaiman Daikan.

NCCAL website

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