Monday, May 13, 2013

Fibroids, Parties and Tiki Totem Piñatas

I've had fibroids for years - they definitely interefered with me conceiving babies, may have contributed to me miscarrying, several times, and are the bane of my life. They suck the life out of me. They cause me to bleed so heavily that monthly I'm housebound for 2-3 days. And now to make matters worse my menstrual cycle has shortened and is now every 20 days. I've seen many doctors and they all tell me the same thing when I start menopause they will shrink (they live on estrogen which decreases when women start menopause). But I'm not menopausing I'm still have regular cycles and am about ready to perform my own hysterectomy. Why do they insist to preserve this defunct uterus of mine I'll never know. But if anyone knows a good gyno who can whip out mine I'd be grateful.

So whilst dosing myself up on iron tablets and buscopan - I battle on. No time to be sick have the precious one's luau party and a farewell BBQ this weekend and there's soooo much to be done. I shall be baking up a storm for both but also, just to add to my physical woes, I shall be busy making a tiki totem piñata. Didn't seem like a big job but has taken over the dining table for the last 3 days and looks as if it needs 2 more days. Eek! Just hope that after all my effort the thing lasts longer than one whack.

Almost sorted I've got the grass skirts, leis, party bags, menu arranged, music downloaded, games organised, decorations ready to go up, and the bamboo stick for the limbo and the poor piñata.  Will be saying a prayer for the piñata - though perhaps for the piñata a quick death might be preferable.

For anyone planning a luau you'll find plenty of pretty leis in Daiso (City Centre, Salmiya Souk), grass skirts were ordered online but have since seen them in Partyland. For homemade pinatas I used Youtube and adapted the box method to make a tiki totem pole with ugly face - you will need to make it 3-4 days in advance to allow each layer of glued paper and paint to dry. 


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