Sunday, May 5, 2013

Degrees Needed by Foreigners to Get an Iqama or Change Jobs, Driving Licences KD 500, Really Kuwait?

I don't think it's a too much of a surprise to anyone that this is happening. For many years foreigners have been made to feel like we don't belong here and our time was limited. One small example of the horrible inequality is the shoddy treatment at government hospitals (inferior meds and no signage in English, ridiculed and generally left frustrated and angry at the inequality shown).

One would assume when Kuwaitis were able to do all the jobs foreigners were invited here to do then replacement would be done.

Why do Kuwaitis get away with all sorts of transgressions whilst foreigners are scrutinized and punished for the same.

I can go on but if you've lived here a while we all know what I'm talking about.

I say 'we' but I have received Kuwaiti nationality through marriage and my daughter is a Kuwaiti. I talk as a Brit who has been here 30 years and who, personally, thinks this form of xenophobia will come back to bite them (us) in the posterior. So for those Kuwaitis who think I should leave if I don't like it (the usual retort), think again.

Getting rid of the foreigners will not help the employment situation here because there are many who have no inclination to work and there are quite a few in work too (ministry employees are a perfect example - to the minority who actually do the work my apologies but let's face it you must also be fed up with the lethargy).

I am at a loss for more words - but ridiculous is one that helps sums it all up.  

Paranoia is palpable from both sides of the divide. Please Kuwait stop this nonsense.  



  1. Totally disgusting. Well put :(

    1. Thankfully the 'degree for foreigners' is only a daft proposal from an MP. I'm flabbergasted at how these MPs skirt around the real problems and the one's causing them.

  2. AnonymousMay 05, 2013

    big THUMBS-UP blogger!!!

    1. Oh, I have soooo much more to say.....Thumbs up to all the foreigners who come here and put up with all sorts of hardship to support their families and make a living. Kuwaitis seem to forget we were invited, have legal visas or residences (90% anyway), and contribute greatly to the running of the country. It is not our fault that Kuwaitis have been spoiled, spoon-fed, have become lazy and complacent. My heart breaks for those Kuwaitis who really love the country and have to witness it's stagnation, lethargy and idiocy. If people really loved this country it wouldn't be in the mess it's in. See told you I got more.

  3. AnonymousMay 07, 2013

    We, the foreigners, have no rights here. Think about the distinction 'citizens' and 'residents'. Their racism is systematic. We are discriminated against at every turn. However, if there were no foreigners here, who would serve in the fast-food places, who would sweep the streets, drive the taxis, drive the buses, drive their kids to school, teach their kids at school, raise their kids while they fob them off, pack their groceries, serve them in every shop, fill their cars with petrol... I could go on and on. The country would grind to a halt in 3 days! Kuwaitis do none of these things. Its the only country I've ever known where that country's own nationals do not share in the work. Yet they treat these foreigners like dogs**t under their shoe - especially the Asians. Does anyone other than the Kuwaitis like the Kuwaitis?

    1. Thank you for your comment. I wonder, sometimes, myself. Incredibly even my husband who is usually kind and compassionate can not always see the injustices and finds much of it hard to believe.

      I think denial is a huge problem here. Time to have a good long hard look in the mirror.


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