Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Dorothy Project with Instructions :O)

From this..

Miss Kookie was invited to THE partay of the year and we needed a Dorothy costume. No where to be found and no time to order online and ship. Hmmmm.. Doting mumma to the rescue.

Found this in Landmark turned it into this...


Next a sewing machine, red paint, loads of glue and red glitter for shoes and ooodles of patience and love.. 

Abracadabra... We have a Dorothy :OD

Shoes were old gold ones from Monsoon. Use a spray paint primer, spray with a red paint, cover in glue and dip in red glitter. Sadly they didn't survive the party but they made a spectacular entrance.

Directions for the Dorothy bib skirt. 

You'll need a sewing machine, 2m of fabric (I bought this from the men's dishdasha fabric shop), 1/2m of light interfacing, 20cm zip, 1 button, matching thread for the skirt with bib, the blouse bows and hair bows.

Cut a rectangle 200cm width by 50cm length (measure the length you require and add 1.5 for seam at waistband and 3.5 for hem that's 6cm total). This will be the main part of the skirt.

Cut a rectangular strip waist measurement length plus 4cm (seam allowances and button hole area) x 9cm width plus 3cm seam allowances total 12cm. Cut strip of interfacing same width by length and iron on.

Sew the back seam of skirt leaving 20cm open for the zip. Neaten edges. Sew in zip
Gather in the fullness using two lines of loose stitching or the method in the youtube video link..

I used the traditional two lines of loose stitching and pull.

Once the waistband is attached cut two 
squares of fabric (for the bib) I made it 29cm
x 29cm, cut one square of interfacing same 
size and iron on. Cut and sew two straps 
(measure length and add extra for seams 
and adjustment.

Sew the straps into tube and then pull through
to right side.

Interfacing on one side of square. 

Sandwich together the straps between
the two squares, pin all three side,
sew all three sides.

Trim seams, cut the corners and turn the 
right way. Pin and sew onto skirt front. 
Making sure centre front of bib is at centre front of skirt. 
Make a buttonhole at back of skirt, line up 
and sew on button to other side.
Cross over straps and fix to back of skirt.

Any questions email me:

Bows are really easy.  Cut a small rectangle size up to you. 
Sew the edges leaving a small gap at top. 
Cut corners. Pull through to right side and iron.

Make a small tube, turn through to right side,
iron, sew make a small loop enough to push
the larger bow rectangle through.
Another bow method tutorial.

Attach bows wherever you like.


  1. Yes plse.

  2. Wow, u did an excellent job! Here's ur 2nd request. Come on ladies :)

  3. AnonymousMay 04, 2012

    Wish to have a daughter to make one for her but I'll like to see the tutorial in case I need it :)

  4. Thank you ladies for your sweet comments so we're up to 3 :O) When I get time this week I'll post the directions. It's dead easy and the pattern can be use with different fabric for an everyday or a party skirt with or with out bib and straps.

    You'll need a sewing machine, 2m of fabric, 1/2m of light interfacing, 20cm zip, 1 button, matching thread for the skirt with bib, the blouse bows and hair bows.

    Shoes need a paint primer, red paint, glue and red glitter. Sadly the shoes did not survive the party but she made a spectacular entrance :OD

  5. Aww gorgeous !! She's so cute!! I Love this little girl. MashAllah


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