Sunday, May 13, 2012

Doggy Poop Dramas

Yes seriously can you believe there's a .com for poop bags LOL. 

Ok so I'm trying hard to be a responsiible pet owner by scooping the poop when it is not in an appropriate place. And the other evening as we were on our way to the appropriate doggie pooping place, through the car park, our darling Maury decides to do it in the middle if the car park. A big pile of the stuff. Had to quickly move him off the  road as there was a car coming. 
Once the car had passed I went over to scoop and relocate poop. It was gone, no where to be seen, just an outline remained. Seems the car tyre had suctioned it all up. Yikes! I quickly grabbed dog and daughter before the car owner got out of his car and realised he had dog poop on his tyre and saw us with the perpetrator. We all ran home giggling uncontrollably. My sincerest apologies to the car owner and I know he/she would not have found it funny at all. I'm hoping after a few kms the poop will have disappeared and they remain oblivious.


  1. LOL. I think the car had to wait, the poor dog probably had to stop in the middle of what he was doing LOL.

    1. Hi Narine - Oh, he was done alright but bad timing for the car. I was mortified! Merely a faint wet patch was left after the car passed over it. There must be a best selling poop clearer-upper gadget to be gleaned from this story.


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