Monday, May 7, 2012

Maury (the dog) Gets a Make-Over by Animal Care Mobile Grooming Salon

Animal Care came highly recommended and I can see why. Animal Care in Mangaf is run by a British manager, Lee Williams, a Londoner who really knows his business. The staff are well trained and love animals. We all thoroughly enjoyed the spa day for Maury, especially him. He was jumping around like a pup after the grooming. You will need to make a booking as they get pretty busy so call 500 15757 for info, prices and appointments. Beside the mobile grooming they have the Pet Hotel and Spa kennels for boarding your pet whilst you are on holiday. They will walk, feed, play and groom your pet; all for a reasonable fee leaving you worry-free on your hols and the pet less traumatised by the seperation. Animal Care also do micro-chipping so once they're chipped if the pet gets lost then the pet can be scanned and the owner's name and contact details can be read. 

Before. Our adorable Japanese Spitz from K'S PATH 
looking gorgeous but that fur has got to go for
summer and he's getting a wee bit pongy,
even the doggy cologne couldn't hide it.

The  air-conditioned Animal Care mobile groomer van arrives on time
and looks very impressive inside and out. 

The website is still being tweaked but their FB page is full of pics and info
details and link below. Maury was certainly their priority, they did such an
excellent job.

Maury looking a little worried. 

Mani pedi first :O) No colour please.

The shaver was very quiet which I think helped a lot.

Teeth get a brushing with some delicious smelling doggy toothgel.

A good shower has got to feel good.

A nice rub with a towel before the dryer.

After - We are thinking to rename him 'Yoda' :O)


  1. Awwww this is so cute!!! Maury/Yoda is adorable!!I didn't know they have a mobile car services!! Our Foxy will be thrilled(I mean by Foxy me of course coz she doesn't like to cut her hair much) Thanks for the info :)

    1. Foxy (and you LOL) will love it. Especially your fluffy pooch now the heat's going up a few notches. It's so convenient and they are so professional. My daughter and I stayed to watch, it was very amusing :O)

  2. I was really looking forward to get my dog groomed by these guys. When it came to my appointment time they never showed up, made an appointment for the next day and they were over 1.5 hours late! You would at least expect an apology but they were very rude about it and said to take my dog somewhere else! That is exactly what I will do.
    I don’t recommend this company to anyone and advise people to steer well clear.

    1. Can only tell of my own experiences which have so far been excellent. Sorry to hear yours wasn't.

  3. my cat really enjoyed it the next day she was so happy

  4. Our dog Perla had to have a hip operation after we left her under the care of Animal Care Hotel Spa in Kuwait for three days. She is now handicapped and we wish to warn members against this company because they refuse to accept responsibility for what happened under their care.

    1. Oh no poor Perla. Is it possible the surgery may have caused the problem? Not sure of the details so can't really comment.


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