Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Kubbar Island Beach Clean-up Drive

Kuwait is a country with a beautiful coastline and a magnificent skyline. Due to the pollution caused primarily by the invasion, and the industrial movement that has taken over, the beaches and air aren't as they used to be. With the efforts of those living here and those who believe in the beauty and potential that encompasses Kuwait, all that is changing gradually. 

On his regular cruise to the Kubbar Islands, Sheikh Mishal noticed that the beach is in a very bad state due to the litter & trash left over by the visitors and needed to be cleaned up. Teaming up and taking the initiative he organized this event to mark the "EARTH DAY", they used bags to collect all the refuse dumped along the sand. Soon enough, everyone around at the beach at that time started joining in.

This video shows the exact condition of the beach before the clean-up began and how it looked after this campaign. More and more people in Kuwait are showing initiative in keeping Kuwait clean, safe, and beautiful for the future generations. This was an experience worth sharing and we encourage "one & all" to keep & maintain the heritage of Kuwait beaches.

LWDLIK - Well done people :O)

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