Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Rat Poison on Kuwaiti Beaches!

From a concerned citizen...

This week,  I took a group of friends to participate in a beach clean-up at Messila Beach (Gulf Road near 6th Ring Road) to help raise awareness of Marine Conservation and to possibly help my friends understand the impact throwing litter on the ground made.  Our clean-up session was going fantastic till we found bag after bag of bright pink rodent poison placed under rocks and in burrows, yet still in plain sight and easily accessible !  How can this be safe?  Could you imagine a young, maybe 3 year old childplaying on the beach and finding one of these bags that looks like maybe candy to them?  Not to mention the environmental impact it is having on the beaches as the tides and waves roll in!  Hmmm, maybe is has something to do with the all the dead fish in the bay’s right now!

Can you please share the news to parents who might consider taking young children to the beaches here in Kuwait to be VERY, VERY cautious!!!!!

1st Picture.. Poison found right under a step that leads to beach... Clearly visible and touchable.

LWDLIK - Outrageous! What if a child ate this or played with it and then ate an ice cream.  Thank you concerned citizen.


  1. Darling DG as much as I agree with your comment I think we'd both be in trouble if I published it :OD Agree I think it's more for the cats than rats, which will create a bigger rat problem if they kill of all the cats.

  2. AnonymousMay 15, 2012

    so theyre poisoning cats now? what gives? do people seriously report annoying cats on the beach?! what, did they block your view of the waste-filled spectacle that is your beach? well maybe if you picked up after yourself like an adult after having your mcdonald's lunch on the beach there wouldn't be so many cats around to die! YOU CAT KILLERS! /rant


Always great to hear from you :O)