Friday, May 25, 2012

A Concerned Citizen's Plea to Those Who Say They Love Kuwait

Old Ships Docks

I'm pretty sure you’ve all passed by the old ships docks right before the big mosque on gulf street, it’s right in front of this building (picture below)
The ships look great and remind you of the past and how people used to live and everything.
I only have one question though, have you seen them from the other side?
This one of the many valuable places in Kuwait, it’s a treasure reminding us of our past. What happened? Seriously?
You know what’s the worst part? I was not able to breath while taking these photos. And there so much more that I wasn’t able to cover.
I really hope people think twice before throwing anything in the sea or on the roads.
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  1. AnonymousMay 25, 2012

    Does Kuwait have a minister for the Environment? They really should start thinking about it if they haven't one already! The country is really starting to smell and the garbage is getting out of control. It just kills me when I'm driving behind a vehicle and they just throw their takeaway bags and drinks out the window! Insane and ridiculous!

    1. It certainly needs immediate attention. I know regarding the littering I keep telling people off and I'm going to get myself into trouble soon.

  2. AnonymousMay 25, 2012

    Things will not get better unless the goverment shows that it can and it will enforce laws on people. No matter how many organisations and environmental groups efforts to organise cleanup events, if the govt does not provide trash bins and fines nothing will change. Its in the govt's hands. I organised an event once (Keep Kuwait Clean) over 200 people showed up including media coverage, the week after that, the beach was dirty again!

    1. Absolutely agree needs strong enforcement of existing laws, more trash bins, recycling programmes, infomercials, etc.
      How disappointing it must have been to see the beach littered again the following week. I truly believe this lies on the Kuwaitis shoulders from government to citizens.

      1) Please set a good example yourselves.
      2) Remind others not to litter.
      3) Request your MPs to tackle this in parliament (ok I know this sounds lame considering what they get up to daily but in the UK it would work. Remember you did vote for them. The environment is much more important than segregating kindergartens)
      4)Education from a young age.


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