Sunday, May 13, 2012

Juwaihel: Check all Kuwaitis for Alcohol Traces

p1z1 Juwaihel: Check all Kuwaitis for alcohol traces
KUWAIT: MP Mohammad Al-Juwaihel smokes outside the parliament hall after he was barred from the National Assembly on May 10, 2012.
KUWAIT TIMES: Controversial MP Mohammed Al-Juwaihel issued a statement yesterday expressing amazement over what he described as a “fuss” about an incident in the National Assembly on Thursday where he spat at MP Hamad Al-Matar. “Why all this fuss about Juwaihel alone? Why is everybody mobilized because of spitting in Matar’s face? Why did the whole parliament accuse me of attending a session while drunk? Much worse words have been used by MPs exchanging accusations and calling each other foul names,” Juwaihel claimed.
“Why do some MPs want me out of parliament? If I have always attended sessions while drunk, what kept them silent all this time?” he asked in his statement, threatening to demand analyzing all MPs’ blood specimens and that of all Kuwaitis too if investigations are conducted to determine whether his blood had alcohol traces in it. “The whole story has been twisted from the spitting to going to the Assembly while drunk in a bid to expel me because they are all terrified of me exposing them all,” he added.
Islamist MP Faisal Al-Mislem had severely criticized Juwaihel and called for imposing the strictest disciplinary measures against him. Commenting in a press release in which he described Juwaihel as a ‘jahel’ (‘ignorant’ in classical Arabic and a ‘kid’ in the Kuwaiti dialect), Mislem called for ignoring him and going after whom he described as “patrons of such puppets” who have been financing TV channels and newspapers and preventing the government from subjecting the likes of Juwaihel to the law.
By A Saleh , Staff Writer

LWDLIK - Now that would be an interesting test.


  1. I dont know how he got into parliament at alll .... Actually, yes I do. Puppet!

    1. There are rumours circulating on who the puppet master is and frankly I find it too sick and twisted to contemplate.


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