Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Lakeland to Open in Kuwait Tomorrow...I Seriously ♥♥♥ Lakeland

My prayers have been answered (except the ones for ending hunger, wanting world peace and my yearning for slim thighs) Lakeland the UK home of creative kitchenware, the happy smiley place for bakers and cooks; is opening a store at Marina Mall, Kuwait... tommorrow... :OD

I just was raving about them a few weeks ago (the cake pop maker) and today I hear this. Yay! 

From edible sparkly sprinkles

the cutest muffin cases

pasta Makers
to... tomato plants and everything in between.


  1. Now this is seriously good news! Along with the arrival of TESCOs in the not too distant future maybe I can make it another few years in Kuwait (20 and counting!)

  2. Hi Paula
    Yep! Certainly lowering the excess baggage fees from UK back to Kuwait for me, especially when Tesco opens. :O)


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