Thursday, May 10, 2012

‘Prince of the Believers’ gets 10 years jail term

KUWAIT TIMES: Kuwait’s criminal court recently sentenced a non-Kuwaiti in his fifties to ten years in jail with labor for pretending to be a prophet, said security sources. Lawyers Duwaim Al-Muwaizri and Adel Abdul Hadi sued the suspect for his claims.
Notably, the man had published online calls for people to convert to a doctrine that rejects all social and religious systems followed in Kuwait.
Commenting on the verdict, lawyer Al-Muwaizri said the suspect would have been executed if the recently approved law had been published in the official gazette.
“The suspect stated before the prosecution that he is the prince of the believers (amir al-momineen), the caliph of the Muslims and that people would have to believe him,” said Al-Muwaizri. He said the suspect claimed to have followers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia  who support him financially.
Informed sources said the suspect was sentenced to death in KSA and that he is currently an unemployed retired Kuwait army soldier who used to live in Jahra.  -Annahar

LWDLIK - Ok, so I find this more than mildly disturbing. Obviously the man is completely deranged or a con artist - but the lawyer says with the new blasphemy law being implemented that this man would have been executed! 

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