Wednesday, May 23, 2012

For the Dog Walkers Among us


  1. Will this be a regular occurrence? My puppies would love this, but I'm on holiday till next month!

    1. It does say the 1st so hopefully more will follow if they get enough interest. Would be great if they had a doggy park here with a little cafe.

  2. AnonymousMay 24, 2012

    As a dog owner, it is a great idea to get together for a dog walk, but I hope that people aren't too disappointed, as the state of the beach in Abu Hassaniyeh is appalling. The beach is filthy and strewn with rubbish ..... It wasn't like that so much when I moved here a couple of years ago, but it has become such a mess now that there is not much joy taking my dog there for a walk, when all I am thinking of is the hazards, ie broken glass, needles, dead animals etc etc. Hate to put a dampener on things, but for those who haven't been down this way, they should be prepared.

  3. Hi Anon, thanks for the warning. Many of the beaches are becoming garbage dumps it is very sad. My friend was walking her dog when she got jabbed with a hypodermic syringe left on the beach. And the poison left out to kill animals is just horrifying.



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