Saturday, June 2, 2012

Serial Kitten Killer Moved on to Gruesome Human Murder that Included Dismembering the Body, Uploading the Video to a Website and Sending Body Parts to Canadian Officials

This has become Canada's most talked about and most gruesome crime [link].

LWDLIK - Just a day ago I posted about the connection between animal cruelty and graduating to human abuse after the horrific story of the dog who had its eye gouged out and tail cut off by teenagers.  [link]. Someone who can de-sensitise themselves to the pain and suffering of animals and gain pleasure from it is very close to trying that out on humans. Doesn't seem like something to ignore anymore does it.


  1. Very good point , the cops and law enforcement need to keep their eyes out for people with extreme animal abuse tendencies as it only has natural graduation tendencies to humans

    1. I wish they would. Psychiatrists use this often to profile these potentially very dangerous people.


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