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Fundraiser for Animals Friends League

LADIES: Tuesday 6th April there will be a dinner (for ladies only!) at the Moevenpick Al Bida. It is being hosted by the British Ladies Society will be raising money towards the rebuild of the shelter. Ayeshah will be the guest speaker at the dinner. The tickets are 6.500kd for BLS members 8.500kd  for non members. Please email to book your place!

Diwan Book Club at Starbucks

Article on Jesse Ruiz' accident

Jesse's on the left.

Al Watan Daily 30.3.2010

'The Value of Precious Life' by Margaret Dunning

Jesse lies in the intensive care unit of the hospital in a coma; his first vertebra is broken and his skull is fractured. I do not know him well, but my heart breaks nonetheless. I know Jesse to be a cheerful, friendly, and happy person who loves animals. In addition to working fullـtime, Jesse donates much of his free time to PAWS, one of the local animal shelters. And he loves and dotes on his dogs. Little is known about his accident; he was run down while trying to pick up his dead dog from the road, but whether or not the driver ran him down intentionally has not been determined yet. What is known is that the driver was speeding and did not slow down before hitting Jesse, after which he fled the scene of the accident. Granted it was dark at the time, but the accident took place on a major, wellـlit street. Although Jesse was crouching down to pick up his dog at the time, he is a fullـgrown man and would be easy to spot...if the driver was paying any attention, that is.

So, was it simply a matter of the driver driving too fast while not paying attention and not being able to react well on time? Did the driver panic and flee the scene ـ which is a crime in itself ـ because he knew he had made a mistake and did want to, or could not, face the consequences? Or did the driver see Jessie and wonder why someone would want to pick up a dead dog from the street? Did he intentionally run Jesse down? Did he flee the scene because he did not want to be caught for any reason whatever?

The saddest thing about this story is that if it were an unconscionable attack on a dog owner, it would not have been an isolated incident: Jesse's maid was purposely run over while walking two of his dogs just a few months ago. The maid survived with serious injuries but both dogs were killed. There are numerous similar stories in the State of Kuwait of people walking dogs and being harassed and even attacked.

Did the driver of the car know Jesse? Most likely not; Jesse was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. But does he ever think about the consequences? Does he think about the family and friends who love Jesse? About those who hardly know him, but nevertheless admire and respect him for the dedication, care and love that he bestows on all creatures? Does he know about all the animals that he has rescued? Would he care if he knew?

As a westerner, it is difficult for me to understand why people with dogs are purposely attacked. Dogs are "man''s best friends" after all, and are loved and treated as part of the family. For all those who have never loved an animal, they have my pity. Although not a dog owner myself, I do not look down upon dog owners, but rather admire and respect anyone who cares for an animal, including dogs. Why is this not so in the Arab World? Dogs are, after all, mentioned with kindness in the Holy Quran, so why is there such hatred existing against them today?

According to Malika Ayub, whose Internet site addresses the issue of dogs in the Holy Quran, dogs are mentioned five times in the Holy Quran and nowhere does Allah call dogs dirty animals or give any indication that they should be avoided or treated the way many Muslims think they should. Ayub goes on to validate her point by citing a story where righteous people were in the cave with their dog, pointing out that if it was not righteous to have dogs at that time, Allah would not have mentioned the dog. Dogs, as with other animals, are Allah's creatures. Finally, Ayub states that the fabricated Hadith contradicts the Quran and is based more on the personal opinions of the person narrating the Hadith rather than on the true word of Almighty Allah. Perhaps hatred toward dogs is like many other types of hatred ـ based on misconceptions, misunderstandings and plain ignorance.

However, let's give the driver of the car the benefit of the doubt and not jump to the conclusion that just because people and their dogs have been purposely attacked before; that it is the same situation in this case. After all, the driver could be a young man who was just not paying attention, made a mistake, and fled in panic. In this case, we must sympathize with the driver, who will have to live with this unfortunate mishap for the rest of his life, particularly if Jesse does not survive or ends up with almost no quality of life to look forward to.

So if the accident was indeed an accident, then one must also ask the question why it happened. Why do people speed so much in this country? Why are the traffic laws not adhered to? Why are so many people distracted while driving by using mobile phones, ignoring other cars and their occupants on the road, smoking cigarettes, indulging in food and drink; you name it? Why are there very few and nonـstringent consequences to breaking the traffic laws?

I think that Jesse's accident should be a reminder to us all. Let this serve as a reminder to one and all that life is valuable and that we should never take our own lives or anyone else's for granted. Of course, if it was intentional and not an accident, we must ask ourselves why? Why would a young man want do this? Why does he hate dogs so much? Why would he take pleasure in attacking innocent people? Is it just a game? Shocking, tragic, incomprehensible: There are many words that go through one's mind when hearing the story, but 'it's just a game' should definitely not be one of them. It is a sad fact that animal life and human life are of little value to some people.

So many questions and the answers are negligible. Only the driver knows for sure what the real story is. Only he has to answer to almighty Allah.


Dar al-Athar al-Islamiyyah Schedule of Events April til June 2010

5 April 2010
Lecture by Dr. Derek Kennet
“Sasanian and Islamic Archaelogy in the Gulf and Eastern Arabia
Al-Maidan Cultural Centre
7 P.M.

7 April 2010
DAI Music Circle presents
Musical Rainbow Organ Recital: Valentina Baginska
Al-Maidan Cultural Centre
7 P.M.

12 April 2010
Ramzi Yassa (Piano recital)
Al-Maidan Cultural Centre
7 P.M.

14 April 2010
DAI Book Club
The Faith Club
Al-Maidan Cultural Centre
7 P.M.

19 April 2010
Lecture by Dr. Barbara Brend
“Sky in Islamic Painting”
Al-Maidan Cultural Centre
7 P.M.

21 April 2010
DAI Music Circle presents
Duets: Samy Ibrahim and Aziz al-Ati
Al-Maidan Cultural Centre
7 P.M.

28 April 2010
Music event organized by the Russian Embassy to be confirmed

3 May 2010
A music event by Katarina Peers
“A piano recital in celebration of Frederic Chopin”
Al-Maidan Cultural Centre
7 P.M.

5 May 2010
DAI Music Circle presents
Piano Recital: Fei Fei Lee
Al-Maidan Cultural Centre
7 P.M.

10 May 2010
Lecture by Dr. Oliver Callot
“The Pre-Islamic Coinage of the Arab Gulf”
Al-Maidan Cultural Centre
7 P.M.

12 May 2010
DAI Book Club
In the House of Silence
Al-Maidan Cultural Centre
7 P.M.

19 May 2010
DAI Music Circle presents
Parallels between East & West: Tom Wasinger
Al-Maidan Cultural Centre
7 P.M.

26 May 2010
DAI Forum lecture by: Shurouq Amin
Al-Maidan Cultural Centre
7 P.M.

10 June 2010
DAI Book Club
Children of the Alley
Al-Maidan Cultural Centre
7 P.M.

Tickets go on sale tomorrow for Mama Mia at KLT, Ahmadi

Tomorrow tickets will be available to season ticket holders for Mama Mia. From 8th April for the general public. Should be an excellent night.

All details on the website including prices,timings, map etc. [link]

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Ruth Wyand concert in Kuwait

Thursday, April 1, 2010 at  7:00pm - 10:00pm
Location: The Gulf University for Science and Technology auditorium
Tel. 2530-7000
Event is free of charge.

A multi-media concert of American music forms including country, blues, rock, folk, jazz and bluegrass. Ruth Wyand performs the songs and tells the stories of America’s great performers and songwriters such as Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Patsy Cline and Nina Simone; Wyand is visiting Kuwait for the first time to tell the story of the evolution of American music.

Date: Sunday, April 4, 2010
Time: 7:00 – 8:00 PM
Venue: The American University of Kuwait auditorium, Salmiya.

Interesting...for those who NEED a little retail therapy..

Click pic to enlarge. Tel 22450246/7/8 for more details.


With thanks to

There's something about the dolphins and the music that makes you feel happy :O)

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The 5th Gulf Jazz Festival in Kuwait

Radisson Blu Hotel, Kuwait.
April 28th- May 3rd 2010
Nidia Ortiz, Viktoria Tolstoy, Markus Stockhausen, Vladislav Sendecki.
April 28 - Nidia Ortiz
April 29 - Viktoria Tolstoy
April 30 - Markus Stockhausen & Vladislav Sendecki
Tickets on sale now at Radisson Blu or Virgin Megastore. For more information and booking inquiries, please send your full contact details
(name, e-mail, telephone number, preferred date of event, number of tickets)
to e-mail address:

LWDLIK- A little trivia for you. In case you're wondering Viktoria's great, great grandfather was Leo Tolstoy, the Russian author.

Viktoria Tolstoy

Markus Stockhausen

Friday, March 26, 2010


A group of volunteers (Kuwaiti and non Kuwaiti youth) have decided to take matters into their own hands and start cleaning up our beautiful Kuwait, Their coming event will be on Saturday, April 3rd 2010, 3:30 PM at TGI Fridays, Gulf Road on the beach area.
It is a shame to see how uncivilized we are when it comes to using a trash can that is a mere few meters away from where we are sitting. If you wish to participate in Operation Keep Kuwait Clean, join their facebook  Operation Keep Kuwait Clean group for updates.
For more information:

Phone: 66655409/97840044

To Friends of Animal Friends League of Kuwait

A message from Ayeshah Al-Humaidhi

We are starting a major salvage and demolition operation tomorrow morning, Friday. We need volunteers to work very hard saving what we can including doors, hose reels and just about anything else you can imagine. Staff will be there to coordinate from 10am to 5pm Friday and Saturday. You can find a map by going to, clicking read more on the main news story about the fire and scrolling down to the bottom of the article. It is attached there.

Verdi's La Traviata at Movenpick Bida'a

Two performances of Verdi's La Traviata will be staged by the European Chamber Opera on 20th and 22nd April at 7pm on the hotel's beach. Tickets available at hotel reception KD 27.500 includes drinks and canapes. For more information please call 22253100.

LWDLIK- As it is almost always sung in Italian here is the gist of this fabulous opera. Try listening to opera in the car whilst driving here, it really does help.

Verdi’s La Traviata, where passion leads to betrayal, beauty to corruption and appearances are often deceiving. Violetta Valèry, the most beautiful woman in Paris, is also the most famous courtesan. To stop herself falling into a world of poverty, she must sell herself,
falling instead into a world of frivolity, jewels and flowers. A world of shimmering artifice that veils a less beguiling core. Liberated by her intense passion for Alfredo, they retreat to the country and create an idyllic world for themselves, built on their joyful and truthful discovery of each other. But love cannot keep the real world away. The harsh realities of respectability, morality and disease rear their ugly heads, and Violetta cannot escape for long.
La Traviata exposes the dark side of the whirl of champagne and camellias, revealing the thorns that appear if you choose to sleep in a bed of roses. Verdi’s music is seductive and lush, containing some of the most beautiful and resonant melodies in opera, such as Libiamo” the drinking song, “Sempre Libera” and “Di Provenza”.

Act 1: Violetta’s Apartment.
The most famous courtesan of Paris, Violetta Valèry, is hosting a party attended by her rich protector Baron Douphol. Her friend Gaston introduces her to Alfredo Germont. Alfredo has often watched her buying camellias at the flower stall and has longed to meet her. He seizes a moment to declare his love for her. Violetta, however, is mortally ill and contemplates the folly of following her heart into such a romantic liaison.

Act 2 Scene 1: I In a country retreat.
Three months have passed and Violetta and Alfredo are now living together. Violetta has been forced to sell some of her possessions in order to meet their expenses. When Alfredo is informed of this by Annina, Violetta’s maid, he rushes to Paris in an attempt to raise further funds. While he is away, Violetta receives an unexpected visit from Giorgio Germont, Alfredo’s father. Germont tells Violetta that her relationship with his son is threatening the respectability of his own family and in particular that of his daughter, whose imminent marriage to the man she loves is in jeopardy because of the scandal created by Alfredo’s ongoing liaison with Violetta.
Stricken with grief and guilt, Violetta eventually agrees to break off her affair with Alfredo and to return to Paris to her previous protector, informing Alfredo of her decision via only a cold letter.

Act 2 Scene 2: At Flora’s Salon, that evening.
Alfredo arrives in advance of Violetta, who arrives escorted by Baron Douphol. Alfredo challenges the Baron to a game of cards and wins the stakes. A distraught Violetta begs Alfredo to accept the situation, keeping from him the real reason for her decision, and letting him believe that she prefers to remain with the Baron forever. Infuriated Alfredo insults her in front of the guests, asking them to witness how he settles his debts, by flinging his winnings in her face. Germont arrives to see this display and refuses to recognise Alfredo as his son. The baron then challenges Alfredo to a duel.

Act 3 Violetta’s apartment some months later.
Violetta has been abandoned by everyone except the loyal maid Annina. The once sumptuous apartment is empty except for the bed where Violetta lays dying, ravaged by the final stages of consumption. A letter from Germont arrives, informing her that Alfredo has discovered the sacrifice she has made for him, and is rushing to her bedside to ask her forgiveness. Alfredo arrives and death ecstatically, but only momentarily forgotten. Violetta begs Alfredo to remember her when he falls in love again. As Germont finally realises the love that is between the two, he understands the sacrifice Violetta has made. As she draws her last ecstatic breath, she sees herself once again at the height of her former beauty. Alas it is an illusion brought on by the final stages of her terrible illness.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


From the wonderful volunteers at AFL:

The outpouring of support and generosity since the fire has been overwhelming. Whether it is volunteering, donating, fundraising or fostering, your offers of help are hugely appreciated and will go a long way to help us get the AFL shelter back up and running as soon as possible. We are holding a meeting to give everyone the latest information, to discuss what the next steps are and how we can work together to help the animals.
When: Friday 26th March 4.00pm to 6.00pm at Moevenpick Al Bida’a. Gulf Road Salmiya, Room Slaysell 2 & 3
Please email Olivia at or call on 9737 7867 if you have any questions.

A big thank you to the Moevenpick Al Bida’a who are big supporters of Animal Friends and are allowing us the use of the meeting room and equipment free of charge.


Kuwait Bike Show 2010

The show is an annual bike event organized by Harley Davidson Kuwait, the event will run for three days starting Thursday, 25th March 2010 and will take place at the 360 Mall.

It’s an open event for all Harley owners, its also open for bikers from other GCC states. [link]

'FORM' Photography Exhibition by Khalid Al-Hamad...

Talented, young 23 yr old Kuwaiti male photographer exhibiting at 4 venue, opp BMW Showroom on Airport Road (55), Mahdi Habeeb Bldg. For more directions or enquiries tel. 24935444.
Khalid studied at AUK and spent time volunteering in Thailand. He taught Buddhist monks English. Some of the novice monks became his subjects in some simple yet powerful photos.
The exhibit runs from today 25th March 10.30am-10.30pm to 26th March 5pm-10.30pm.


Today is the grand opening of the Kuwait Vision Project/Expo.
The KV project is a new concept of "combo expo" where we mix and match different expos at one place, and this time it is the combination of Small Businesses Expo, Job Fair, and Education/University Expo.
Do not miss it this weekend 25-26-27 March, 2010 starting Thursday which is today.
Location: Movenpick Free Trade Zone
Opening Times from 6-10 pm on Thursday, 4-11 pm on Friday and Saturday

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Water Fountain in Japan..Just Amazing!

Thanks Abdullatif :O)


Just in time for Easter.....Thanks Martine I really needed this :O)


LWDLIK- Received the following email from Olivia who is working very hard to spread the word.

On the night of 22nd March, Animal Friends suffered a MAJOR fire. This fire has devastated the shelter; has taken the lives of many of the animals that were homed there. The shelter will need to be rebuilt in order for them to continue the amazing work that they do; they only way they can do this is with A LOT of help.
The estimated cost of rebuilding and getting the shelter up and running is KD50,000. This is where AFL needs you help. Do you have any fundraising ideas? Cake sale? Book sale? Yard sale? Quiz nights? Raffles? Every effort and every dinar will go towards AFL re-opening and rescuing animals in need once again.
If you wish to make a donation or arrange a fundraising event, please call Olivia Kimble on 9737 7867 or email
Animal Friends won't survive this without a huge community effort so please help in any way you can.
I am trying to organise a meeting for next week. I'm just trying to find a location. I will keep you posted.
Pics of the fire caused by elecricity surge.

LWDLIK- Anyone want to imagine what Kuwait would be like without AFL? In the previous AFL post there is bank details for Ayesha (founder of AFL) who spends every fil on taking care of her furry friends.

Update: If you are interested in fostering an animal, please contact Anna 6 618 7301. Thanks :)

1st Fun League for Bowlers- Bowl Room, 360 Mall.

Protesting in verse: A Saudi woman criticizes Muslim clerics' in a TV poetry contest

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — It was a startling voice of protest at a startling venue. Covered head-to-toe in black, a Saudi woman lashed out at hard-line Muslim clerics' harsh religious edicts in verse on live TV at a popular Arabic version of "American Idol.
Well, not quite "American Idol": Contestants compete not in singing but in traditional Arabic poetry. Over the past episodes, poets sitting on an elaborate stage before a live audience have recited odes to the beauty of Bedouin life and the glories of their rulers or mourning the gap between rich and poor.
Then last week, Hissa Hilal, only her eyes visible through her black veil, delivered a blistering poem against Muslim preachers "who sit in the position of power" but are "frightening" people with their fatwas, or religious edicts, and "preying like a wolf" on those seeking peace.
Her poem got loud cheers from the audience and won her a place in the competition's finals, to be aired on Wednesday. It also brought her death threats, posted on several Islamic militant Web sites.
Hilal shrugs off the controversy."My poetry has always been provocative," she told The Associated Press in an interview. "It's a way to express myself and give voice to Arab women, silenced by those who have hijacked our culture and our religion."
Her poem was seen as a response to Sheik Abdul-Rahman al-Barrak, a prominent cleric in Saudi Arabia who recently issued a fatwa saying those who call for the mingling of men and women should be considered infidels, punishable by death.
But more broadly, it was seen as addressing any of many hard-line clerics in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere in the region who hold a wide influence through television programs, university positions or Web sites.
"Killing a human being is so easy for them, it is always an option," she told the AP.
Poetry holds a prominent place in Arab culture, and some poets in the Middle East have a fan base akin to those of rock stars.
The program, The Million's Poet, is a chance for poets to show off their original work, airing live weekly on satellite television across the Arab world from Abu Dhabi, capital of the United Arab Emirates. Contestants are graded on voice and style of recitation, but also on their subject matter, said Sultan al-Amimi, one of the three judges on the show and a manager of Abu Dhabi's Poetry Academy.
Hilal's 15-verse poem was in a form known as Nabati, native to nomadic tribes of the Arabian Peninsula. She criticized extremism that she told AP is "creeping into our society" through fatwas.
I have seen evil in the eyes of fatwas, at a time when the permitted is being twisted into the forbidden," she said in the poem. She called such edicts "a monster that emerged from its hiding place" whenever "the veil is lifted from the face of truth."
She described hard-line clerics as "vicious in voice, barbaric, angry and blind, wearing death as a robe cinched with a belt," in an apparent reference to suicide bombers' explosives belts.
The three judges gave her the highest marks for her performance, praising her for addressing a controversial topic. That, plus voting from the 2,000 people in the audience and text messages from viewers, put her through to the final round.
Hissa Hilal is a courageous poet," said al-Amimi. "She expressed her opinion against the kind of fatwas that affect people's lives and raised an alarm against these ad hoc fatwas coming from certain scholars who are inciting extremism."
Fatwas are not legally binding and it is up to individual Muslims to follow them. Clerics of all ideological stripes pronounced fatwas on nearly every aspect of people's lives, from how they should deal with members of other religions to what they can watch on television.
Hilal said she had heard about the death threats posted on Islamic extremist Web sites and was concerned, but "not enough to send me into hiding."
What's more on her mind is how sudden fame will change her quiet family life at home in the Saudi capital, Riyadh.
"I worry how I will be perceived after the show is over, when judgment is passed and people begin to talk about my performance and ideas," said Hilal, a mother of four who has published poetry and previously was a poetry editor at the Arab daily Al-Hayat. "I worry the lights of fame will affect my simple and quiet existence."
The Million's Poet was launched in 2006 by the government's Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage to encourage poetry.
This, the fourth season, has 48 contestants from 12 Arab countries competed, including several women along with Hilal.
On Wednesday, Hilal will be joined by five other poets in the final round. The winner of the $1.3 million grand prize will be declared a week later on March 31.
Their topics are already known. One of Hilal's rivals will address terrorism. Another woman in the finals, Jaza al-Baqmi, will reflect on the role of women.
Hilal says her poem will tackle the media, but wouldn't elaborate so as not to spoil the surprise.
"My message to those who hear me is love, compassion and peace," Hilal said. "We all have to share a small planet and we need to learn how to live together."

LWDLIK- Have found the youtube clip of this poet and noticed the names differ. Either she uses a nom de plume to write her poetry or there are two very brave women out there.

I found this translation of the youtube clip below:
I have seen evil from the eyes of the subversive fatwas in a time when what is lawful is confused with what is not lawful;

When I unveil the truth, a monster appears from his hiding place; barbaric in thinking and action, angry and blind; wearing death as a dress and covering it with a belt [referring to suicide bombing];
He speaks from an official, powerful platform, terrorizing people and preying on everyone seeking peace...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


We are moving home and I am losing my mind. Boxes everywhere. Finally got hold of Sofa Guy yesterday to remove and recover my sofas (he's let me down twice so far). He and his gang arrived at 6pm, only 5 hours late. I chose the fabric, pleased that another task was ticked off of my list. Woke up at 3am trying frantically to text msg him to change colour of fabric. Wanted to call him but thought better of it. Finally got hold of him at 9am only to have a very confusing chat with him that did not leave me calm and assured. So 9.03am got in my car looking for Issa Qatami street in Salmiya, never heard of the place before ( I swear and only 28yrs in Kuwait) but was on a mission to avert complete sofa disaster. After a few calls and 20 minutes later found the man. Made him understand which one I really wanted (called three friends to help, only one answered) thought that was it, was about to leave and BHAM! I see another swatch of really fab velvet fabrics...After consulting with a friend several times she assured me that I should stick with my previous choice as velvet will wear out in no time and have bald patches all over it making it look very nasty....They were nice though...

Another Fire - An email from Animal Friends of Kuwait.

"Dear Friends,
Our religion is defined not only by we treat our fellow human beings, but how we treat fellow creatures. You can help locally! When bad things happen - communities come together.
Last night, March 22, 2010, Animal Friends League of Kuwait had a major fire at their shelter (the 2nd in a short period of time caused by faulty electrical wiring) which killed animals and destroyed most of their building.
Animal Friends League is funded by donations and helps hurt, injured, and neglected animals in Kuwait. It was started by a couple at their private farm in Wafra.
We are appealing to all Kuwaiti companies/individuals who can assist in providing the donation of manpower (construction, cleaning, laborers/helpers) and/or the donation of building materials or cash to immediately re-build the shelter. (If you are able to, please go to the AFL shelter and assist in person - bring your older children to help.)
Please contact Animal Friends League at:
Ayesha Al-Humaidi and John Peeveler
Address: P.O.Box 26122 Safat 13122, Kuwait
Telephone: 965.6700.1622
Fax: 965.2523.4179
Also on Facebook - Friends of Animal Friends League of Kuwait
Donations can be made to AFL at:
Bank Name: Bank of Kuwait and the Middle East (BKME),
Branch: South Surra,
Name: Ayeshah Waleed Al-Humaidhi,
Address Line 1: P.O.Box 71, Safat 13001,
Address Line 2: Kuwait.
Account: 42043311,
Thank you for considering support and please forward to those who you think can help.
Best wishes,
Meghan McCabe."

LWDLIK- It is very sad news indeed.You can get updates from their Facebook page. I think they are way too busy to update the website with the news. Have asked them for a map as they really need volunteers to go and help clean up the animals, etc. AFL Update - very sadly - 30 cats, 3 dogs and 4 puppies are gone. AFL needs volunteers to help clean up smoke damage. Bring boxed water as it has been turned off & cleaning supplies. They still need people to help bath groom the cats that are at RAH covered in soot etc. They are open now until 6pm again from 9am tomorrow.

If you can, bring cleaning supplies - sponges, rubber gloves, mops, etc. and bottled water (or jerry cans of water) as there is no water supply at the moment.Animal Friends shelter. If anyone is looking to volunteer their time or wanting to drop off supplies please contact Olivia at 9737 7867.

If you need map or directions you can contact the tel numbers above.


Click to enlarge and learn more about this interesting event. Here is the link to their website [link] 
Festival starts at 10am.

The Palestinian Handicrafts and Cultural Exhibition

Palestinian Culture Center holds the first of its two annual exhibitions for 2010. The PCC is a non-profit organisation that aims 1) to preserve the rich heritage and culture of Palestine 2) help empower women and their families in the Palestinian refugee camps to become economically independent 3) sustain needy Palestinians in their homeland and in diaspora.

Exhibition highlights are:
* Traditional cross-stitch embroidery of dresses, linens, shawls, cushions, table-runners, etc.
* Handmade ceramics from Hebron.
* Books, posters, DVDs, kafiyas, keychains.
* Food items such as thyme, sumac, olive oil. Only on Thursday will there be fresh baked goods and other  traditional dishes.
* Palestinian folklore 'dabkah' dancing will be performed at 6.30pm on Monday and Thursday.

Location is Woman's Cultural Social Society, Khaldiya, Blk 2, Al Ouroba Street. (behind Faculty of Engineering, Kuwait University).
It will be held for 4 days from 29th March-1st April. Timings 10am-1.30pm and 4.30pm-8.30pm.
Tel. 24843397, 99376608.

LWDLIK- The pics above are examples of Palestinian embroidery but are not indicative of  items for sale at the exhibition.

Sadu House

Kuwait Textile Arts Association
cordially invites you to a lecture by
Dr Keireine Canavan
University of Wales Institute, Cardiff, UK.

The lecture entitled 'Discovered Through Translation: Sadu House Permanent Collection Gata No. 2'. Will highlight Dr Canavan's findings whilst on her sabbatical at Sadu House during the last 9 months. Also available for viewing the American University of Kuwait Graphic Students Sadu Project Poster Exhibition.
Tuesday 23rd March 2010 at Sadu House at 7.00pm
(Entrance on corner of National Museum, Gulf Road, Kuwait City)
To learn more about Dr Canavan and Sadu weaving [link]

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dar Al-Athar Al-Islamiyyah

Cordially invites you to a lecture by  Ms. Farah Behbehani on 'The Conference of the Birds' ( in English) on Wednesday, 24 March at 7pm.
Farah K. Behbehani began her graphic design career at a graphic design course at Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design, London in 2004. This was followed with an MA in Communication Design at CSM, completed with distinction in June 2007.
Farah specializes in print and editorial design as well as calligraphy. Her work is concerned with combining tradition with modernity, and celebrating her Middle Eastern heritage with a contemporary approach. Farah’s book entitled 'The Conference of the Birds'  is based on a 12th century Sufi poem of the same name. Illustrated with Jali Diwani calligraphy and a design system to enable all readers to understand the reading direction, flow and meaning of Arabic calligraphy. Farah’s latest work was exhibited as a part of the Beijing Typography Exhibition in 2009.

Place: Al-Maidan Cultural Centre – Abdullah Al-Salem School, Maidan Hawalli.( Near Al Sha’ab Leisure Park)

Tel: 25636528 / 25636561 Fax: 25653006


AXIS OF EVIL- So you think you can laugh..

The performers are: Sugar Sammy, Dean Edwards, Maz Jobrani and Ahmed Ahmed.

Axis of Evil are going to be in Kuwait for the 'So you think you can laugh' comedy show that will be taking place at AUK on March 29 @ 7:00 PM.Tickets are sold at AUK. For more info you can call 9999-1008
Limited Capacity. Regular tickets are 20 KWD and VIP are 40 KWD.
Ticket sales are in the Starbucks building in the AUK campus daily from 8:30 am – 11:00 pm..
If you don't know who they are yet google them and watch them on Youtube.


Dar Al-Funoon Gallery

Qatari artist Ali Hassan's work 'Harf Al Nun' will be on display and for sale at the gallery from March 24th at 7pm-April 8th.
His key feature is represented by his experience in associating Arabic letters with abstract painting and employing the aesthetics of each for the interest of the other. He finds some beauty in each and every letter. The letter 'noon' impressed and inspired him to create different styles using mixed media.

Gallery is open Sun-Thur from 10am-1pm and 4pm-8pm. Gallery closed on Fridays and appointment only on Saturdays. Dar Al-Funoon is located at  house 28, Behbehani Compound behind the church in the city. Tel. 22433138

LWDLIK- I'm a fan. Not sure which pieces will be exhibited or for sale. The above pics are examples of his work.

Dar Al-Funoon was established in 1994 in the traditional courtyard houses of Kuwait City, Dar Al-Funoon has been committed to supporting emerging and vibrant Arab contemporary art. All kinds of art in various content are introduced to the gallery’s visitors; paintings, drawings, sculpture, installations, crafts and industrial or decorative pieces.
Since 1997 Dar Al-Funoon has showcased established artists in the world of Arab art such as Amin El Bacha, Dia Azzawi, Omar El Nagdi, Hrair, Rashed Diab and Rahim Sharif together with the young and thriving artists including Jamal Abdulrahim, Mohammad Abu El Naga, and Hamza Bunoua to name a few.
Dar Al-Funoon’s main role is to increase awareness in the local art market by exhibiting fascinating and diverse facets of art from the region, as well as to encourage young talents to reach beyond the boundaries of their traditional art.

Battle of Bands Competition

This will be the 2nd 'Battle of Bands' competition held in Kuwait. Location will be Indian English Academy School (IEAS) Block 212, Plot 215, Al Dahak Ben Kays Street, Al Salmiya, Kuwait. Tel No: 5612405 Fax No: 5612420. Friday, 16th April, 2010 from 5pm onwards.

The theme is 'Let's get back to the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s'
Music in any genre is permitted except hard rock or heavy metal.

The two catergories are:
Juniors (15 yrs and below) and Seniors (16 yrs and above).
To enroll or for more details contact: Faustino 66867530, Aldrin 99550125, Balvir 97975101 or Socor 66611469.

LWDLIK- As an audience member thank you for not permitting rock or heavy metal music :O) It will be local talent, don't think the Rolling Stones are making a guest appearance. Their pic is just to remind those suffering, doubting parents that a career can be made ;O)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Prayers go out to Jesse Ruiz..

Our prayers are with Jesse Ruiz of PAWS as he battles to recover from a terrible car accident. His dog was hit by a car and Jesse went to it's rescue only to be hit head on by another car. It is really too tragic. The PAWS Dog Show 2010 video clip on here (scroll down the labels a little) shows Jesse doing what he loves most in the world, caring for animals. (I had previously put the video clip on here without knowing this very sad news) please get well soon Jesse.

Traffic Week surprises..

Last night whilst driving on the Feheheel expressway my husband and I witnessed an odd occurrence. For the first time ever we actually witnessed a police car pull over some one for speeding. It was a joyous moment that almost had us stop and give them a standing ovation but we were on the motorway and were not at all sure how the police would react to that. Well done!

Sultan Art Gallery, Sabhan.

Date: 23rd March from 7-9pm til 25th March 4pm.

Sultan Gallery has the pleasure of inviting you to 'Ancestor’s Dust' an exhibition of clay works by visual artist Norma Isa Figueroa. Architect and historian, Figueroa derives inspirations from both fields to manipulate soft clay into tiles, imprinting them with images that seem to show up during the process.
In this exhibition, Figueroa’s work is infused with notions of the veil and the dichotomy of being the observer and the observed, in an effort to bring an awareness of the place women are placed, or place themselves, according to different agendas. As the media emphasizes the Muslim world, the hijab, a visual marker of difference, becomes the target of political projects. Depending on the discourse, the 'women of cover' are either oppressed women forced into submission or totally free in choosing their lifestyle.

Sabhan, Sadeer co., block 8, street 105, building no 168
Tel: 24714325/26 ext.110 fax: 24714301

LWDLIK-Call to check before going as opening times vary.

PAWS Dog Show 2010

Fab day. Big thank you to all the wonderful volunteers.  Here are a few of the doggie superstars.

Keep up the great work.

Queen's Birthday Party

Message to the British Community.

The British Embassy will celebrate the birthday of Her Majesty the Queen with a reception in the British Embassy Gardens.
This year, the Ambassador would like to invite some members of the British community - who have taken the time to register on LOCATE; our online consular registration system - to the Queen's Birthday Reception 2010.
We are keen to encourage as many British nationals as possible in Kuwait to register on LOCATE. To thank those who have registered, we will be offering 25 pairs of tickets to the Queen’s Birthday Reception.
25 people will be chosen at random from the LOCATE registration list of those who have registered between 10 December 2009 and 31 March 2010 and each will be offered 2 tickets to this event.
So if you still haven’t registered on LOCATE, here is your chance to register and be among the lucky few offered the opportunity to attend the event.
For further information on registering, please visit our embassy website:

Consular Section
British Embassy Kuwait.

TIES Center Arabic Cooking Course

A 4-week course starting 24th March from 6pm-9pm. Call to sign up and start to learn how to cook and prepare some simple, delicious meals for you, family and friends.
TIES Center, Villa 64, Street 413, Block 4, Shuhada. Tel. 25231015, 97798222.

TIES Center it is a center for promoting relations between Westerners and Muslims through dialogue, friendship and cultural-knowledge exchange. They offer Arabic language courses, cultural tours, reference library, Islamic information, social events, cooking classes. The Muslim ladies were very friendly and I think for newly-converted, Muslim Westerners this would be a great place to frequent.

Not wearing hijab means what?

I just found this on [link] and apparently it translates to “Sisters…not wearing the hijab is the way/road to becoming a whore”.
So another call to be made to Al Watan Daily I think, don't you? How disgusting! 
I did notice another comment on the translation which argued that it translates to 'debauchery' not 'whore'. 

Pronunciation: \di-ˈbȯ-chə-rē,
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural de·bauch·er·ies
Date: 1642
1 a : extreme indulgence in sensuality,  plural : orgies
2 archaic : seduction from virtue or duty

Hmmm ..don't know any nice, decent  girls partaking in 'debauchery' do you?  It is highly insulting!
Please REMOVE IT! 
LWDLIK- Seems it is on the same road as the Co-op in Riqqa. If you are looking  for it with plans to paint it over :O) Thanks Dana.

Front Page Al Watan Daily Today 19th March, Salwa Park Mess

LWDLIK- I'm happy to see this get more coverage and know people in government are concerned.

Garbage piling in parks due to contractor's downfall
by Abdulaziz Al Mossalem.

KUWAIT: Speaking with Al Watan Daily, a source from the Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources (PAAAFR) explained that the reason why many of the public parks in Kuwait have been neglected is due to contracting issues. The representative explained, "The company we had a contract with to clean up the parks has gone through financial difficulties recently and was no longer able to provide its services of cleaning up the parks, and this is why many of them are filled with garbage."

This statement comes against the backdrop of MP Waleed AlـTabtabaie''s criticism of PAAAFR''s handling of neglected parks earlier this week, when he accused PAAAFR of "not being able to shoulder its responsibilities."

The company has indeed gone through financial difficulties lately; it has been listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange since 2006 and has at one point had a stock price of 1 Kuwaiti dinar. However, with last year''s economic turmoil, the company''s stock collapsed leaving it at just under 25 fils before it was stopped from trading at the KSE at the end of January. The company has been stopped from trading repetitively in 2009, putting it off the market for a total period of around 4 months.

According to PAAAFR, the most affected parks are those in Salwa, Rumaithiya, Mishref and Salmiya. The PAAAFR representative, who requested anonymity, explained that there have been some instances where they had to coordinate with Kuwait Municipality and form emergency teams to clean up the parks. However, she added that "the very next weekend, after we clean up the park with our emergency team, the parks are packed with garbage again because of irresponsible behavior by those that attend it."

MP Rola Dashti, speaking with Al Watan Daily on the issue, stressed this point and explained that "it really is unfortunate that these public parks are trashed by those who visit them. Just because they are for public use doesn''t mean they can go ahead and trash them ـ those leaving behind their garbage should be penalized for irresponsible behavior."

The PAAAFR representative also called on park goers to pick up after themselves and ensure the area is still usable after they are gone. She also added that PAAAFR has already found another company to clean up these parks, and is now going through the red tape of contract signings.

Al Watan Daily also spoke to some of the management of a fast food restaurant situated next to the Salwa park. The management explained, "We complained about the negligence last month, but not much has been done about it. On some occasions we get our own cleaners to clean the area around the restaurant because children play there; however the remainder of the park remains trashed."

The management also stated: "The reason the park is trashed is because the cleaners have not been receiving their pay. This is what the park's custodian has been telling us. Even he has not received his pay." Al Watan Daily tried to interview the custodian but he was not at his post.

LWDLIK- I really don't give a monkeys what the company did on the stock exchange. It's NO excuse. Get the park cleaned! If PAAAFR would like to have some flyers made in English and Arabic giving us details of telephone numbers where responsible park users can call and report such littering offences. At the moment no one has a clue where to complain. Just needs a few litter louts to get hefty fines and the rest will soon get the message.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I know what today is...

Little is known of St. Patrick's early life, though it is known that he was born in Roman Britain in the fifth century, into a wealthy Romano-British family. His father and grandfather were deacons in the Church. At the age of sixteen, he was kidnapped by Irish raiders and taken captive to Ireland as a slave. It is believed he was held somewhere on the west coast of Ireland, possibly Mayo, but the exact location is unknown. According to his Confession, he was told by God in a dream to flee from captivity to the coast, where he would board a ship and return to Britain. Upon returning, he quickly joined the Church in Auxerre in Gaul and studied to be a priest.
In 432, he again says that he was called back to Ireland, though as a bishop, to save the Irish, and indeed he was successful at this, focusing on converting royalty and aristocracy as well as the poor. Irish folklore tells that one of his teaching methods included using the shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity (the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit) to the Irish people. After nearly thirty years of teaching and spreading God's word he died on 17 March, 461 AD, and was buried at Downpatrick, so tradition says. Although there were other more successful missions to Ireland from Rome, Patrick endured as the principal champion of Irish Christianity and is held in esteem in the Irish Church.- Wikipedia.

When is Mother's Day 2010?

Well, if you're a Westerner you've missed it (it was March 14th). If you live in Kuwait or in an Arabic country, and have a mum, wife or mother-in-law living here or there, you're in luck because it will be on  21st March. That still gives you some time to arrange a special gift.

- I personally like the photo CD idea with family pics on. Lovingly put together by you.
- Flowers are always a good idea.
- A special lunch somewhere nice.
- A spa day.
- A beauty day.
- A personalised cake.
- A diamond tiara and/or a red Maserati :O)

Operation Hope Kuwait

"We cannot all do great things, but we can all do small things with great love." –Mother Theresa

How It All Began...
"In November 2004 my husband, Husain and I were in the market for a very special room divider. My mom was making her 1st trip to Kuwait and we wanted everything to 'look' just right when she arrived. After weeks of searching we were tired, cranky and frustrated. Mom was coming soon and still we had not found what we wanted.
One day as Husain was away at work, I ventured out to Kuwait’s largest furniture market in Dajeej area. I figured I would finally get what I wanted there. The day was icy cold, one of the coldest on record in 80 years. I entered the market and began my search but what I found was instead something I wasn’t prepared for.
Walking nearby was a janitor. He wasn’t any janitor – but one of the most broken-spirited men I had ever laid eyes on. His thin cotton top and pants hung on his frail body frame. The shoes that he wore were at least twice the size of his petite feet and he wore no socks. His eyes were deep pools of emptiness. Overcome by profound compassion I broke down and began to weep. Tears flooded my face and poured like a heavy rain. I was also overwhelmed by a very strong sense of shame. I was being convicted by the Lord of my image building selfishness. Embarrassed I fled the market to the safety of my car. It took a very long time while sitting in that parking lot to compose myself enough to drive.
My husband arrived home and I shared the incident with him insisting we return immediately with warm clothes, shoes, socks and money. We returned to that furniture market and found him almost immediately. We gifted him with the warm apparel he needed, money in his pocket, shoes and socks that fit and some food. The poor man received our gifts of compassion reluctantly but gratefully.
Months would go by before I would remember his face again.
In November 2005 having just celebrated the annual Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends, I began to make plans for another annual celebration at our home – Christmas. For 17 years my husband and I opened our home to family and friends each and every Christmas Eve, as had my parents and grandparents before me. As I took down my Christmas cookbooks to begin the task of deciding what foods and sweets I would serve my guests, I had heaviness come over me and remain. The next day I took out the cookbooks again and the same “cloud” came over me. By the third attempt to begin my party planning, I knew something was wrong ~ but what was it? Was someone I loved going to die? Would something tragic happen? Why was I so burdened? I began to pray.
“O Lord – What? Why am I so down at a time when I am always so joyful? Lord show me- lead me – Help me” At that moment the face of the broken man we had helped a year earlier came to my mind’s eye. I saw his emotionless face and his thin, frail, frame so poorly dressed for the winter cold. I began to weep once more for him and others like him.
I resolved with the Lord at that remembrance that I would help the poor for Christmas instead of hosting our annual Christmas Eve Open House. Joy immediately flooded my spirit once more. I emailed our guests to let them know of our new plans for the holiday and apologized that I would not be having our usual party. I invited them to join us in our delivery of some warm coats, hats and gloves to about 30-50 men and women who could not clothe themselves adequately for the winter. The response that email generated really shocked me. Every person I emailed ended up pledging their financial support to those who needed coats. Hence the birth of OPERATION HOPE.
OPERATION HOPE has warmly clothed 20,000 men, women and children, helped repatriate the less opportune, given medical help and provided rations for needy families since 2005 through the support of individuals and local communities."
Sheryll Mairza- Founder/Director.

This mission of mercy is scripturally founded on Matthew 25: 34 – 40 ~ Giving God Almighty every thanks, honor and exaltation for the outstanding service we have provided through HIS provision!

If you would like to know more or want to volunteer [link]


Dear Readers, Browsers and Friends,
Would be really nice to get some feedback on here. Comments can be left anonymously ;O) don't be put off by the little msg saying 'comment can't be processed' just click it again until it posts.
I would love to know if the black background  and text colours are easy to see or would you prefer a white background?
Is the content interesting or not? Any suggestions?
Have a great day ..remember it's almost the weekend :O)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

EARTH HOUR 2010 is 8.30pm anywhere in the world on 27th March

Lights out for one hour only to show your support.
Earth Hour 2010 will continue to be a global call to action to every individual, every business and every community. A call to stand up, to show leadership and be responsible for our future.
More info [link]

Emergency 112 number here in works!

I found this on Mark's fabulous blog [link]

"Today I heard a really freaky story but one that ended with a happy ending. A receptionist I know nearly got kidnapped by a taxi driver. She took a cab to go home but instead the taxi cab driver started driving in a different direction. He then closed all the windows and locked the doors and started shouting at the receptionist whenever she said anything.

So she decided to SMS for help since she didn’t know how the driver would react if he saw her on the phone. She sent an SMS to the emergency number 112 with the taxi driver details which she got off the back of the seat. She told them she was being kidnapped and she needed help. 112 then called her up and straight away told her to pretend she’s talking to a friend so the driver doesn’t suspect anything. They told her to stay calm and that they would send help. They asked her to SMS them her location and to keep them posted by SMS on which road they were on. She did that and 112 were able to set up a police check point and catch the taxi driver.

It’s really scary the stories you hear about taxi drivers in Kuwait. A while back I read in the paper where a bunch of taxi drivers were capturing woman and taking them to this building where they would be locked up and forced into prostitution. Luckily for the receptionist she managed to escape. I was really surprised that 112 actually receive and react to SMS’s. I think that’s incredible and the speed and the way they reacted to this situation was spot on. "
LWDLIK- Impressive! It's good to know this ended so well.

Cinemagic Rooftop venue screens 'Children of Heaven' on Thursday, March 18th at 7:00pm

Children Of  Heaven, Iran 1998
Director: Majid Majidi
Genre: Drama
89 min
English Subtitle
Rated: PG 13

Majid Majidi celebrates the immediacy and essence of childhood in this delightful tale of a brother and sister who share a pair of shoes when the boy loses his sister's only pair. Since their parents are too poor to afford a new pair, they keep it a secret, trading them off every day in a mad rush, jumping gutters and navigating the twisting lanes to their schools and back. Then the boy hatches a plan: the third-place prize in a student footrace is a new pair of shoes, and he's determined to take it.
Cinemagic movies are screened in old Salmiya, on the roof on top of Alghanim Electronics and LG. There is a KD1 charge for the venue fees which includes refreshments, popcorn and much more. For more info and regular updates join their Facebook page Cinemagic Kuwait.


SORRY YOU"RE TOO LATE MOVED TO DUBAI IN JULY 2010 :O( Gloria's Place - The Antique and Handicraft Centre

If you haven't discovered Gloria's yet it's because she is a well-kept secret by people who want don't want to share this treasure trove.

The most amazing doors that can be cutomised by on-site carpenters to fit any sized door way or used as a coffee table, dining table or wall decor.

Bookcases, display cases, cupboards.

Ornate mirror, picture or window frames.

And so much more..

Gloria’s Place

Tel No 23908302

Villa No 28 / 29 Abu Al Hasania
Antique & Handicraft Centre
Sat – Thurs 10:00 – 1:30 & 5:00 – 9:00
Friday 10:00 – 2:00
Email :

Monday, March 15, 2010

Semi Precious Jewelry Exhibition starts tomorrow 15th-17th March.

Monday, March 15, 2010 at 10:30am until  Wednesday, March 17, 2010 at 9:00pm. Location: Marina Hotel, Salmiya. Looks like they close for lunch.

LWDLIK- I love jewelry. Wonder if I can steer my husband near here tomorrow?