Sunday, November 29, 2015

New Electronic Visa Waver System Announced for Kuwaiti Visitors to UK Only £15 for 6 Months and Applying is Done Online 48 Hours before Travel

Swine Flu Among Students of Private Schools


KUWAIT TIMES: Well-informed health sources said that four swine flu cases were discovered amongst students of a private school in Salmiya, and that by examining other students as a precautionary measure, they were all found clear of the H1N1 virus. The sources also stressed that swine flu was no longer dangerous and that it was only as dangerous as seasonal flu, unless infected people suffer from other chronic diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure, heart or lung diseases.

LWDLIK - Not just schools in Salmiya, there have been reports of cases in quite a few schools around Kuwait.



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We will email, call, or text each candidate in the order they fill out the form, and will shut down our program once it's filled up! We choose serious participants so we can focus on their goals and getting them amazing results.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

AAB World's Photography Garage Sale

Deals and discounts of up to 70% on a huge collection of products from many brands such as:
Canon, Sony, Fujifilm, SIGMA, Benro, Manfrotto, DJI, Bloom Theory, Dicapac, Glidecam, GoPro, Hoya, Lomo Instant, JJC, Joby, Kenko, LEE Filters, Leica, Lens Pen, Easycase, Nissin, Phottix, Rotolight, Samyang, Sandisk, Small HD, Tamrac, Tether Tools, Vanguard, Varavon, Veho, Voeloon, Wondlan, X-Rite, Xsories, Zoom, Tokina, Visico, Sevenoak, Aputure, Visible Dust, Integral & Rollie.

The deals will include a great selection of photography and videography products for beginners, enthusiasts, hobbyists and professionals:
DSLR Cameras, lenses, stands, tripods, monopods, bags, memory cards, flashes & lighting, fi
...lters & remotes for DSLRs.
Also, steady cam stabilizers, microphones, monitors, studio accessories, mounts for action cameras, smartphone photography accessories, instant cameras, and many many more.

The deals will start on Friday 27/11 and will run until Monday 30/11
in the service center showroom located in the basement of Symphony Mall, Salmyia.

Friday 27/11
We will begin at 2pm till 8pm
Saturday 28/11 till Monday 30/11
from 9am till 8pm

For more information please call our customer care number:
(+965) 25770700

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

K'S PATH Shelter Open Day

Turkey Shoots Down Russian Jet

Turkish forces are said to have shot down a Russian jet after it flew into the country's airspace, according to unconfirmed reports on social media. It has been claimed by eyewitnesses that there was a large explosion in Huraytan, northern Syria, while three fighter planes were seen overhead.

Update - It has been confirmed on the BBC. NATO has called an emergency meeting. Turkey claims the Russian SU-24 violated it's airspace.

Origami Workshop at Japanese Embassy

Monday, November 23, 2015

The Language of Movement Workshop & Performance at Al Shaheed Park

There is a universal language in which all people everywhere can express themselves and understand one another. It is the language of movement. 
We are all using this language on a daily basis. Whatever we are doing, the movements of our bodies can express something of within us. Movement vocalizes by working with weight, posture, gesture, patterns, rhythm, space and relationship of body parts. We will explore what these devices might communicate about emotion, thought, physical structures, cultural/social traditions and visual preferences. Come join us for a three day intensive workshop uncovering the language of movement in performance.
Dates: November 30th until December 3rd
Time: 5pm – 8pm
Location: Visitor Center
Language: English
* This workshop is free of charge

To register [link]


Good Morning Awesome Sunrise

Seriously, these pics do not show how really glorious it was. My daughter and I always stop what we are doing and enjoy a great sunrise in the morning.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

WARNING! Lady Attacked Whilst Jogging in Dahiya Abdulla Salem Last Night

My dear friend was attacked last night when she was out jogging. She has asked me to share this with you all to warn you. Please be cautious. Thankfully she was unhurt just very, very shaken by the ordeal.

"Last night I was attacked 500m from my home..I was running on the path in Dahait Abdulla Salem. .I passed a man sitting on a bench and suddenly I was grabbed from behind and a hand over my mouth and one around my waist unto my private area..I hit ..yelled. .screamed and he ran away and I yelled ' I'll call the police' suddenly he took what looked like a knife and started running towards me again.. I ran ..I got away ..unhurt physically. .mentally maybe not..
Please ladies that live here in Kuwait. .be aware...I have always felt safe and never expected this and definitely not in my area of Kuwait."

She did go to the police station but it all happened so quickly that she can't be sure of his description. So he's still out there. And from what she told me it seems he was waiting for an opportunity. Be aware ladies and take a companion with you. Stay safe.

Perhaps The Words 'Had Sex' Would Be Less Confusing For All

Little typo, should be 'carnal knowledge' as per the Biblical term and not knowledge of canals. And I'm just clueless at 'slept off.' Come on Arab Times -  a little proof reading required before printing please. 

Friday, November 20, 2015

Save A Soul Project Event

For more info contact 55305033

Let's Draw Kuwait Towers

The Color Fest Kuwait

@thecolorfest_kw event this Saturday 21st November.
From 9 AM TO 9PM at scientific centre. Fun stuff for the kids.

Knitting Class at TIES

Searched for a photo of Nabbed in Kuwait ISIS and Got Photo of an Arab in his Underwear at an Airport. Strange.


ISIS Cell Nabbed in Kuwait Supplying Arms and Finance to ISIS

KUWAIT: Photos show the six suspects arrested by police yesterday. - KUNA

Kuwaiti security authorities have busted an international cell led by a Lebanese man that was sending air defense systems and funds to the Islamic State group, the Interior Ministry said yesterday. The cell’s chief, who was not named, confessed that he raised funds and provided logistical support for the group, which has carried out deadly attacks in Lebanon and France in the past week, the ministry said. He acted as coordinator for the Islamic State in Kuwait and arranged arms deals and FN6 portable air defense systems from Ukraine, which were shipped to IS in Syria through Turkey

. The ministry did not provide details about the size of the arms deals. Besides the Lebanese mastermind, authorities arrested three Syrians, an Egyptian and a Kuwaiti and said four others were outside Kuwait-two Syrians and two Australians of Lebanese origin. Several suspected IS members and sympathizers were tried in the Gulf emirate for a suicide bombing in June claimed by the group.

A court sentenced seven men to death and jailed eight others to between two and 15 years for assisting the Saudi bomber. An appeals court is to issue its verdict in the case on December 13. Earlier this month, the lower court sentenced five men to 10 years in jail each for raising funds for IS. They were charged with raising about 400,000 Kuwaiti dinars ($1.3 million) and sending it to IS, which has seized control of large parts of Syria and Iraq and carried out attacks throughout the Middle East. Over the past year, Kuwaiti courts have issued several rulings against IS supporters. — AFP

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Qout Market @Murouj 9-5PM on 21st November

1st Korean Ambassador's GCC Taekwondo Championship 2015

Please Don't Tell me Not to Sympathise with the French

I've noticed that there are quite a few of my friends who don't feel the same way as I do about the horrendous attacks in Paris. They seem to think that I don't care about what's happening around the world (Beirut, Syria, Gaza, Pakistan, Japan, Kuwait, etc). That would be very wrong. I, for one, care very deeply. No, French lives do not matter more than other innocent lives lost. But the incident that has occurred in Paris has a different slant to it. It is an attack on our way of life, our joie de vivre. To co-exist happily is to be tolerant of each other, even if our beliefs are diametrically opposite. I believe some Westerners see co-existence threatened, but then the ISIS monsters would win.

It is hard for me as a Westerner to find the right words to express my opinion and not sound
disingenuous. An accomplished Kuwaiti artist and poet, Dr Shurooq Amin, says it with a crystal clear clarity of understanding.

"We have gotten so jaded about war and lives lost in the Middle East that when lives are lost in Paris or NY it seems more shocking. It's not that lives are more valuable in Europe. It's that we, as Arabs, have been viewing Europe as our safe haven: the place we escape to, the paradise in which we seek joy and freedom, the future with hope for our kids or for us to retire in. Losing security in Europe is not shocking because the lives there are more valuable than Syria, Iraq, Palestine or Lebanon...absolutely not. Rather, it is because we lost our "escape" plan, our illusion for a safe future, our Plan B. No where is safe anymore. Earth has been invaded by the worse disease it has routinely known throughout history: dogmatic ideologies. As I said on BBC Arabia , it's time for the educators, the liberals, the creative minds, and the giant hearts (there are still good people out there, even those that have money and power can be good; not all are corrupt or greedy)'s time for an intellectual revolution. Change people's fixed ideologies and you can change the world." ~ Shurooq Amin

Go #Anonymous Hackers Get Those #Daeshbags

The "Anonymous" hackers collective, represented here by mask-wearing demonstrators at a French trial November 9, 2015, claimed November 17 to have taken down 5,500 Twitter accounts tied to the Islamic State jihadist group

Washington (AFP) - The hacker group Anonymous claimed Tuesday to have taken out 5,500 Twitter accounts linked to the Islamic State group, which claimed responsibility for the Paris attacks.
The loosely organized hacking collective made the claim in a tweet one day after launching #OpParis campaign, which stepped up an earlier effort to shut down social media accounts of the organization.
"We report that more than 5500 Twitter account of #ISIS are now #down! #OpParis #Anonymous #ExpectUs," said a tweet posted on Tuesday which followed a video message posted Monday.
It was not immediately clear how the accounts would have been disabled. But the hacker group said it posted the accounts to an online forum labeling them as #daeshbags, a reference to Daesh, an Arabic acronym for the Islamic State group.
In an apparent riposte, a message posted via the messaging service Telegram calls on Islamic State affiliates to secure their Internet communications.
"The #Anonymous hackers threatened... that they will carry out a major hack operation on the Islamic state (idiots)," the message said.
Anonymous has waged a long-running campaign against the Islamic State group but stepped up the effort following the attacks last Friday in the French capital.

Bright Minds Winter Camp 2015

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Book Launch Party: Nejoud Al Yagout's 'Awake in the Game of Pretending' at Dar Hamad Restaurant

Nejoud Al Yagout is a talented poet and author transcending the realms of conformity. Nejoud's interview with Bazaar Magazine in September [

 Awake in the Game of Pretending

"Love is the realm where doves and dragons surrender."

In a world that too often vibrates on the lower frequencies of fear, grief and confusion, love guides mankind to enlightenment. And in awakening, one searches for a more solid place in the human game. Pain and suffering; the cycle of life and death - they appear to be necessary struggles in the quest for self-realization, though perhaps they are not. Who knows? Awake in the Game of Pretending continues the spiritual exploration begun in This is an imprint, connecting readers on a collective scale.

"Al-Yagout takes readers on a spiritual journey that will challenge and inspire... Moving, illuminating verse." - Kirkus Review

Friday, November 13, 2015

One World Actors Centre Presents Around The World in 80 Days

Booking@OneWorldActorsCentre.Com or at the Second Cup in the Village, this Sat 19th November.

RIP Catherine Anastacio

Sad news but young mother-of-two Catherine Anastacio, the beautiful Filipino stewardess who was very ill with lupus, has died in hospital in Kuwait. Her brave and caring friends tried very hard to help by donating blood for her and funds to help Catherine's two young children who are in the Phillipines. I'm hoping someone will set up a GoFund for the children as their mother was their sole supporter. May God watch over your wonderful children.

You may remember this story from my attempt to donate blood [link].


November Events in Kuwait - Loads to do

5th - Ahmadi Music Group Presents "The Bavarian Highlands" Music of Edward Elgar 

9th til 14th - UK Week of Culture: Live music, outdoor performances, paper cinema..

12th - Constant Caricature- Political Cartoonist Ali Ferzat @CAP Gallery

12th - JAMM Art Exhibition #Nuqat2015

12th to 14th - Wonderland Carnival and Expo in Discovery Mall Garden

13th to 19th - Contemporary Art Platform Invites You...

14th - Beat Diabetes #JoinTheWalk

14th - Gulf Bank 642 Marathon 

14th - Winter Bazaar at Bright Minds 1-4PM

15th til18th - Jewelry Design: The Original Copy  #Workshop #Nuqat2015

17th - Habayebna Egyptian Music Concert, Al Shaheed Park

18th - Souad Massi Live Music Performance, Al Shaheed Park

21st - Qout Market @Murouj

21st - KTAA Bazaar at Sadu House

21st - Korean Street Food Festival at Korean Embassy

23rd til 26th - Palestinian Cultural Exhibit. Food, music, dancing, shopping.

23rd - Guided Tour of Sadu House

24th til 25th - Igor Moiseyev Russian Ballet Performance at Salmiya Theatre 

25th til 27th - Sam Sam The Bubble Man at Kuwait Dino Park 

26th - Improv Comedy Night at Live Theatre, Discovery Mall  

26th til 29th - Underline Designer Sale at Mishref Fairgrounds

27th - End of Year Gift Bazaar at Salwa Al Sabah Hall, Marina Waves

27th - British Ladies Society Winter Bazaar

27th - GLOK Advents Café & Bazaar starring Santa

28th - Save A Soul Project Event

29th & 30th - KES Presents Grease a musical theatre production

Al Shaheed Park's November Schedule of Events

If you have any events you'd like to share on here please email flyer or details with jpg to