Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Foggy Day in Kuwait

Thank you Paula x

Qout Market Back at Arraya Car Park This Saturday

Octium Limited Edition Bejewelled Clutches

Highlighted in Vogue Gioiello's Dec issue, the AUGUSTINE Clutches are marvellous companions to your chic evening events, with its gold detachable chain that can be worn as a necklace or wrap bracelet. Incorporating precious stones and in a gorgeous array of matt and shiny crocodile leather.

The AUGUSTINE: Explore Octium's limited edition line of bejeweled evening clutches handmade in a variety of matt and shiny crocodile leather with use of gold, precious stones and diamonds. Soon available in New York and Kuwait.

For more information and for a private viewing of this limited edition piece, please contact Octium on +965 25733822/55 or email on Tel: KUWAIT +965 25733822/55 NYC: +1 2127261276

Octium, 360 Mall. 

Facebook Octium Jewelry

LWDLIK - Stunning! This talented designer duo, Sheikha Alanood Al Sabah and husband Fahad Al Hajeri, certainly give the big boys a run for their money. Bravo!


Shrek the Musical Auditions Feb 5th

AUDITION SESSION 1: Wednesday, February 5th  7pm – 9pm
AUDITION SESSION 2: Friday February 7th  2pm – 5pm
LOCATION: The SIK Studio, Fintas (map)

Actors should arrive promptly at the start time of the audition they are attending, ready to read and sing the prepared material as detailed in the link.  If you are unsure of which principal character to audition for please choose one. All auditionees should also look at the ENSEMBLE pages. More info [link].


Kuwaiti Groom Arrives at Wedding on Donkey Cart

A Kuwaiti groom stunned his guests when he arrived for his wedding at a five-star hotel riding a donkey cart after they waited for him in a massive luxury car.

 The groom wanted to have an “unprecedented and untraditional” wedding party that will be “the talk of the town” in the country.

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Al Dhahia Juice

Legendary, old juice bar near the Co-Op in Dhahia Abdulla Salem with delicious fresh juices. They've just opened a branch in Grand Avenues too. My new favourite is avocado with honey and nuts which is just heavenly. Bought orange, carrot and watermelon (my daughter adores the watermelon) and they are all fabulous. You can have a little tasting session before you buy. I'm hoping they'll start a delivery service soon. I'll have to keep begging.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Layaly Febrayer 2014

"Layaly Febrayer 2014" presents the famous illusionist " Alex Black " at the Green Island during the first week shows. Stay tuned to know more about our 17 International shows. Layaly Febrayer 2014 starts on January 31 to February 14. Door fees are 3.500 KD per person for one day.

Get ready for the 3D water projection amazing show at the Green Island lake from 31 January to 7 February.

Cyr Wheel Show all the way from Germany to Green Island during first week shows. Starts on January 31.

Under water bubble show on the main stage at Green Island everyday from January 31 to 7 February at Green Island.

Tickets are available at:

Eureka Salmiya
iCity Avenues
Alwatan Shuwaikh
And at the door on Green Island, Shaab.

The Kuwait Cat Club Presents The Most Prestigious CFA Cat Show in The Middle East

Friday, January 24, 2014

The Awesome Remal International Festival and Sand Village to Open 30th January

Meet Ted Seibert from Chicago, USA. He’s 1 of 73 sand artists at Remal and has helped set multiple Guinness World Records in sand sculpting.

Meet Damon Langlois from British Columbia, Canada. He’s a World Champion sand artist.

A sand artist finishing up a sculpture from 1001 Nights.

73 of the world's best sand artists joined hands with world-leading light shows to create the most exciting festival Kuwait has ever seen.

Remal International Festival is a spectacular sand & light festival taking place in early 2014. Come see the world's largest sand sculpture park and enjoy weekly light shows guaranteed to please the entire family.

Remal is organized by P2BK (Proud to be Kuwaiti Organization).

The Remal International Festival starts January 30th and runs for 3 months at Kuwait (Mishref) International Fairgrounds on the 6th ring road.


The Grove Market at Al Hamra Tower

Starts Jan 30 - Feb 1, 2014

Desert Camp

Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Improvengers are Back at Live Theater

Tickets from performance starts at 8PM, Live Theater, Discovery Mall Basement, next to Ice Skating Rink, Soor Street, Kuwait City.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Shift Film Night for Charity

Winter Chill-Out at Al Hamra Plaza Tonight


It's great to see more expats blogging about stuff to do in Kuwait to make time here more interesting, worthwhile and fun. This one's particularly handy for stay-at-home moms to keep you and your offspring sane.

Facebook - ExpatFamilyQ8


Calling All Cosplayers - Ask Your Teenager They'll know

Don’t miss the fun, join Q8 Cosplayer on January 23rd & 24th, from 6:00PM – 10:00PM @ freeze club – 360mall – level 3. A lot of Games & Prizes waiting for you.

Facebook - Q8 Cosplayer 

Kids Day Out! Charity Event at Lilly Center, Shuwaikh

Just trying to get a map for you bear with me..Okay here you go map [link]. If that fails go to their website [link].

Monday, January 20, 2014

Organic Rip-Off?

Organic ketchup on the left KD1.250 Versus non-organic KD0.390 on the right. It's your choice...

I'm in Love With My New Gellish DIY Kit

All the SensatioNail™ gel nail polish starter kits contain everything you need to  prep and complete up to 10 salon quality gel nail polish manicures at home; that will last up to 2 weeks with no chipping, smudging, cracks or dulling!

LWDLIK - It's fabulous! Quick, easy, no mess and oh so convenient. If you have someone in the States then get them to get you one from Walmart for $49.98.


One Stop Dry Cleaners, Bneid Al Gar

I really must give a shout out to my regular, local dry cleaner 'One Stop Cleaners' at Tameer Complex, Tower 7, Bneid Al Gar, Blk 2. In the 4 years that we've been using them - I don't 'do' dishdashas or qutras all go to One Stop - they have NEVER ruined anything. Quite a feat considering I've been here 30 years and had loads and loads of clothing ruined, shrunk, shinied, irreversibly horribly pressed and just plain disappear. They are very efficient and very reasonable (downright cheap when compared to UK) and they deliver to the immediate area or at least to me. My husband and I always make out the total is way too much and ask for a discount just to watch the delivery boy get all Indian on us and start telling us in his broken, cute, limited English, "No too much money, many work, good work," whilst shaking his head, waving his hand at us dismissively and tutting at us. Now when we say it he just waves his finger at us and gives us a big smile.

Pants are 500 fils, shirts 750 fils and dresses, jackets KD 1.They never smell of dry cleaning fluid and it's always a great job.

Tel. 55525246/48


Haven't Seen One of These in a Long Time..Thankfully

Spotted dick is a traditional British pudding made from suet, or mutton fat. The suet is mixed with other ingredients, such as baking soda, flour, molasses, corn syrup, or nutmeg. This creates a pastry dough, to which raisins or dry fruit are added, hence the dessert's "spots." The dough is traditionally either steamed or boiled, and is often served with a custard sauce. It has been know to be renamed, Spotted Richard, on menus to avoid embarrassment. :OD 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Hyenas For Sale in Kuwait


Alghanim Automotive Reveal the Award-winning 2014 Corvette Stingray at 360 Mall

Alghanim Automotive is very pleased to announce that the award-winning 2014 Corvette Stingray is here and ready to be revealed!

Join us at 11am on Tuesday, the 21st of January at Auto Moto, 360 Mall to check out the most anticipated car of the year. Should you be unable to attend the reveal, the Stingray will be on display at AutoMoto until the 25th.

This is a public event, so bring along your family and friends. Feel free to share this with your friends if it’s something you feel they may be interested in!


KD Cow The Only Fresh Milk Producer in Kuwait


I was surprised to learn this. Seems there are dairies here with cows producing fresh milk but only KD Cow buys and uses their fresh milk. Good to know.

Also they have free delivery to your door tel. 2467 0088.


Ahhhhh...Chili's Kuwait

This has me drooling! Time for a visit :OD

Locations & Website [link]
Facebook Chili's Kuwait
Twitter Chili's Kuwait


Big Hearted Scots Coming Together to Look for 3 Year Old Mikaeel Kular

Volunteers searching the area for missing 3 year old child.

Over 600 pay their respects at child's funeral

Sadly, little Mikaeel's body was found buried behind Aunt's house. The child's mother has been detained. To read more


Free Printable 2014 Calendar to Help Organise Yourself

Free darn cute PDF 2014 calendar from
This one's mine and no my husband did not buy that fridge magnet..

Saudi Women Forbidden to Use Swings at Park


An image of two members of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice approaching a group of women near a set of swings in a public park in Saudi Arabia has gone viral, reported Akhbaar24 news.

The picture that was shared on social media sites and published in newspapers shows a small group of women sitting on swings approached by some members of the religious police. The religious police told the women to stop using the swings.
The action of the religious police has drawn criticism and support from the public. Some people who saw the picture lauded the Hai‘a for warning the women as using the swing could tempt passers-by, especially men, to harass or attack them. Others criticized the move stating that the Commission was unnecessarily interfering and repressing women.
LWDLIK - Another attempt at removing joy from that dark corner of the world.
Reminds me of a trip to Riyadh many years ago I was there for 3 days and thought on day one that I'd go to the shopping mall next door. I, dutifully, put on abaya and hijab and got just outside the hotel when a mutawa (religious police) yelled at me from across the road, "Ya murra, sharitch"  (Oy woman, your hair) and waved a stick at me. Seems I had a bit of fringe showing. I did an about turn and stayed in the hotel for the rest of the trip and didn't go out again. For my second trip to Riyadh I purchased a niqab as well. Thought my female colleague and I were suitably attired for a trip to the mall....Wrong! Within minutes we were being followed and pssst, pssst at. It took a while to figure out how the hell they knew we were foreigners or what we were doing wrong...... We think it was the painted toenails peeking out from under the bottom of the abaya that sent them wild with desire. No shopping, no further trips to Saudia.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Vendor Opportunities for Al-Wafa Eve Grande Hala February Bazaar

Al-Wafa Eve
Al-Wafa Eve16 January 06:50
Dear all,

2nd Vendors Registration is on Saturday 18th January, 2014 for the Grande Hala February Bazaar.

Registration Venue: Office 3, 2nd Floor, Al-Baghli Tower, Tunis Street – Hawalli.

Telephone: +965-6907-4414 or +965-6066-5338

Full Table cost KD75 - Half Table KD50

15 % discount for multiple tables or invite a friend.

The Hala February Bazaar is unlike any other bazaar. The event is an opportunity for entrepreneurs, small & large businesses plus home-based businesses to network, promote/sell their products & services.

The bazaar is currently scheduled for the Friday 28th February, 2014 at the Holiday Inn, Salmiya.