Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Camel Races

The AMAZING Red Arrows Aerobatic Display in Kuwait...AWESOMENESS!!!

All photos are copyrighted to Lindsey Dunning. If you should like to use the original higher quality photos
kindly contact her


Thank you Lindsey for the  wonderful photos, thank you Jamila and Marina Hotel
for arranging our outdoor lunch with a fantastic view of the incredible Red Arrows air display.
Girlies, thank you for your excellent company on this fabulous, memorable  day.
Love you all xxx


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

There Will be a Civil Defence Siren Test Tomorow at 10AM


Review: Ryoog, Ryoog Let Me Count The Ways I love You :OD

The wonderful Ryoog is located in Discovery Mall, ground floor, tucked away at the front behind information. Another one is in Shaab and has outdoor seating. Super breakfasts and tasty sandwiches. Tried and tested!
Love the light. airy interior with it's fabulous eclectic style

Who doesn't love breakfast pizza?

Wide range of Arabic and Western options

Heavenly waffles with Nutella and berries

One of my favs; fried eggs over mixed vegetables

Indian chai with ginger

Breads, cake and jam

It's in the details - The cash register on the back of this darn cute bright red van.


Jack and the Beanstalk at BSK, Salwa

Monday, November 25, 2013

KES Green Unit Annual Bazaar

Timings should read 9.30AM - 4.30PM. Kuwait English School is in Street 9, Block 11, Salwa. The kids, who have learning difficulties, will be delighted to meet you and sell you a trinket or two and a raffle ticket.

ANZAK Presents Christmas in the Sandbox

Desert Shakti Bellydance Classes

DSB invites you to join her Bellydance classes with Desert Shakti Bellydance. Classes are held during the mornings and evenings.

These classes are to feel good while working out, learning a new technique and meeting other ladies. The classes are based on Turkish bellydance, but the basic technique can be used for Tribal or Egyptian bellydance, it is all about isolating elegantly and effortless.

These classes help you to feel like a diva while bringing out your femininity and your dancing soul. During the morning there is a trial class for free before deciding to join the classes.

You can contact Desert Shakti Bellydance at 96032669 or their facebook page for any questions or interest.

The Adorable John Lewis Christmas Advert

Easy Tree Ornaments to Make With The Kids

Update 3PM Tuesday... The Red Arrows - The British Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team Display

On the 26th November at 3pm, the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team (The Red Arrows) will be conducting a fly past over Kuwait Towers, for the Amir, before heading to Marina Mall to conduct a 20 – 30 minutes Aerobatic Display.

Please spread the word between colleagues, friends and family. For those that wish to get there early, the small beach area between Marina Mall Hotel and Marina Waves Restaurant would be the ideal place to be!


The Go-To Breakfast Solution

When the car's gone to be fixed in the garage because the security moved your car and smashed into another - only the security has no driving license and you haven't the heart to send his sorry arse to the police station. 

When your daughter has used your favourite MAC lipstick and liner and can't remember where she put it. When you wake up and the freezer has a pool of water underneath it and you're scared to use the washing machine because it was beneath the defunct freezer and is also sitting in a pool of water.


Pretend it's your birthday and have a non-fried (let's not get too silly LOL) 'Elvis' toasted sandwich with honey, peanut butter and bananas. Which is what is most definitely called for whilst I wait for the maid to get back from school. MMMMMmmmm!

Aneurism averted for today.

Meet Famous Footballer Michael Owens in Kuwait

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Prosthetic Make-Up & Special Effects Workshops for Adults and Kids

SIK are thrilled to partner with The Performing Arts Centre, The English School, Salmiya to bring Steve Chambers, a leading Special Effect make-up artist, from the UK to Kuwait to lead a series of prosthetic make-up workshops.

January 17th - 20th 2014 - come and learn the art of make-up from an industry profressional.

Book your seat online:

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The BLS Winter Bazaar


Escapade has launched their next trip to hike Mt.Kilimanjaro, which will be held from December 24th 2013 till January 1st, 2014.

This year Escapade will take its participants to Tanzania as a once in a lifetime experience. Escapade is offering the participants to take the opportunity to new heights with some of the most spectacular views that someone could ever see, this life altering adventure to reach the highest peek in Africa, experiencing one of the world's greets outdoor challenges. Register online at is the brainchild of Pink Coffee Marketing and PR that originated from a desire to bring together exceptional individuals who exhibit potential, promise, and passion to excel. is an overseas trip that provides participants with endless possibilities to learn new skills, enhance their capabilities, and to explore opportunities in an enjoyable, safe, and family oriented environment. It brings together people from different fields in pursuit of the same goal-self enrichment.

Participants go on a journey into a world of experience by travelling to countries across the globe – striding through busy streets, climbing up mountainous topography, and crossing vast farmlands, they'll live through a nation's environment and culture. During, we combine elements of adventure, voyage, and knowledge. It is a trip that will wrap stunning scenery, interesting cultures, vibrant history, and city life into one exciting package. A trip that will take participants to some of the most jaw-dropping destinations while offering them an opportunity to meet new people, encounter a staggering array of cultures, and witness some of the most captivating sights.

In addition to the aforementioned, also promotes physical fitness, mental health, stress control, and positive attitude. It equips the participants with vital life lessons in an exciting and interactive way while developing participant’s personalities by teaching them essential lifelong skills.



More Photos of the Storm in Kuwait Yesterday