Sunday, July 27, 2014

FitFootball Summer Camp 3 - 13 Years

We would like to share with you our latest health and fitness camp for kids announcement Attached is a poster that has more details, can you please share this in your social media mediums 
(blog, twitter, instagram...etc) as a form of support? and or send us any process you have.

A brief about fitfootball
Fitfootball camps or FFC
is a series of fitness, health and football camps
which run during the year at different times, catering classes
for; girls and women , men and boys with the aim to spread 
the idea of a healthier life style in a fun, social setting we have been
operating for 4 years at a grass root level.

Upcoming event
August 2014 Camp FFC Kids
Will focus on the development and technique building of Kids
while teaching the juniors the basics of football and fitness, through
fun fitness games, group workouts, football matches and competitions

Class generally caters to three groups (3 to 5 Year old) 
(6 to 8 Years old) and (9 to 13)

Registration is also open for Men and women upcoming camps

Our Contacts
Twitter: @fitfootball
Insta: fitfootball
FB fitfootball

Hot line :90003053

Friday, July 25, 2014

A Fantastic Update from The Operation Hope Appeal

From Sheryll at Operation Hope

Our phone and email has been deluged with inquiries about the three points which I appealed in last week's email.  From there someone placed our requests on Instagram, Twitter and What'sapp.  From there the donations began to pour in - and I literally mean p-o-u-r! 
So, here's where we are, Kim.  The AC's have been purchased by a very generous Kuwaiti lady ... and have already been installed at the Sri Lankan Embassy shelter.  The wheelchair for Syed was also covered by the same Kuwaiti lady!  The donations for Jovineta, the Philippino lady who is paralyzed amounted to more than 500% more than we could have ever expected!!!  On top of that a second wheelchair request was presented to us by one of the Al Eassa Medical Supply Store staff ~ a little boy from the Philippines, whose family have been attempted to save enough for the WC for the past six months... We took that request to another Kuwaiti lady, who immediately covered the cost in full for it! 
LWDLIK - Great news! There are some superheros out there... Whoever you are ladies, YOU ROCK!


Friday, July 18, 2014

Please Find it in Your Heart to Make a Donation to This Very Needy and Great Cause. God Bless You.

Beloved Friends and Family of Operation HOPE Kuwait ~ It is in a spirit of urgency for which this message is penned.  Recently it has come to our attention three urgent needs which your support would make the world of difference.  Please consider supporting one, two or all three of the following requests:
#1) An embassy shelter in Kuwait is without proper air-conditioning.  Currently more than 100 women are living at this embassy shelter, therefore they are cramped and confined to a relatively small living space which is supported by only one AC unit, which is currently not working properly.  Furthermore, one shelter ward was taken to a local hospital for treatment due to respiratory difficulty, which was the result of having inadequate cooling and air circulation.  The summer heat is stifling, and the shelter is in desperate need of our help! This brief message was sent from one of the embassy shelter staff: "there is 1 big hall and 5 adjoining rooms (1 of which is an infirmary). The big hall is cooled with the central AC unit for which they have received an approval of funds from HQ in **** for repair and servicing. They would be happy if we can sponsor the split ACs for the 5 adjoining rooms." A quote of KD 220 per unit X 5 units (which would include installation)  = KD 1,100. 
#2) A domestic worker who was left paralyzed from the waist down has been a ward of Al Razi Hospital since late January 2014.  Her mental health has recently become compromised due to her belief that she will never return to her native homeland again.  She, as a result of the despair she is experiencing, stopped eating more than one month ago, which led the medical team in charge of her care to place a feeding tube into her stomach, where she is provided with much needed nutrition to keep her alive.  Several members of the OH Team visited the patient earlier in the week to assess her situation.  All of us are in full agreement that it is necessary to have her repatriated to her native homeland whereby she will be admitted into a long-term care facility for continued treatment and rehabilitation.  As we discussed repatriation with her she wept openly and begged us to please help her return to her family.  Discussions with her embassy have clarified that her government will cover the cost of medically repatriating the patient, however will need your help for the provision of an air ticket for the nurse escort which will be required for the patient's repatriation.  The cost of the nurse escort on Kuwait Airways is KD 300.  Furthermore, it is our desire to remit funds to the patient's family in the sum of KD 75 each month for a period of 6 months to one year.  These funds would help to support the patient and her family during the difficult transition. 
#3) Syed is a little boy who was born with neurological challenges.  His life has been frought with one hospitalization after another, and one medical treatment after another.  His family contacted OH Kuwait several years ago after a particularly difficult hospitalization, requesting that we consider helping Syed by purchasing expensive nebulizing solutions for their son's recovery of pneumonia.  We agreed to help out with the medical expenses which are not covered under the Ministry of Health for Syed and have done so since that time.  Additionally, an expat family who read about Syed's needs through an OH newsletter offered to help to offset the costs of these medications as and when needed.  Recently it has come to our attention that Syed is in need of an expensive wheelchair which is designed to support his body and head in ways a regular wheelchair can not.  The price of the wheelchair is KD 1,600 and is available only at Essa Al Essa Medical Supply Co. 
No doubt you will agree that these three requests are worthy of your consideration and support.  We, the team of OH Kuwait, humbly request your support on behalf of these three individuals and their families.  Over the years this community has shown great compassion when we have sent out urgent requests for support; we hope and pray this time will be no different. 
If you wish to support one or more of these urgent needs please contact us via email or by phone (9937-5613) at your very earliest convenience.  These people need you... We need you... And we all thank you in advance for your consideration. 
The OH Team and I wish each of you a blessed Ramadan and hope to receive word of your support very soon. 
Sheryll Mairza
Email: "We cannot all do great things; but we can all do small things with great love" 
                                                                             -- Mother Teresa

LWDLIK - I can whole heartedly recommend Sheryll Mirza and her wonderful volunteers. I'm just getting on a jet plane and will be making my donation as soon as I get bank details to do a transfer. Please call for more details. Have a blessed Ramadan and a happy Eid holiday.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Mina A'Salem Hotel Madinat Jumeirah Has 48-Hour Sale Special

Mina A'Salam 48-hour Summer Special
Experience an exclusive room offer with Madinat Jumeirah's 48-Hour Summer Special offer on all new bookings at Mina A'Salam between now and 28 July 2014.

Book your stay in an Ocean Deluxe Room starting from just AED 900 per night, inclusive of:
Early check-in from 10.00am and late check-out until 2.00pm*
Access to a selection of indoor and outdoor temperature controlled pools
Complimentary and unlimited access to Wild Wadi Waterpark
Exclusive access to 2 km of Dubai's best stretch of private beach
Unlimited complimentary access to Sinbad's Kids Club
To take advantage of this offer,
please visit
before 6.00pm on Wednesday 16 July 2014.

Hmmm.. Is a Talent Show Launching at Avenues Tomorrow? Good Luck All

Here's a heads up about an event that's taking place at The Avenues tomorrow at 10.30PM. A launch of something something pretty big. You may have already seen the mysterious installation between phases 2 and 3 (picture above). Well, all will be revealed soon.

It's going to be spectacular, and if you're a fan of 'Britain's Got Talent', you definitely don't want to miss out. 

The First Kuwaiti Female Airline Pilot has an Audience Today with HH The Emir of Kuwait

Friday, July 11, 2014

Another Crazy Dara'a Mission 2014

Well, it's finished and ready to wear this evening. Every year I promise myself I will be well prepared with dara'as for Ramadan and Guirgian and every year I dash around frantically at the last second. The expos were very expensive, Indian Heritage in Souk Safat had a few nice, heavily Indian-influenced dara'as, Awqaf complex had nasty stuff at extortionate prices, so yet again I got the mad crazy idea that I could sew a better one for a 1/4 of the price. And I did. At least I know this one can be dry cleaned without falling apart. Had a bag, for her sweety stash, embroidered with her name (KD 5 upstairs at Souk Safat). We changed our minds a 100 times choosing fabric but in the end my poppet chose well. So if you see a kid out tonight in this outfit ...GIVE HER SWEETS!
Previous DIY dara'a mission [link].

Let it Go Remix - Dad and Daughter Duet in Car


Thursday, July 10, 2014

Buy 2 Get 1 Free at Lakeland Marina

BUY 2 GET 1 FREE ON EVERYTHING except Electrical Items, (Cheapest item will be free) at LAKELAND  Marina Mall Tel- 25757510

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

IFAF U19 World Championship KUWAIT 2014 Canada Beats Kuwait 91-0

Kuwait Gridiron Football.
Contact number:
55601500 , 66135554


Husband Demands Divorce on His Wedding Night After Receiving Compromising Photos of New Wife

Cuts deep: A groom divorced his wife on the spot on their wedding night
after he was sent a memory stick containing compromising photos of he

Via Daily Mail 

Husband demands divorce on his wedding night after wife’s former lover sends him memory stick containing intimate photographs of her. Scheming former lover hid the flash drive in a bouquet of flowers He had the flowers passed to the groom at the wedding banquet after he tried to blackmail bride into staying with him instead.


A newlywed husband divorced his wife before they could even consummate their marriage after her ex sent him compromising photos of her.

The couple had been wed only hours when the groom was passed a memory stick containing the pictures hidden in a bouquet of flowers.

A note told him to look at the contents of the device and, when he did, he found the photographs of his new wife, laid bare and in intimate circumstances.

Muslim cleric Sheikh Ghazi Bin Abdul Aziz al-Shammari told Kuwaiti television news that the groom decided on the spot that his hours-old marriage was over, the website Sabq reported.

'The groom came to see me the next day and he was under strong emotional trauma,' said the cleric.

'It was truly the shock of his life and he could not bear the scandal.'

Sheikh al-Shammari said the bride's former lover had days earlier tried to blackmail her into staying with him, threating to reveal their relationship if she refused.

She told him to get lost, telling him she was to be married and that she wanted to start a new life, become a mother and raise a family.

But her scheming ex-partner found out where the marriage was to be held, bought the bouquet and concealed the memory stick with her pictures inside.

He then took it to the hotel where the couple were celebrating their wedding and contrived for it to be passed to her husband-to-be.

Sheikh al-Shammari, who is from Saudi Arabia, did not give the nationalities of the couple, and he did not say where the events unfolded.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Hyatt Place Dubai/Al Rigga Summer Promotions





Summer Offers and Special Ramadan Buffet Available
DUBAI (July 07, 2014) Hyatt Place Dubai/Al Rigga, the first Hyatt Place hotel in the Middle East and the fourth Hyatt-branded hotel in Dubai, is inviting guests to explore the newest addition to the Deira hospitality scene and discover style and 24/7 convenience, along with every modern comfort expected from a Hyatt brand hotel, with a raft of special promotions and complimentary stays this summer.
Additionally for the Holy Month of Ramadan, Hyatt Place Dubai/Al Rigga will offer a special Iftar buffet priced at 99 AED including juices. It will start after the Iftar prayer time and will feature a variety of Arabic and Indian dishes.
The Summer offers are as follows:
·         Stay 3 nights and pay for 2
·         Stay 4 nights and pay for 3
·         Stay 5 nights and pay for 4
·         Stay 7 nights and pay for 5
·         Gallery Kitchen Breakfast is free with your stay and always has plenty to choose from with hot breakfast items, fresh fruit and more
·         20% discount at Gallery CafĂ©, 24/7 Gallery Market, Coffee to Cocktails Bar and Sunken Pool Bar
·         Complimentary breakfast, lunch and dinner for children* at the hotel
·         Complimentary stay for children*
·         Complimentary access to swimming pool and StayFit gym.
·         A shuttle to Al Mamzar Beach Park is available from hotel grounds
The summer offer is valid from 11th of May to 30th of September 2014. *Maximum of two children below 12 years, accompanied by paying adult(s).

Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Reasons for the Protests in Kuwait

Protests this evening led to violent clashes between special forces and opposition supporters in Kuwait tonight, tear gas, rubber bullets are said to have be used, many arrests made.

Seems the protesters are calling for 'cleansing the judiciary and the government of corruption' also to show solidarity and call for the release of Musallam Al-Barrak, a former MP and opposition leader. Musallam Al-Barrak, who is being detained for investigation at Central Prison, alleges he has documents proving billions of dollars in illicit transfers were made to senior officials, including judges.

Jaber Al Mubarak Al Sabah, the Prime Minister, says Musallam Al- Barrak's documents are of no value and do not pass examination. The PM was quoted in local newspapers Wednesday making the remarks to members of Kuwait's parliament, who called for a discussion of the documents.

The Finance Minister was also quoted saying the documents are difficult to authenticate because they lack important details.

Kuwait's Supreme Judicial Council ordered an inquiry into the serious allegations made by Al-Barrak, who supposedly revealed the documents to more than 6,000 protesters late Tuesday. His opposition group had called for the anti-corruption rallies in the Gulf monarchy.

AP News Source

Last Night in #Kuwait - Peaceful Protest? Or Lethal Force?

Now that is, inevitably, going to really piss off the security forces. 

Just Now in Kuwait City Forces Firing upon Protesters

This is the 4th day in a row of protests in and around Kuwait. Let's hope this ends peacefully.

Warning: Protest March This Evening in Kuwait City

Seems this was accurate - A protest march is planned around the Grand Mosque & Palace of Justice tonight at 10pm. As per our travel advice, we advise UK nationals to avoid large public gatherings.

British Embassy, Kuwait

Thursday, July 3, 2014

First Mobile Veterinary Services in Kuwait

Senior veterinarian Dr Angelo has been operating as a certified vet within Kuwait for the past 8 years and will join Falcon Clinic Mobile Veterinary Services to provide the first mobile veterinary service within Kuwait. They are officially open from Sunday 6th July for advance appointments and bookings please contact us on 51119696.


Wednesday, July 2, 2014

4th July Barbecue @TheSouthernKW

You're invited to our Independence Day barbecue celebration this Friday on our front porch! Starting at 8 pm and ending whenever we run out of hot dogs. So come on down and join the fun!

Website, directions and menu...[link].

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

New Kuwaiti Currency Causing Confusion at Some Retail Outlets.

Actually, it was refused. Because the sales assistants had no clue what it was. So this is a wee bit worrying if the rest of Kuwait doesn't know this is the new Kuwaiti currency. My maid almost threw mine in the bin. I suppose you could insist on them taking your money, after all it's their fault for not getting jiggy with it.

Hello Kuwait, time for a new currency press campaign and quick.

Have just checked Wikipedia needs updating with the new notes, people.

As does Google images

I'm thinking might be best to take the old dinars if you're going to be in Europe or anywhere outside of Kuwait this summer.


Please Give a Thought to All the House Pets About to be Dumped in the Streets.

We are struggling with many rescues & very little help, we need your support to spread the word, we urgently need foster homes, adopters & most of all donations, as we rely completely on donations to help sick and unwanted animals. Please help us, you can take a look at our work here or on our Instagram account @Kareq8. We get many people dumping their pets on us now that it's summer time, the worst is when they say if you don't come take them now we will throw them to the street. The worst thing you can do to a house pet is to throw them to the street, let alone in a weather like ours.

Maha Mullajuma
Head of Kareq8

LWDLIK - Very sad to think that some people would rather throw out their animals than pay for kennels whilst they are away. Check out KareQ8's noble cause and please help if you can.