Thursday, October 27, 2016

Rumour Has It Andrea Bocelli Will Be Performing At The Inaugeration Of Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Cultural Centre

The Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Cultural Centre will showcase performing arts and create a world class theatre quarter in a spacious parkland setting. Together with Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre, it will form Kuwait’s new national cultural district.
The cultural district will include state-of-the-art theatres, concert halls, cinemas, conference and exhibition halls and a library archive. The four buildings will be accessed from spacious entrance courtyards and will sit like jewels within a larger public park.
Complex geometric forms inspired by Islamic architecture will create the richly textured outer skin of each building creating dramatic public spaces below that benefit from the interaction of light and shadow. Visitors will circulate via air conditioned lifts and travelators.
Luxurious, world class buildings beneath the titanium clad outer skin will exude character, drama and a heightened sense of expectation. The wonders will continue inside each building and visitors will find jewels within jewels as they explore the beautifully designed interiors.
The key buildings in the theatre quarter are:
Theatre Centre
Music Centre
Conference Centre
National Library for Historical Documents

Located in Kuwait City near the church and Sheraton hotel. 

How exciting! I am ready to beg, borrow or steal a ticket to see Andrea Bocelli perform there. If anyone wants to unload some tickets please let me know I would be eternally grateful.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Salmonella Bacteria Found in Chilled and Frozen Chickens in Kuwait

As Per Ministry Inspection - chilled and frozen chicken were found to be infected with Salmonella Bacteria & not fit for human consumption. Bu Ali, Naif, Warah brands and the weight and expiry dates are above.


Ali Inspires

AHA moments all over the place. Thank you Ali, Sabika and Kuwaitiful for the share.

5 Napkin Restaurant at Boulevard, Salmiya Invites You To A Spook-a-licious Halloween Themed Night

I've heard the spicy chicken wings are too die for which could well happen on Halloween.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Hope - Energy Healing, Yoga and Free Mammograms at Al Shaheed Park

Baby, Bump and Beyond Q8

Super cute bunting, names and baby gift ideas. A range of colours available.

 Personalised onesies. Available in any font with any writing you would like.

Personalised Newborn Backdrop - perfect for a newborn photo shoot with your little bundle of joy. Available in size A2 - 42cm x 59.4cm and mounted onto foam board.
Chalkboard effect in black, blue or pink. Just send your newborn's name, date of birth, time of birth weight and height and I will do the rest. 15kd - including delivery.

Baby, Bump and Beyond Q8 is on Facebook [link]. Enquiries and orders can be made by calling 60766211.

K's PATH Kids Funday

Register your kids for K'S PATH Kids Funday to be held Thursday 27th October5 pm to 8 pm at National Library of Kuwait auditorium. This is a fancy dress competition where children can dress up as their favourite animal, cartoon character or superhero to win great prizes!
We have lots of fun kids activities like a puppet show, kids crafts, action songs, face-painting and goody bags for all children!
Entry is FREE but you need to register your children. Email or call50209600.
A big thank you to our amazing partners and sponsors who are making Kids Funday possible!:
National Library of Kuwait, our Proud Venue Host;
Fantasy World Toys, our Kids Prize Partner;
Little Bees, our Family Prize Partner. 
Puppet Kingdom, our Storytime Partner;
Funhouse Kuwait, our Kids Crafts Partner;
The Little Gym, our Goody Bag Sponsor;
100% Natural Juice, our Healthy Juice Partner; 
Edible Stop, our Kids Snack Partner;
Party House Events, our Face-painting Partner;
And Brainstem, our Design Partner. 
Hurry! We have limited places in the competition! 

Monday, October 17, 2016

Shock and Horror From Feral Cat Scratch in Kuwait

Today, a dear friend told me a terrifying story of her feral cat encounter on the weekend and it wasn't furry and cuddly. She came home to her building and on entering the building, laden with shopping, she unwittingly got very close to a feral cat who scratched her. It seems the neighbours have been feeding it even though it is not recommend to do this, and this may be why....Rabies and cat scratch disease. 

My friend called her medical student niece who suggested she go and get a tetanus and anti-rabies shots. What! She was worried about this and immediately went to her local polyclinic who referred her to the Al Sabah Infectious Disease Hospital. She promptly went along to IDH and the nurse told her this is standard and necessary procedure here in Kuwait for scratches and bites from feral cats. My friend, now, has to do a course of anti-rabies shots over the next few weeks. 

Weekend well and truly ruined. 

Please don't feed the feral cats near your residence they will come very close to your neighbours (whom they may not like as much as you) and God forbid someone does contract rabies or cat scratch disease. The cats will move on if you don't feed them and fend for themselves away from humans. 

To those who feed the feral cats could you feed them well away from residences please. We have a neighbour who feeds cats outside her door and throws food down from her balcony. They come looking for food when we want to eat by the pool. They will even jump on the table trying to get at the food. She has been asked several times not to feed them by the complex management but still insists to do it. The cats she feeds go and poop right outside my friend's door which is a floor up from this woman. Once my friend had cleaned a mattress and stuck it outside to dry for the day and the cats peed on it. My friend made the neighbour pay for a new one. 

If you really like cats spend some money on them being neutered so they are not breeding like wildfire. They are also carry a number of parasites. worms, distemper. parvo, etc. Which can be deadly to our domesticated dogs and really unpleasant for humans.  I have also been charged at by a hissing, spitting angry mother cat who was in a plant pot as I walked by. If I had been 5cm closer she would have done me some damage. If I have to go for a course of anti-rabies shots my neighbour will be hearing from me.

Please don't get me wrong I love cats and I would never ever hurt one.

Struggling With Teen Obesity

For the past few years I have been concerned about my child's weight, mainly because we have diabetes in the family and the general ill-health that comes from being overweight. It is very difficult to talk to teens about their weight for a few reasons: they do the opposite of anything you want them to do, they are very sensitive. I read a few articles that said not to state the obvious to your child that they are over-weight. Now this I struggled with because you know the kids at school aren't being that considerate of their feelings and so if I now say it's not a problem I look like I'm lying, faking being disingenuous - none of which I am willing to do. So for years I have encouraged my daughter to watch her weight, eat right, exercise and be healthy. I say encouraged but it was not always put into practise by babygirl.

Last weekend we had an incident where I had taken her and two friends out to the cinema. I paid for their tickets, a hefty KD 24. The kids had chosen these seats and deal so I was not going to moan about the price and embarrass them or my daughter. Included in the ticket was a hot dog. This would not be my preferred dinner choice but again this is the deal the kids wanted. I told them that was their dinner (strictly no nachos and cheese) and after the movie we can go for frozen yoghurt. They had 45 mins before the movie was starting and my daughter made it clear that I was not to hang around with them. No problem I would wander around the mall staying in the vicinity.

I had my trainers on so had a good walk around and, for their bad luck, spotted them 10 mins later in Elevation Burger each having a portion of cheese smothered french fries. I was not happy but thought I would deal with it later with just my daughter as the other two were not my kids. The two other kids are very overweight almost double the size of my babygirl. I reminded them to not be late for their movie and carried on with my walk. A friend joined me for coffee and we continued to walk. My kid's movie should have started but who do my friend and I see in the hot dog line 20 mins after the expensive movie started, all three of them. I was furious they were late for their movie that I had paid KD 8 each for and because they were further delayed as they were hell-bent on getting their hot dogs. 

To their good luck the movie they had planned to see was cancelled (they did not know this) and so I got a refund and three free tickets for another movie plus they had hot dogs - thank you Al Hamra Grand Cinema awesome customer service. But I was still seething at the blatant disregard for my request for them to only eat the hot dog and no other crap (the hot dog was more than enough) and I was really upset that they could not get themselves to the movie on time. I hate when people come in and disturb you once the movie starts plus they would have missed 25 mins of it. Grrrrrrr....

After the movie finished I picked them up and took them to Al Shaheed Park which they moaned about but enjoyed it, initially, until I made them walk all the way around it to get some exercise. Teenagers are real moaners. One of the kids was being sarcastic and making disparaging remarks; It was time for a talk.

I explained to the young lady that such negative remarks, bad food choices, lack of interest in doing anything at all were not good for her and that her weight could be making her disinterested, sad and unhealthy. It's a vicious cycle of feeling sad, comfort eating, feeling more sad because of the weight gain. I know this was the problem because she had told my daughter that she comfort eats. It's a heartbreaking situation so quite easily rectified. I offered my help and told her that all three of them should encourage each other to make better choices. 

So, it seems they all hate me now. But I have noticed my daughter making far better choices and even asking me for advice. I told her I am willing to take all three of them to walk, bike or whatever at weekends but something good for their health. I apologised for being so horribly blunt/honest, but I do really hope it works better than ignoring the problem.

We shall see at the weekend who wants to go do something about this and who doesn't.

Parenting sux! I really hope they want change more than they hate me.

ArtSharks ArtHouse Pop Up

Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Red Bull Bar Bahr Returns to Kuwait

The awaited Red Bull Bar will return to Kuwait for the second time on 11 November at the Marina Beach. The championship is the first and only of its kind in Kuwait and the Middle East comprising of teams of two (one Jet Ski rider & one Quad Biker). The qualifier, taking place on November 10th, will make 24 teams eligible to the finals held the following day at 2:30 pm.
The teams will race against each other on their high-powered machines on particularly built tracks on both land and sea. The contestants will have to defy a challenging track of manufactured obstacles such as ramps, mud, bumps and curves. The first quad racer crossing the finish line will run and hand his teammate the key of the Jet Ski in order to start racing on the water.
Quad bikers who wish to participate in this event must have a driving license and own their quad bike while participants of the Jet Ski must possess a driving license from the Marine Sports Club of Kuwait.
The first Red Bull Bar Bahr championship crowned Mohammad Burbayea and Mohammad Al Khulaifi as the winning team. This year, Red Bull Bar Bahr is organized by Basel Salem Al Sabah Motor Racing Club.
Qatari Quad Bike champion Mohammed Bou Issa and Kuwaiti Jet Ski champion Mohammad Burbayea will supervise the competition.
For participation in Red Bull Bar Bahr or call: 67765544

Love Yourself

Now time to move on.. By loving yourself more.

Happy Saturday Peeps

BuggyFitMums Twice Weekly Park Work Out

Friday, October 14, 2016

The British Ladies Society Winter Bazaar

The Mother of all Christmas Bazaars in Kuwait at Salwa Al Sabah Hall, Marina Waves

Pink Saturday at BSK

Chrononutrition of Dr. Alain Delabos

Chrononutrition is not considered to be a diet, but a balanced system of nutrition. It was developed by French doctor Alain Delabos. The rule of such ration is quite simple – any food will be useful, if you use it strictly on time. The hours of food intake are calculated due to the individual biorhythms.
Dr. Delabos has analyzed the dependence of the digestive system of a person on the level of hormones and the production of enzymes, as well as the fluctuations of their indicators during the day. The result of his research has shown that if you eat at certain hours, the body is ready to absorb almost any food without harm to health. At the same time the metabolism is on the proper level, and the lipids are not deposited in reserve. His observations came from old aged pensioners in a retirement home. He noticed the slimmer, healthier ones ate with gusto just not the same foods as the overweight OAPs.

Principles of the chrononutrition:
– the use of sugar is forbidden until 17:00 (this applies to both sweet tea and cakes, as well as sweet fruit);
– breakfast should be large and must not be limited to one cup of coffee;
– the use of white and red meat should not exceed 2-3 times a week. Fish and seafood can be eaten every day, but the best for dinner;
– the menu should be maximally varied and balanced. Thus, it is recommended to alternate the products, so that the body receives the necessary vitamins and minerals;
– you should limit the consumption of bananas, carrots and beets due to the high glycemic index. Seasonings and spices should always be in your ration;
– dairy products should be consumed in small amounts. Choosing cheese, it is desirable to give preference to hard sorts;
– food intake should take place without haste, every 3-4 hours, and no snacking in between;
– fast food, fatty and fried foods (trans-fats) must be strictly excluded from the ration.
– the use of alcoholic and carbonated beverages is prohibited. However, red wine is an exception to this rule. You can afford to drink a glass at dinner two or three times a week.

Chrononutrition is not a strict diet for weight loss, but it helps to cleanse the body of accumulated harmful substances, as well as to normalize the metabolism and digestion. You can not lose weight in a short time using the methodology of Dr. Delabos. It is recommended to adhere to this regime throughout the whole life. However, it is worth noting that you will see noticeable changes in 1-3 months. Of course, it is a long term, but the resulting weight will be optimal for you, and superfluous kilograms will leave you without harm to health.

Time for meals is a strict daily schedule. Only then the chrononutrition brings results and benefits.
Breakfast – from 6:30 to 9:30
Lunch – from 12:00 to 13:30
Afternoon snack – from 17:00 to 18:30
Dinner – not later than one hour before bedtime.

Dr. Delabos notes that you can skip the evening meal, but it is strictly contraindicated to skip the other meals.
This technique is primarily aimed at health improvement, and then – losing weight. You’ll get used to the regime and after a couple of months the body will start to run like clockwork, and extra kilograms will noticeably disappear.

LWDLIK - My BFF's sister has been on this for 3 months and lost 12 kgs, my BFF has been on it 2 months and has lost 5kgs, I've been on it about a week and can feel my clothes are getting a little looser. I also noticed that not having protein and dairy in the same meal felt very comfortable, less bloating and fullness.
I'm convinced that my metabolism has stopped working as I was on a mainly veg diet (apparently cooked veg have higher glycemic value which means more sugar, raw veg need more time to digest perhaps prolonging hunger when coupled with protein) maybe that's why it wasn't working.
Last night another friend told me she went on a 3 day fast and lost zero weight, a shocker, but for older ladies nearing or in menopause we all wonder what the hell happened to the days the weight would fall off easily when dieting. As chrononutrition was founded on observations of OAPs whose metabolism must be a lot slower than mine so I'm even more convinced to try this out - I'm not so religiously committed but have adopted the main concept and I am, so far, quite impressed. 
In short - no dairy and protein in the same meal. Big breakfast, smaller lunch, healthy snack and light dinner. No cakes, trans-fat processed food, no sugar. I am struggling a bit with the timings and no sugar but I'm getting there. The great thing is you do not feel hungry. It seems as long as I have a satisfying healthy meal that I'm not craving sugar as much as before either. Drink plenty of water to avoid constipation (I used to eat fruits in the morning but since cutting them out have become sluggish) and for the last couple of days have lost that foggy headed feeling (could it be sugar causing that, don't know but I'm going to stick it out for a few months and see how it goes). Each time I Google Chrononutrition I find slight differences in what's allowed and what's not but the above is working very nicely for us.

More on chrononutrition 

AWL's Fight Like A Girl Breast Cancer Awareness Seminar at Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel

KTAA Bazaar With Khayt Group at Historic Bayt Al Sadu

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Quote of the Week

Five American Soldiers Targeted in Failed Suicide Bombing – Kuwait Arrests Egyptian Expatriate

The vehicle which the suspect drove and rammed into the pick-up carrying the American soldiers. (inset top) The arrested Egyptian expat (Inset below) Belt and materials suspected to be explosives

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 8, (Agencies) An Egyptian driving a garbage truck loaded with explosives and Islamic State papers rammed into a truck carrying five US soldiers in Kuwait on Saturday, injuring only himself in the attack, authorities said.
The attempted attack is the first by the Islamic State group to target American troops in the tiny, oil-rich emirate that’s a stalwart US ally.
It comes as authorities already increased security ahead of a major Shiite commemoration in the coming days. The state-run Kuwait News Agency identified the attacker as Ibrahim Sulaiman, born in 1988, and published a picture of the alleged assailant in a hospital bed, a bruise beneath his right eye.
KUNA said the five soldiers were not injured. It said Sulaiman had multiple fractures and injuries. It was not immediately clear if the Egyptian had a lawyer.
The KUNA report did not offer a location for the failed attack, though it published pictures of the aftermath of the crash showing a wrecked garbage truck, as well as items it described as a suicide belt loaded with shrapnel. The white pickup truck apparently carrying the soldiers had the left side of its bed smashed in. American forces and others have troops stationed at Kuwait’s Camp Arifjan.
The US military’s Central Command referred a request for comment to US Army Central, based in both South Carolina and Kuwait. The Army did not immediately respond, while the US Embassy in Kuwait City had no immediate comment. Kuwait is a solid US ally following the 1991 American led Gulf War that ended the Iraqi occupation there.
Terror attacks are rare in the emirate, where Shiites and Sunni Muslims largely live in peace. An Islamic State-claimed suicide bombing in 2015 targeting a Shiite mosque in Kuwait City killed 27 people and wounded scores. The extremist group, which holds territory in both Iraq and Syria, did not immediately claim the failed assault Saturday, though the Interior Ministry described Sulaiman as having “paper in his handwriting indicating he had adopted terrorist thought and had pledged allegiance to the group.” Such attacks on US forces are incredibly rare in Kuwait.
In 2003, a former US Army sergeant named Hasan Akbar in the 101st Airborne Division threw four hand grenades into tents in Kuwait as members of his division slept, then fired his rifl e at soldiers in the ensuing chaos in the early days of the American-led invasion of Iraq. He was sentenced to death for killing two soldiers and wounding 14.
A security source revealed that investigation is still underway regarding the incident, affirming the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Sheikh Muhammad Al-Khaled is still monitoring ensuing developments and with every detail related to the vital targets of terrorists and their local and foreign links.
The source explained that part of the issue is linked to the “intentional” traffic accident that occurred on the Seventh Ring Road where police officers found at the scene an Egyptian expatriate with papers that appeared to be written instructions similar to those issued by members of “DAESH” inside the vehicle. During interrogation, the Egyptian confessed having attempted to murder an American residence through the road accident in question.
The suspect also confessed to conniving with four other expatriates, all of them Egyptians, whom the authorities have since arrested. Preliminary investigation showed they were planning to hit several locations of interest of the United State of America, including military camps and that the entire planning had taken place outside the country, said the source.
The same source added that “among the suspects is an Imam of a mosques in Abdullah Al-Mubarak area, and police officers have found in his house materials that could be used in making explosives, alongside instructional booklets on how to make bomb, and description of the plan on targeting foreigners— among them Americans”.
In the same context, eye witness affirmed that police vehicles cordon off Abdullah Al-Mubarak area in the early hours of yester-night, as they manned the exit points to ensure that the suspects were arrested.
Earlier in 2002 ahead of the invasion, a US Marine was shot dead and another wounded in an attack by Islamic extremists in Kuwait, while a police officer later shot and wounded two other American soldiers. The reported failed attack comes ahead of the Shiite commemoration of Ashoura, which marks the death of Hussein, the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad, at the Battle of Karbala in present-day Iraq in the 7th century.
Kuwaiti police have promised increased security ahead of Ashoura. Two Iranians were arrested in recent days for taking “suspicious” photographs ahead of the commemoration.
"U.S. Embassy Kuwait confirms that what at first appeared to be a routine traffic accident involving three deployed U.S. military personnel on a Kuwaiti highway on Thursday, October 6, was in fact an attempted terrorist attack. An Egyptian national deliberately rammed a construction vehicle into a passenger vehicle containing the three U.S. personnel. The Egyptian driver was incapacitated by the impact. The three U.S. military personnel, who were uninjured, pulled the driver from his vehicle, which had caught fire. The perpetrator was subsequently hospitalized and is in Kuwaiti custody."