Monday, April 30, 2012

Is This the Best Makeover Ever?

Linda Owen

Retired teacher, 62, blows £20,000 on surgery to get the face she's always wanted and says 'it was worth every penny.'

Fed up with feeling like a grey-haired OAP, Linda took £20,000 from her pension and spent it on a major image overhaul, including an £8,000 gastric band and £6,500 facelift.

LWDLIK - Money well spent? I think so. 

Deco Expo 2012 at 360 Mall

1 -3 May, 2012 from 10AM -10PM

The exhibition dubbed DECO EXPO 2012, is mainly for home interior design, furniture and accessories, and will kick off its three-day event in Kuwait on May 1st with the participation of 51 companies and designers from inside and outside Kuwait. 

The EXPO will include the elitist of designer companies in furniture, carpets, kitchen accessories, wallpapers, and interior design accessories for houses, the organizing committee for the exhibition said in a statement to KUNA. The statement added the EXPO is in partnership with Smart Home System Company and will include a number of events in art design and paintings by Kuwaiti artists. 

The EXPO will be considered a great opportunity for those who are looking to redecorate their homes, for interior designers or simply adding a few new touches to your home.

Calligraphy Workshop at Amricani Cultural Centre

Starting from Tuesday May 1, 2012, the Amricani Cultural Centre (map) will be hosting a three-day calligraphy workshop by Abbas M. al Dashti. The next two workshops will be Tuesday May 15, 2012 and Tuesday May 22, 2012.

The workshop capacity is limited for 25 participants. Therefore, anyone interested in participating in this workshop must confirm their attendance by registering as early as possible.

Futhermore, participants must bring the following items:

-Glossy papers – A4 size
-Calligraphy pens – size 2 & 3

Please do come and share the experience! Enjoy the excitement of learning a traditional form of art!

This event is for the friends of DAI. If you are not a friend, you can register as one, which is free (without the subscriptions). You can fill the "Friend of Dar" form at the Amricani or al-Maidan (at the latter only on the nights of events). Once you are registered as a friend, you can register for certain workshops by e-mailing Call  22400992 ext 19 for more details.

Dhow Sunset Dinner Cruise

Before the discovery of oil in Kuwait, dhow builders were viewed as one of the major national resources. Kuwait owned over 800 dhows prior to World War I. By 1919, Kuwait had acquired about 1200 dhows of different types and sizes. They were used for fishing, pearling, deep-sea trade, Gulf coastal trade, and the local transportation of goods and fresh water. The purpose and function of the dhow strongly influenced its design and size. 

Join AWARE for a Dhow Sunset Dinner Cruise on Friday, May 25. Time: 5:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. Fee: KD 20 Reservations required, please tel 25335280 as there's limited space. Deadline: 21 May, 2012 (Monday). If less than 15 participants registered, the tour will be cancelled.

Lovely Reviews of the Very Charming Pretty Little Things Expo at Sadu House

I'm still hoping to get along to this expo and was even more encouraged by  these lovely reviews in pics by Crazy Yet Wise Blog and Me Blogging. 

Loveliness by The Yard
Photo by Crazy Yet Wise.

The Wish Tree getting covered in donation ribbons
Photo by Me Blogging.

Ladies Who do Lunch in Kuwait Can Now be Read in the Language of your Choice

However I can not be held responsible for complete gobbledegook so please don't email me complaining - unless it's hilarious! 


Sunday, April 29, 2012

Got Wasta, Save Life - Even if You Are a Kuwaiti

Kuwait Times:

In May 2011, a Kuwaiti couple were advised by a doctor in a private medical clinic to seek better treatment (for their son’s medical condition) from the public hospital that is equipped with more advanced medical equipment. They took his advice, and reached Al-Sabah Medical Zone where they were given a doctor’s appointment for the month of September.
They went to the hospital on time, but were told by the Ministry of Health (MoH) doctor that an error had occurred, resulting in taking an appointment with the wrong clinic. This doctor helped them get an appointment with the right one, and that was for the month of December.
The parents waited, and reached the clinic on time. However, they found that the doctor was unavailable, or so they were told. They were transferred to another doctor who allotted a new appointment date for March 2012 with a “specialized medical consultant.”
Once again, the parents had to wait and then report for their doctor’s appointment. But, yet again, the ‘consultant’ was not available during the time. They waited for an hour and a half until the (supposedly) new doctor showed up and told them that he will allot a new appointment next May at another clinic where they will be given a date for a suitable surgery. This time, the couple were told that fresh appointment will be allocated to them for the morning slot.
The parents, however, decided that they had had enough after nine months during which their child received no proper treatment at public medical facilities. One day, they read a newspaper ad for a new private clinic opened by the same doctor for whom their appointment was six months ago. They called up the number given in the ad, and were soon given an appointment within 48 hours in lieu of money paid equal to child support allowance paid by the government to citizens.
They went to the private clinic, received proper medical care and level of attention that was never seen during the nine month-period they began seeking an appointment at a public hospital.
The consultant said that the public hospital they went to had committed four errors. Firstly, they failed to open a new file for their son’s case before fixing an appointment date. Secondly, they were referred to the wrong clinic. Thirdly, they failed to allot a date for a surgery which is supposed to be given on the first visit. Finally, they allotted an appointment in the morning, usually allotted for non-Kuwaitis. Kuwaiti patients are given afternoon appointments.
The doctor diagnosed the disease properly and asked them to go back to the public hospital. They did so, and were given a date for July 2013. Eventually, the two Kuwaiti parents found a strong wasta (influence) – an expatriate nurse offered to help them reduce the waiting time from 13 months to only three weeks, but of course the offer didn’t come free.
The parents accepted the offer and the child underwent surgery, feeling  ‘grateful’ for the ‘good care’ the Ministry of Health (MoH) administered to their child!  — Al-Qabas
By Waleed Al-Ghanim

LWDLIK - Yep, the health service here is at rock bottom. I am really surprised there is hardly any violence committed at these government hospitals. 
At The Sabah Maternity Hospital recently I was horrified to see how badly treated people are. Foreign maids speaking no Arabic, having no wasta and no clue of the procedures (but then it seems neither do the staff) are ignored, ridiculed and likely to give up before receiving the care they rightly deserve. 
Sad. Very sad! 

Kuwait Oasis: An Impossible Dream Coming True

Kuwait Oasis is an environmental voluntary project which calls on people who go camping during the winter time to plant 10 trees of certain type and irrigate them during the winter season. By the end of the season these tree will be able to survive and year after year our deserts will be our kid’s oasis. This was started back in december 2010 by Khalid Al Kulaib and is growing in momentum daily.
It was a small idea back then and maybe a wild dream, today it becomes true and has turned into a national cause which is supported by many individuals and companies. The first oasis was created in Nuwaiseeb  currently that oasis contain 600+ trees, in the near future it will have 3000+ trees.  Imagine how it will look in 5 years.
If any of you want to participate or support this cause please check their facebook page or follow them on Twitter.
And now see who's also getting involved....
Viva Oasis have plans to plant 3000 trees in support of this project.
LWDLIK - Love it!

"Kuwait Before and After: A Photographic Document” Presented by: Gustavo Ferrari a Journalist and photographer

On Wednesday, May 9, 2012 at 7:00 pm
At the Public Authority of Industry Theater, South Surra – Ministries Zone

Kindly RSVP to

The photographic document is a compelling testimonial document about the aftermath of the 1990 Iraqi invasion of Kuwait and its seven months occupation. A slide show of rarely seen images of Kuwait right after the February 1991 liberation accompanied by the vivid commentary by the author will paint a breath taking picture of the invasion and its effects in the country and its people.

Go to google map and enter: 29.270958, 48.017528. The area is between the 5th and 6th ring and hyw 40 and 50. The same area where the Public Authority for Civil Information is located. If you still can't find it call please at 99399864 for help.

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LWDLIK - No, I'm not selling or buying - just came across this and found it interesting. Domains names are usually free, or a minimum charge, so someone has made a nice little business out of this. As Arabic is phonetic you could spell some of these many different ways.