Sunday, October 28, 2018

A Few Fabulous Halloween Delights at Waleed Toys

They have a couple more things and a lot of Halloween outfits upstairs at Khalid Ibn Waleed Street in the City, same street that KIPCO Tower is on. The ghostly skeleton was KD 18 and the spooky butler was KD 30. I was in love with both of them. 

French Appetizers Cooking Class at Kitchen Story

An informal, tasty and appetizer for all occasions in French style!

It's a great way to have friends over and not feel the pressure to plan a big gourmet menu with formal sit down dinner.

We will prepare some appetizers and drinks together and we will be shown some ideas how to design table.

1-  Verrine betteraves et fromage ail et fines herbes (beetroot and garlic and herb cheese mousse)

2- Bouchées de patates douces et avocat (mini muffins sweet potato and avocado)

3- Feta grillée au sésame et au miel (grilled feta cheese with honey and sesame)

4- Bouchées au poireau et saumon fumé ( mini muffins leek and smoked salmon)

5- Feuilletés aux champignons, oignons caramélisés et gruyère ( Gruyère, mushroom and caramelized onion bites)

6- Bouchées chèvre frais et courgette (mini muffins courgettes and goat's cheese)

dips: - Tapenade courgette et coriandre (courgette and coriander puree(?)) - Anchoiade ( anchovie paste) -Aioli (garlic mayonnaise) - Poivronade (red pepper and feta cheese puree)

and then: Bâtonnets de fromage croustillants (cheese breadsticks) 
November 3 
From 10-2pm
DM @kitchenstorykuwait
Mob 97534242
Reservations [link]

Season Greetings Cooking Class at Kitchen Story

SIK Panto Tickets for Aladdin Are Now On Sale

Done. We absolutely adore the SIK Panto it is THE best show of the year, just so much fun for everyone. Don't miss it. Tickets are available at Take a little peek at the calibre of these shows from a previous year [link]. 

Make Your Own Kimono Robe and Pajama Bottom Workshop at Lynn's Linens

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Halloween Cookie Decorating at Dean and Deluca This Weekend

Bohemian Rhapsody Official Trailer

Coming soon to cinemas in Kuwait [link]. Not sure how much will be cut but the music should make up for it.

Sewing and Craft Classes for Girls

Professional Level on all Fashion Courses from age 15 +
Fees & times vary on each class or course. 

All materials, tools & equipment supplied. 
What’s app for details : 60033022
Classes start November. 

% for charity

Mothers of Angels Pamper Day

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

K9 Cafe Halloween Party

Instagram: K9 Cafe kw

There Are Selfies And There Are Selfies

Bottle Upcycling for Kids

Lubna Olayan The Most Powerful Woman in Saudi Arabia Opens Davos in the Desert

RIYADH (Reuters) - Saudi Arabian billionaire Lubna Olayan said on Tuesday she is confident that Saudi government can resolve the affair surrounding the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

“I want to tell all our foreign guests that the terrible acts reported in recent weeks are alien to our culture .. I am sure that we will go and emerge stronger,” Olayan told an investment conference in Riyadh.

LWDLIK - I have just seen her speech on BBC and thus far I found her rhetoric on the whole Kashoggi murder to be the most rational. Great PR for Saudi. She is a woman, she was without hijab, she is a well educated, a billionaire, 63-years-old,  a mother-of-three, and the CEO of one of the biggest companies in Saudi. One might assume from this that she is able to have her own opinion on the matter regardless of any kind of backlash.

So we now await for Erdogan to make his speech and lay out the 'naked truth' and see how the next stage plays out.

Okay, Erdogan speech over and he really hasn't said anything we don't already know. No mention of audio tapes, nothing new. 

I have spoken to many Arabs about this murder and the general consensus is that it's nothing, and why are the western countries getting so bent out of shape. They refer to the constant murders committed by Mossad in foreign countries that no one seems to be overly concerned about. Israel does what it wants with impunity. And as much as I would like to argue that this is different, is it really? The world is an ugly place and it really is time that we all have respect for all human life.