Monday, May 20, 2019

Review: Dai Forni, Four Seasons Hotel

We booked a table specifying it was for my daughter's 16th birthday and ordered the additional roses for KD 10. One would think that a little extra attention would have been given but no we were assigned a table away from the view and next to the gurgling coffee machine. About 5 window tables have stunning views unless you sit outside which we did contemplate but it was 39 degrees so stayed next to the non-stop coffee machine reminiscent of sitting in a Starbucks. 

Our waitress was fabulous she was articulate, funny and professional. The maĆ®tre d' was unremarkable. We ordered drinks, calamari, minestrone soup, truffle pasta, shrimps and monkfish. The prices are high and we were expecting great things.

Passion fruit cocktail was delicious. Unseasoned bland calamari even the aioli couldn't make it taste any better. Minestrone soup and the bread basket were superb. Truffle pasta was inedible. Shrimps delicious. Monkfish, the weirdest thing I've eaten in a long time it was overcooked and hence on the tough side served with a pea puree (that was not all pureed} and blanched almonds. Blanched almonds which added zero to the already pitiful, expensive dish. Gordon Ramsey would have had a field day.

Unremarkable Maitre d' did nothing except bring out the chef for humiliation. The poor chef apologised and offered free dessert but we had pre-ordered a birthday tiramisu. Zero knocked off the bill. A limp apology from Maitre d' along the lines of blah, blah next time you come. No honey it's now you need to impress there are too many great restaurants in Kuwait to waste another meal at Dai Forni again.

The average dish is priced at KD 16-20 can't remember how much my husband paid in total but way too much.

It's a 3/10 for great waitress service and a fabulous bread basket. PS the roses were wilted.
Shocked at how disappointingly overpriced this experience was.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

AMG Classical Music Charity Concert

Ladies and gentlemen - don't miss this chance to help support orphans created by recent events in Sri Lanka, and to enjoy quartets by Schubert and Dvorak.  Ahmadi Music Group will end its 63rd season this Friday at 8:00 pm with its traditional charity concert, and hopes for your support.  Tickets are here on