Saturday, January 26, 2019

Abandoned Village of 700 Castle Homes

The Burj Al Babas housing development started life with a rather unusual concept - more than 700 identical chateaux (on a small scale, of course) to be built in the countryside of central Turkey, with prices starting from around £280,000. Now the dream of owning your own Turkish chateau is in jeopardy since its developer filed for bankruptcy.

The estate began construction in 2014, and the houses are all at different stages of completion. The developer, Sarot Group, filed for bankruptcy in November with debts of $27 million, according to Bloomberg.

The development would have been quite something, with a central complex including Turkish baths, fitness facilities, sports pitches, a cinema and shops. Sarot Group believes they may be able to rescue it, however, and claim that they only need to sell 100 of the villas to restore the project. So if you fancy living in an oddly Disneyesque new build somewhere been Istanbul and Ankara, there's no better time to buy.

Spongebob Celebrations at Al Kout Mall

Come and celebrate SpongeBob's 20th Anniversary, with live performances on the Ground Floor, activities & fun games on Mezzanine 2.
SpongeBob celebrations are ongoing till 26 January and you can now use promo code: “ALKOUT” for a 20% discount on your Careem rides to Al Kout Mall during the event! Careem 

Spring Craft Market at Promenade Culture Centre

The Spring Craft Market - Supporting local crafters with affordable stalls, donating 6 stalls to local charities to aid their fundraising and all proceeds after costs will go to support local good causes. Email:

The Meeting Point Q8 Food Festival 22-25 Feb

3pm - 11pm Exit 245 Julai'a near Seashell Hotel. Stalls available msg

Friday, January 25, 2019

Kuwait Qualifier Red Bull Car Park Drift

Red Bull Car Park Drift is once again back to Kuwait! The 2019 qualifiers will be kicked off from Kuwait, moving from one city to another, with the Series Final hosted in Istanbul later this year.

For more information, visit

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

IGCSE Mock Exams Compromised

So my kid's school had a situation whereby some exam papers were stolen before the exam. How it happened? And is it fair to make the kids re-sit the exams? Are not important to me. Sadly, this is not an uncommon occurrence globally. What is important to me is that the school deals with it accordingly. 

1. Have the kids re-sit the exams. Sounds good to me, it would be unfair if even one of those kids had gotten an A* from cheating.

2. Investigate and discipline those concerned. Firing any staff or expelling any students involved, making an example of them and sending a clear warning to any who may consider such violations in the future.

3. Ensure that strict measures are put in place to avoid this happening again.

Thank you KES. 

Life is unfair, and rather than allowing my daughter to whine and feel sorry for herself she is back at school today re-sitting Chemistry with the other kids, and Maths tomorrow. 

Yesterday, I was talking to someone who happily told me about a person he used to pay to write his essays, presentations and dissertations to whom he paid KD 20 for his services. Apparently, this is rampant and there are even online websites where you can find someone to hire, just Google 'write my dissertation cheap'. 

We do not live in a perfect world. At the end of the day it is core values that are at stake; avoiding corruption, encouraging accountability and most of all your good reputation and integrity.  A lazy, dumb ass that cheats is still a lazy, dumb ass. Oops sorry no, they are a cheating, lazy, dumb ass. 

Friday, January 18, 2019

31 Delicious Keto Recipes

For my girls and everyone else who's been asking. Yummy chicken breast with spinach and cream above and many, many more [link].  

Thursday, January 17, 2019

The Micheal Gove Annihilation Speech

Great speech. It would seem that why PM Teresa May won the vote of confidence is that the MPs on both sides hate Jeremy Corbyn more than they do PM Teresa May. Plus no one has the balls to take on the Brexit deal themselves. 

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Brexit Deal Rejected By Parliament Just look at That Pound Rise

Awesome Keto Pizza Base

Nothing like a breakfast pizza, this one is a home-made low carb paleo pizza 1/2 and 1/2. Not bad at all. Let me know if you want the recipe any low carbers, keto, paleo people out there. Yes, that's my husband's mug he never let's me use it when he's here but he is in Beirut so 😋 plus it makes him feel closer. ❤️ #keto #ketodiet #lowcarb #paleo #breakfast #pizza Thank you @mrsbossq8 and yes, Mrs Boss is her real name 😁
Will defo be using this recipe to make low carb flat breads and nans.

Thanks to Urban Poser

Full recipe [link]

Kuwait International Arabian Horse Festival

Low Carb + Keto Snacks

Thursday, January 10, 2019

London at Christmas is Everything and More

Gorgeous Covent Garden

Tower Bridge

Tower of London. I managed to drag two young Kuwaiti friends 
along with my daughter to see it 

Carnaby Street

The Reality: Peggy Porschen THE most Instagramable bakery in London 
with a queue around the block
Ya gotta love Soho
This made me chuckle. London already moving on before midnight on NYE
and advertising Valentine's Day.

Mind-blowing fireworks
'Is This Just Fantasy'

It could say, "Have they gawn yet?" But it doesn't.
London was invaded by Kuwaitis this Christmas and this meme made the rounds. The Kuwaitis are very welcome, they are well behaved and spend an absolute fortune. 

Luckily for us Sterling is so low against the Dinar.

Regent Street

Fabulous family memories made at the National History Museum
and Winter Wonderland.

Fortnum & Mason

A wonderful time had by all. The only thing I can not recommend doing at this time of the year is shopping. It was a nightmare. So we didn't, or rather my husband and I didn't, but my daughter braved the queues, bustling and tax-free forms and she loved every second. 

Movies in the Park

Registration required [link]

Exclusive Bee Hive Tours at The Lovely Sadeer Farms, Abdally

Instagram: @sadeer_farms and @justbeekw

Chateau de Chillon


Château de Chillon, aka Chillon Castle, sits just on the eastern shore of Lake Geneva in Switzerland. Chillon is technically an island fortress, built on a small stone outcropping with the lake forming a moat. The castle dates back to at least 1150 when it was under the control of the Counts of Savoy. 
A magical moment from summer 2018 followed by a trip to a chocolate factory.

Monday, January 7, 2019

10 Step Korean Skin Care Regime at Seoul Kool

My darling niece introduced me to this after I complimented her on her glowing skin. She then, very sweetly, sent over a box of goodies from SeoulKool, curated K-Beauty by the lovely Ascia. I've been using it for 3 weeks now and can really see the difference. I have never treated my skin so well and my skin is thanking me for it. I know the 10 steps sounds a lot but you're worth it. 

1. Oil cleanser to remove dirt and make-up
2. Foaming cleanser (Neogen Green Tea is fab)
3. Exfoliator (Neogen Bio Peel Gauze Peeling in lemon are amazing)
4. Toner
5. Essence
6. Serum, Boosters, Ampoules
7. Mask (usually a hydrating or brightening one)
8. Eye cream 
9. Face cream
10. SPF

I'm eager to get down to their recently opened store and stock up on some more goodies.
You will immediately notice your skin looks plump, feels soft and clean. After a week or so it looks clear and more youthful and your make-up goes on easier and way better. Skin looks and feels really hydrated but light, not sticky, just very happy. I'm a convert and have to say this is a regimen that I wish I had done a long, long time ago. And as if you need more than this; it is well priced. Yayyy!

Items can be ordered online and delivered to you via their website Seoul Kool [link] or purchased from their new store, Seoul Kool, which opened today in Sama Mall in Eqaila.

PS. You can start with just a few items and then when convinced invest in the rest. The website and staff in store can help with choosing a plan that suits you.