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What the British Say... And What They Mean ;O)

Itsy Bitsy Hand and Feet Impressions in Kuwait

 Itsy Bitsy Hand and Feet Impressions of a baby are a remarkable piece of memory that can last forever. They capture the detail of each and every wrinkle on their hand and feet. The material used is non-toxic of a high quality.

Each piece is different as each cast of a child with its unique wrinkles represent the baby itself. These beautiful casts come in various designs, framed and the name of the child engraved on a plate.

These artworks can be displayed at your home proudly. It’s a perfect gift for a family member, grandparents or even a friend who is expecting the bundle of joy in their lives.

They are also offering photo sessions of the babies which are included in the price to accommodate the casts. The photos are done by professional photographers.

All  frames are custom made from high quality wood.

Also available are gift vouchers which can be a perfect gift for someone special who has just delivered a baby.

Call 99742117.

Once Upon a Time..A Unique Children's Book Club in Discovery Mall

Had the pleasure to attend the opening of this super new venture at Discovery Mall (next to the ice skating rink, Soor Street, Kuwait City) on the mezzanine.

A chance for your kids to fall (back) in love with reading and books.

There will be:  

- Story telling
- Fun activities
- Singing
- Small science projects
- Arts and crafts
- Book reports
- Mother and baby yoga
- Lectures (Including teaching awareness to nannies ie. how to pack a healthy lunch box, how to engage your charge in reading, learning and activities.)

A wonderful nurturing, safe, educational environment to leave your child in with trained staff.

Beautiful books everywhere.

Story time about 'Blackbeard the Pirate' had the kids enthralled.

And now it's activity time for the kids.

My precious helping the other kids out.

And the finished project; Blackbeard the Pirate.

Their website has the schedule or  you can call 94045500 for more info. 

The Man with 1,000 Stewardess Uniforms

Airline uniforms may not be the fashionista's definition of sartorial elegance but the flight attendant's garb represents the epitome of jet-set style and glamour for one aviation enthusiast.
Cliff Muskiet has been collecting female flight attendant ensembles since the early 1980s and has accumulated over 1,000 outfits and accessories, which he proudly displays on his website
"I love airplanes and everything that comes with it," says Muskiet, who also works as a flight attendant for KLM Royal Dutch Airways.
"When I think of an airplane, I automatically think of a stewardess. When I think of a stewardess, I automatically think of a uniform. When I think of a uniform, I want to have it," he adds.
Muskiet often receives requests to display his collection at industry shows and exhibitions. He says the uniforms offer a window into different eras of style and commercial aviation history.
I love the 1970s psychedelic patterns and color combinations.
Cliff Muskiet,
"You can see the fashion change through the years when you look at the stewardess uniforms," explains Muskiet.
"I love the 1970s psychedelic patterns and color combinations: yellow, red, orange, purple, green, white, blue. Every color was used and everything was possible," he adds.
Over the years, some of the world's most prominent fashion designers have created outfits for airline companies, including Giorgio Armani (Al Italia), Nina Ricci (Cathay Pacific) and Christian Lacroix (Air France), says Muskiet.
But just because big-name designers put their names to particular items it doesn't mean that the uniforms they produce are always a work of beauty, he explains.
"Yves Saint Laurent, for example, has made beautiful clothes for women, but the uniform he designed for Qantas in the 1980s was so horrible," says Muskiet.
Muskiet highlights 1970s uniforms from Japan Airlines, El Al and Iberia as some his all-time favorite items.
He says the combination of aesthetic style and neat accessories, as well as the embodiment of the carrier's national identity -- although this is not absolutely necessary -- can all be important factors in creating a uniform that will resonate.
"Look at Emirates, they wear a Western uniform and the color is horrible," says Muskiet.
"But the red hat with veil is eye catching. The veil is that national identity as well as the color of the uniform: beige is the color of sand."
Muskiet says his collection will continue to grow for as long as airlines are willing to let him get his hands on their attire. In doing so, he hopes to preserve and further chronicle the historic link between airlines and the styles they continue to spawn.
"There has always been something glamorous about aviation and airline fashion," he enthuses. "These two go well together."

Facebook Campaign Mattel to Make Beautiful, Bald Barbies for Children Dealing with Hair Loss

Four-year-old Genesis Reyes lost all her hair after battling cancer. Her plight inspired a Facebook campaign called "Beautiful and Bald Barbie! Let's see if we can get it made." Well it looks like her prayers have been answered. After receiving more than 150,000 "likes" in less than four months, Mattel announced that it will create the bald dolls.
When Genesis lost her hair, she told her parents that she did not feel like a princess anymore. The parent of another child, who had cancer and was being treated at the same hospital as Genesis, asked her close friend, who just so happened to be the CEO of Mattel, to make a one-off doll for Genesis.
When Beckie Sypin and Jane Bingham heard about Genesis's heartbreaking story, they were inspired to create the Facebook group to get Mattel to manufacture the dolls for children dealing with hair loss. The bald Barbie dolls will not be sold in stores, because Mattel says it does not want to profit from them. Instead, the dolls will be distributed throughout the U.S. and Canada to hospitals treating children for cancer. The Barbies will be outfitted with hats, scarves, and wigs that can be interchanged for different looks.
In addition to the Facebook campaign to get the hairless dolls made, there was also a petition started on to get 35,000 signatures for a bald Barbie. So far, the petition is only 182 signatures shy of its goal.
Mattel is not the first company to create bald dolls for ailing children. In January, Bratz and Moxie dolls announced their line of "True Hope" dolls for both boys and girls.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Texting While Walking Claims Another Victim, Woman Falls off Pier


As reported by an ABC news affiliate in South Bend, Indiana, a woman named Bonnie Miller fell into a river connected to Lake Michigan while she was attempting to walk along a pier and send a text message at the same time. Miller was strolling along the pier with her family and realized that she had to correct an appointment time via a text message. As she was writing the text message, Miller didn’t pay attention to how close she was to the edge of the pier and ending up tripping into approximately six feet of cold water.

Miller’s husband and a 19-year old bystander jumped into the water to help her reach a ladder that led back to the top of the pier. A police officer also used a flotation device attached to a rope to help guide the group to the ladder. 

And here goes another down a flight of stairs..

And you thought texting whilst driving was dangerous.

DIY Cake Stands

* Flexible tape measure
* Painter's tape
* Scissors
* E6000 glue
* 3 plates (small, medium, large)
* 2 2 3/4-inch egg cups
* 30 minutes (plus drying time)
* $16 per stand
Photo: Burcu Avsar
STEPS (clockwise, from top)
1. FIND plates in the same color family.
2. PLACE an egg cup on the center of the top of the large plate. Using the tape measure, confirm that the egg cup is properly centered on all four sides, then mark the location with painter's tape (as shown). Repeat with the bottom of the small plate, and with both the top and bottom of the medium one.
3. APPLY a thin layer of glue along the top ring of one egg cup. Place it directly onto the center of the medium plate's underside. Repeat with the other egg cup and the small plate. Let dry for 24 hours; remove the tape.
4. APPLY glue to the bottom rim of the egg cup that is attached to the medium plate, and affix it to the center of the large plate. Repeat with the small plate (as shown). Let dry for 24 hours; remove the remaining tape. Et voilĂ .

"No Religion is Higher than Humanity" - Abdul Sattar Edhi

What an incredible human being. Abdul Sattar Edhi, 84, gave up everything to devote his life to helping Pakistan's poorest. From standing on the foot paths to beg for the poor, to establishing Pakistan's biggest network of shelter homes and ambulance service, this is the selfless journey of a true living saint.

The First Medical Directory Free iPhone/iPad App in Kuwait

I found out about this new free iPhone app Alsihha, on BananaQ8's blog, it is the first application in Kuwait that was developed to help people find all the information they need related to the health sector.

BananaQ8 installed the app on his iPhone and learned that it provides information about public and private hospitals, pharmacies, dental centers, spas, health clubs, doctors, latest news and health advice. It can help you locate the nearest health service provider to you, it also supports both Arabic and English languages.
To get it Click Here

LWDLIK - Have just downloaded it myself it's easy to use and is going to be very useful. Could do with telephone numbers for the doctors or their clinic. Big thumbs up.  Many thanks BananaQ8 and

Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Young Drivers Programme Using Electronic Cars at The Car Museum

O4G1879  Catch em young and watch em drive!   Car Museum City promotes safe driving practices amongst youth

KUWAIT: The Car Museum City in Shuwaikh is pictured. — Photos by Yasser Al-Zayyat

Kuwait Times - If you’re 16 and can’t wait to get behind the wheel (without getting behind bars) here’s some great news. In a country where the legal age to drive is 18, Car Museum City in Shuwaikh, could give future drivers a good idea on what to expect by the time they are old enough to get their driving license.
The main idea behind this was to teach youngsters about traffic rules, and the basics of safe driving. “The City aims to spread traffic awareness through an entertaining program. The participants will later respect the traffic rules and apply safe driving on real roads,” explains Director of the Car Museum City Ahmad Al-Anezi.
Part of the Historical, Vintage, and Classic Cars Museum in Shuwaikh, the Car Museum City has 20 Full Car vehicles in four different colours available for visitors to drive. The vehicles are electronic and have speeds which are controlled by a computer. Around 16 male and female instructors are available to train children to drive responsibly. The cars are safe and suitable for the differently-abled, especially since it can be stopped by the instructor at any time. This Museum City was built and designed according to international measures and technology using the highest standards.
“In order to let young visitors enjoy the simulated experience in a way that is similar to real driving, the tracks of the City have been designed like real streets with all the details,” Al-Enezi explains. He adds that the traffic signs, car parking, public transportation, pavements, green spaces, and traffic signal lights allow the participants to learn traffic rules and safe driving in a simple and exciting way.
The program starts with a registration procedure, where parents register their children’s names by filling out the application form and attaching their photograph. After watching a short documentary film, the child is ready to get started. The documentary, Al-Enezi explains, includes the rules and restrictions of driving in the Car Museum City, along with instructions to control the car.
The next part of the program is practical application, which is 15-minutes long, depending on the participant. “The participant will have the opportunity to drive the car with an instructor who will test them to determine what they have learnt. If the participant passes this test successfully, he will then receive a membership issued by the Car Museum City similar to a driving license. In case the participant fails, he receives another chance to come later and repeat the test,” he pointed out.
The Car Museum City has not been launched officially. Its soft opening took place on January 1 this year.  Al-Enezi explained that the official opening will be held soon. According to him, the City began operating early because it wanted to provide better services. “We also take opinions and suggestions from visitors to improve our performance. We are also increasing the levels of difficulty so as to offer more activities for visitors,” highlighted Al-Enezi.
According to Al-Enezi, seven vehicles can be operated at the same time. There are about 180 visitors pouring in every day. On Saturdays, the number of visitors reaches nearly 400.The individuals can come without making a reservation as we have a waiting list. Therefore, it would be better if a group from any school, embassy or institution makes an advanced reservation,” he added.
The vehicles in the museum were granted by HH Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammed Al-Sabah. The Car Museum City is open from Saturday to Thursday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm, and from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Entry and all activities are free of charge. Children above the age of 10 are allowed to take the cars for a spin.
By Nawara Fattahova, Staff Writer

Prada Profits

Have just seen on the news that Prada's profits have risen by 72% which means when the going gets tough, the rich go shopping.

OMG WOW!.. Just Love These Moments..

Fun Run on World Health Day

On April 7th 2012, the run starts at 9.00 am from Messilah to Radisson Blu Hotel - 3km race. Radisson Blu will provide transportation from Radisson Blu Hotel to Messilah, please be at the hotel by 8.15 am. It's World Health Day on April 7th and it's their way of spreading the word - to be healthy and keep fit :-)

Juicy Couture Mid Season Sale at 360 Mall up to 50% Off

DAI Junior Docent Programme for Students Between Ages 13 – 16

Information Meeting

11 April at 7 PM
The Warsha
Amricani Cultural Centre

The two year programme (September 2012 – June 2014) is designed to help your child develop personal abilities, including:

• leadership skills
• team work
• problem solving
• public speaking
• time management
• study skills
• perseverance
• creative thinking

This will be accomplished while they complete, with help from DAI professionals:

• 15 hours of docent training
• 18 hours of art history education
• 66 hours of docent work
• 12 hours of introduction to six aspects of museum management
• 12 hours training in one of the following: acquisitions, collection management, conservation, museum management, exhibition presentation, or museum education
• 12 hours training in another of the following: acquisitions, collection management, conservation, museum management, exhibition presentation, or museum education
• the preparation, implementation and management of an exhibition

So whether your child is into arts and culture, science, or just interested in something fun that looks good on a university application, you should consider encouraging him or her to join the DAI Junior Docent Programme.

SlimKicker - Weight Loss & Exercise Programme Free App in a Facebook meets Weighwatchers Fun Style


SlimKicker is a weight loss game and online program that keeps you motivated and accountable while achieving your goals. It's free and fun.


iTunes phone app
Good luck Christine and friends.

Quote of the Year

Easter Egg Decorating

Seems Easter Sunday will be on 8th April, this year so plenty of time to get yourself organised for egg decorating fun. For those who've never done this before (c'est moi ) here's a great little site [link] that covers A-Z of egg decorating. Don't forget to boil egg first :O) It's fun to have an Easter egg hunt with the painted eggs at the park or in your garden. Good place to get the fluffy bits and googly eyes is in Salmiya at Barakats (near Winner restaurant) or beneath at the many sewing accessory shops. Have fun.

An Organised Tour of the Impressive Arab Fund Building with AWARE Center

07 Apr 2012,  at 9:30 am

This tour is a marvel of innovative architecture displaying modern technology combined with traditional artisan craftsmanship from Tunisia, Syria, Morocco, Egypt and contributions from Kuwaiti designers. This tour meets directly at the HQ. Cameras are welcome. Advance reservations are required please contact  AWARE Center.

LWDLIK - A good opportunity for a guided tour of this remarkable building. My previous post on the Arab Fund Building.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

JetBlue Flight Diverted After Captain's 'Erratic' Behavior

(CNN) -- A JetBlue flight bound for Las Vegas made an emergency landing in Texas on Tuesday after the captain acted strangely, was locked out of the cockpit by his co-pilot and was wrestled to the ground by passengers, witnesses and authorities said.
The plane's co-pilot, concerned by the "erratic" behavior, locked the door behind the captain when he left the cockpit during the flight, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.
Passengers described to CNN what happened next.
"The pilot ran to the cockpit door, began banging on it and said something to the effect of, 'We've gotta pull the throttle back. We've gotta get this plane down,'" said Laurie Dhue.
Passengers Paul Babakitis, left, and Tony Antolino helped subdue the distraught pilot.
Passengers Paul Babakitis, left, and Tony Antolino helped subdue the distraught pilot.
"At that point, the two flight attendants tried to subdue him, and then seemingly out of nowhere, about six or seven large guys stormed to the front of the plane and wrestled the captain of the plane down to the ground and had him subdued in a matter of moments. It was really like something out of a movie," she said.
Amateur video of the incident showed a commotion as several men were moving in the aisle. A voice, purportedly that of the pilot, can be heard.
"Oh my God. I'm so distraught!" he shouts. The voice mentions Israel and Iraq.
In another video, passengers appeared to be standing over something, or someone, presumably the subdued pilot.
Paul Babakitis, another passenger and a retired New York police officer, said he was one of the men who helped wrestle the captain to the ground.
"I felt if he got in the cockpit, he was going to try to take that plane down, and not for a safe landing," he said.
Law enforcement met the aircraft, cuffed the pilot and took him off the plane, Babakitis said. Video showed someone being carried off the plane in a sort of chair.

Witness: Fliers 'wrestle' JetBlue pilot

Passenger describes chaos on flight
"I'm not foreign to situations like this, but I don't expect them at 30,000 feet," he said.
Babakitis and some other passengers reported hearing the captain say the word "bomb" at one point. However, passenger Jason Levin said he did not hear him say that.
Levin was sitting in the front row of the plane, full of people on their way to a security conference, when the pilot came out of the cockpit.
"It just seemed like something triggered him to go off the wall. He would be calm one minute and then just all of sudden turn," he said. "If it was going to happen, it happened at the right time and the right place."
Passenger Tony Antolino hailed the co-pilot as a hero.
"The co-pilot of the flight, he really I think is the hero here, because he had the sense to recognize that something was going horribly wrong and he was able to persuade the pilot out of the cockpit," he told CNN's "Piers Morgan Tonight."
Jet Blue Flight 191 left New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport at 7:28 a.m.
"At roughly 10 a.m. CT/11 a.m. ET, the pilot in command elected to divert to Amarillo, Texas, for a medical situation involving the captain. Another captain, traveling off duty, entered the flight deck prior to landing at Amarillo and took over the duties of the ill crew member once on the ground," JetBlue said.
The crew member was taken off the plane and transported to a medical facility, it added.
FBI Special Agent Lydia Maese said the FBI responded to the incident and is coordinating with Amarillo and airport police, the FAA and the Transportation Safety Administration. She declined further comment, saying an investigation is pending.
Everything considered, passenger Antolino said he felt thankful. "This could have had a horrific outcome."

LWDLIK - As if we aren't spooked enough by flying now we can worry about whether the captain took his meds or not. WTG Jet Blue crew and passengers.