Thursday, December 29, 2011

25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 4.5 Mins

I'm loving this gal she's like a female Gok.. 10 essential closet items..

Thank you Linz xx Now I really must go pack..

Goodbye 2011

Bazaar Magazine FB page kindly reminded me of this fab song but IMHO this is a much better version. Adele is best raw :O)

Happy New Year Everyone!


Wishing you all, from now, a very happy new year full of love, peace, good health and happiness. Hopefully, we shall be in Dubai watching the amazing fireworks, water and fire show at Burj Khalifa and too busy ooohing and ahhhing to post or send msgs :OD See you in 2012, let's hope it's a great one for all!

Bloggers Gathering Meeting & Open Day

Found these and thought they might be of interest to the younger bloggers out there.
More info at

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Kuwait's 5th International Islamic Art Convention

Kuwait's 5th International Islamic Art Convention at the Grand Mosque, opposite Seif Palace daily from 9AM-12 Noon and 5PM-9PM starts Dec. 25 - Jan. 7.

Arabic Calligraphy workshops and an exhibit.

Palestinian embroidery

Origami tesselation by an Italian who once visited and was inspired by Al Hamra in Spain.

Bisht weaving

My precious pumpkin's beautiful batik. Thank you to the lovely, interesting Malayasian ladies of Lyanne Batik - it was a very enjoyable time for us.

Babygirl stencilling a cloth bag with designs commonly used in Islamic art.

The event is free, as are all the workshops. Sadu House has children's weaving workshops from 5-8PM, there are daily calligraphy workshops for adults at 7PM and children's workshops and fun craft things to do all day and under one roof. Dar al-Athar also have a booth there and will be showcasing their children's workshops on Saturday morning.

It was much smaller than I expected but my daughter and I did enjoy ourselves especially the calligraphy work, the batiking and the messy stuff. Be warned there are paints and glitter glue everywhere so dress the kids accordingly ;O)

KD10,000 Required for Self-Sponsorship

Kuwait Times
Published Date: December 27, 2011
By Ben Garcia, Staff Writer

KUWAIT: The Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor (MSAL) has proposed that an expatriate can apply for self-sponsorship provided they possess a minimum of KD10,000 in their bank account.
To read more...[link]
LWDLIK - Actually, this is already in place for some nationalities. I have two friends that sponsor themselves, both are Brits.

From Coco with Love is Back!

Yet another stunning collection of vintage and rare Chanel jewelry. Join them for the unveiling of the collection on Monday the 26 of Dec, 2011 at Le Blanche Gallery located in Mishref Block 4 Street 2 House 6. The exhibition will take place for 2 days only (from 4:00-9:00pm on 26 and 27 of Dec, 2011) for further information and inquiries feel free to email them as: or follow them on twitter: @fromcocolove or FB page: From Coco with Love - for the latest updates <3

Monday, December 26, 2011

Things-to-do in Kuwait on New Year's Eve - List by Social Slave

Many thanks to Social Slave Blog for allowing me to repost for you the detailed list below, they will be updating so check back with them if you are here and looking for a place to spend NYE.

Failaka Restaurant
- Special New Year’s Buffet
- KD12 per person + 15% service charge

Phone: 23931000

Soul and Spice Indian Restaurant
- Set Menu with Welcome Drinks
- Live Music
- KD20.000 per person + 15% service charge

Phone: 22997000

Al Ahmadi International Restaurant
- Dinner Buffet
- Live Music & DJ
- KD18.500 per person [all inclusive]

Viaggio Italian Restaurant- Special New Year’s Set Menu
- KD16.150 per person [all inclusive]

Rib Eye Steak House
- Special New Year’s Set Menu
- KD16.950 per person [all inclusive]

Sakura Japanese Restaurant
- Dinner Buffet
- KD14.150 per person [all inclusive]

Al Noukhaza Seafood Restaurant
- Seafood Buffet
- KD17.950 per person [all inclusive]

Shabestan Iranian Restaurant
- Special New Year’s Set Menu
- KD15.950 per per son [all inclusive]

Ayam Zaman Lebanese Restaurant
- Special New Year’s Set Menu
- KD16.950 per person [all inclusive]

Phone: 1848111


Teatro International Restaurant
- Dinner buffet with whole roasted turkey, several live cooking station, chocolate fountain and more
- Live music and traditional countdown
- KD23.000 per person [all inclusive]
Ying Yang Asian Restaurant
- Special New Year’s Set Menu
- KD20.000 per person + 15% service charge

Phone: 22256222


Al Diwan Restaurant
- Open Buffet
- KD 17.000 [excluding drinks]
Tang Chao Restaurant
- Special New Year’s Set Menu
- Gift for everyone
- KD18.000 per person [all inclusive]

Phone: 25760000

La Brasserie Restaurant
- Dinner Buffet
- Live DJ
- KD20.000 per person + 15% service charge

Phone: 22455550

Al-Marsa Restaurant
- Special Menu from Dec 25th – Jan 1st
- Order any medium fish, grilled or fried and get complimentary baby lobster with small bowl of lobster bisque soup
- KD12.500 per person [excluding drinks]

Phone: 22510999

Breeze Restaurant
- Special New Year’s Set Menu
- Live in-house musician
- KD20.000 per person [all inclusive]

Phone: 22253100

Bays Restaurant
- Special Dinner Buffet
- Live Music
- KD23.500 per person [all inclusive]

Al Dente Restaurant
- Special New Year’s Italian Set Menu
- Live Music
- KD23.500 per person [all inclusive]

Cuts Restaurant
- Special New Year’s Brazilian Set Menu
- Live Music
- KD23.500 per person [all inclusive]

Phone: 24610033

The Rangoli Restaurant
- New Year Buffet with Sparkling Juice
- KD15.000

Phone: 25673000


Six Palms Restaurant
- International Buffet Dinner
- Live Oriental band
- KD20.000 per person [all inclusive]

Atlantis Restaurant
- Special New Year’s Set Menu
- Western music
- KD22.000 per person [all inclusive]

Phone: 22230030


Palmerie Restaurant
- Special Dinner buffet with beef fillet carving station, turkey carving, sushi & Mongolian station, desserts and 1 bottle Sparkling juice
- Gifts for each couple
- KD30.000 per couple [all inclusive]

Tagine Restaurant
- Moroccan special set menu with 1 bottle Sparkling juice and desserts
- Gifts for each couple
- KD40.000 per couple [all inclusive]

Phone: 1824060 – 25646266

The Silk Road Restaurant
- Dinner Buffet
- Live Music
- KD20.000 per person [all inclusive]

Phone: 25766666


New Year’s Eve Special
- From 8pm–1am
- Set menu
- Special Gift: 2 airline tickets to Europe for 2 persons
- KD15.000 per person

Phone: 25723083 – 25723084
New Year’s Eve Special
- From 9pm–12am
- Set menu
- Non-alcoholic Champagne and dessert
- Live DJ
- KD20.000 per person

Phone: 25710004

New Year’s Eve Special
- Dinner Buffet
- KD5.950 for adults & KD3.950 for kids

Phone: 25744442

New Year’s Eve Special
- Grand Buffet
- Live music & DJ
- KD15.000 for adults & KD6.000 for kids

Phone: 25750647

Or buy some illegal fireworks (most bakalas seem to have them or know where you might find some), camp out in the dessert with friends and BBQ.

Or hire a boat with friends (they are some for hire down next to The Sultan Centre restaurant on the seaside in Shaab) and go for a cruise along the coast.

Or stay in and watch all the other countries ring in the NY with their firework displays on TV and order yourself dinner from your favourite restaurant via

Happy New Year All! 

The Call of Time, Understanding the Present & Creating the Future

Free of charge and promises to be inspirational!

You are warmly invited to an informative talk, meditation experience and a music recital

The Call of Time
Understanding the present, creating the future

By BK Jayanti
Wed, 28th Dec from 7 - 9pm

JW Marriot Hotel, Kuwait City (Jahra Hall)

Have you noticed that time seems to be moving ever faster? It is urging us also to move at an increasing pace just to keep up keep up. In the process we are losing our peace of mind and happiness in life. We are experiencing stress and turbulence on a personal, family, and world-wide scale.

What can we do to help ourselves maintain stability and a sense of calm in our personal lives?  And what is required to become calm and peaceful in these times of upheaval?  What is time calling us to do right now?

Our Special Guest Speaker is BK Jayanti, European and Middle East Director of Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University.  She has over 45 years of Raja Yoga meditation experience and has travelled to over 100 countries around the world promoting the message of peace.

BK Jayanti will discuss some of the deepest questions that arise in us as we witness the current state of the world. The programme offers a unique opportunity to explore the challenges and the opportunities we face right now, so that together we may come to a better understanding and begin to forge a better world.

Translation is available in Arabic

The event is FREE OF CHARGE and organised by:

T:+965-2565 4062

Can You Believe This is a Beach in Kuwait?

Shameful! Thank God for people like K's Path.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Review: The Pantry - Positively Perfect Pecan Pie

The only piece I have left of the magnificent pecan pie..

  • Our menu includes:

    Cakes: KD
    Cinnamon Cake...................10.5
    Pumpkin Cake.....................11
    Caramel Crumble Cheese Cake..9.5
    Carrot Cheese Cake...............8

    Mini Cakes & Cookies:
    Mini Chocolate Delights...........8.5
    Sticky Date Pudding..............10
    Chocolate Chunk Cookies.........5/dozen
    Double Chocolate Cookies........5/dozen
    Toffee Biscuits......................6.5

    Pies & Tarts:
    Key lime Pie..........................9
    Lemon Pie............................9
    Pecan Pie...........................13
    Chocolate Tart.....................11
    Apple Crumble Tart.................9

    Gourmet Bread (by the loaf):
    Zaatar Bread.......................2.5
    Olive Bread.........................3

    Kindly note the following:
    1. Minimum order is KD 5.
    2. Orders below KD 10 will be charged a Delivery Charge of KD 1.

    General Information:
    - All our products are made by hand either on the day or a day ahead.As such the final product will vary every time.
    - The pictures on our Facebook page are for illustrative purposes only.

    - All our products are best consumed on the day of purchase.
    - All products should be stored in air-tight containers.

For scrumptious cakes, cookies, pies, freshly baked bread and more, text 90001769 for orders. Email: . Facebook Page: The Pantry. Twittering @thepantrykw.

The lovely lady at The Pantry sent me an email about her bakery asking me to review it. To which I sent my usual reply: thank you but should let you know that will only give it a recommendation if it's worthy but would email her back my honest opinion.

Well, no need to email her anything the pecan pie she sent me, for my Christmas soiree last night, was superb. And much kudos to Manar who rose to the occassion and was only very slightly worried when I told her one of my guests was a Bostonian WASP. And as a baker myself my standards can be abnormally high. 

But 10/10 to The Pantry. Loved their attitude and desire to have the most honest of opinions. I think this little business is definitely on the right track. Great quality and super customer service.  

Now my only dilemma is whether to eat this little piece of heavenly pie before my husband gets up or to wait and share with him? No, urge too great, need pie :OD

Update: Happy to hear they have opened in Salhiya Mall.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

50% Discount Off Villa and Chalets at Sahara Kuwait Resort offer valid on weekdays. Reservations 1840084.

Pizzetta Cooking Competition

Care to compete in Pizzetta's cooking competition & get your dish featured on their menu?! Head to Pizzetta or Prime & Toast to apply now! Hurry because they are collecting the applications Sunday the 25th!

All Things Sweet, Cute and Christmassy at The Chocolate Bar


Happy Holidays cupcakes can be ordered in regular or mini size, in all the flavors The Chocolate Bar offers. Decorated cookies can be made with sugar cookies, chocolate cookies or gingerbread cookies.
TO ORDER: 22253396
-Cookies .750 fils each
Mini KD 1.500 each
Regular KD 2.000 each

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Www.Punchbowl.Com: A Super Easy, Non-Irritating E-Invites and Occasion Cards Website

My fav new fab, free website of the month for all savvy hostesses (hopefully that must be me too now :o) is For sending out lovely e-invites and cards to guests and friends. The invitees can RSVP immediately and you can view/manage/print out the guest list and see who's attending and who's not, a to-do list, pot-luck list and more. It's too darn cute!

Monday, December 19, 2011

We Are Toast!


As you may already know it's a constant battle to get my darling babygirl to do her homework. So revising for end of term exams was excruciatingly painful. I was sure 'we' would fail year 4. But bless her cotton and polyester socks - she did pretty well. She was so pleased with herself especially when she handed me the Term 1 Best Speller certificate and said to me very smugly, "And it's laminated!" :OD

So yesterday, we were off shopping early morning but she had forgotten to get the money off her Dad that he had promised her. I told her not to wake him but she explained to me that it's ok, he likes her to wake him up. Knowing that my husband can be a bit grumpy if woken up I asked how she wakes him. She said she kisses him on the head and says I love you Daddy. So I agreed to let her try. She held on to the bedroom door ready to enter, swung her hair back, looked at me and said, "Showtime!."

See what I mean we're done for - and she's only 8 :O( 

Chai Al Daha @ Sadu House - A Fabulous Review with Lovely Photos by Ansam518

Beit Al Sadu organized a Chai Al Daha (morning tea) last Monday as an open day to welcome designers, textile enthusiasts, and everyone interested in Kuwaiti traditional weaving.

It will be a weekly event taking place once a week; day time and evening time the following week and so on.

Dana I and went together… we’ve been invited to almost all events, so we would always arrange to go together – she’s a great friend + amazing company ;) Lucky me

The reception area is spacious and calm… love the arrangements of seats – some are on display for sale

The staff of Sadu House were serving Arabic coffee nonstop – and it taste SO GOOD! I had like five cups, the last two I asked for them to be filled up!

In the reception area they displayed some of the items available at the house for visitors to view, read, and know more about them

This piece is made by the talented Hussam AlRushaid! The patterns on it is painting… but it was with 3D effect… as if it was embroidered on the tin itself

Lots of books on display about weaving in Kuwait and in other countries

Some of the new colors – used in weaving at Sadu House

A display of the sources of natural dyes… such as pomegranates, henna, saffron…

A piece made with those natural dyes

I have also noticed their newly designed calendars for 2012…. this time they are selling them for KD3… money goes to support Beit Al Sadu itself, which is a non-profit organization and the weavers that work there

Show your support and get one… you can find them in Sadu House Gift Shop, 52 Degrees, and The Scientific Center… I hope we can find more vendors that are willing to help out and sell it for them

May of course ;)

Moving on… Dana and I were walking around when we saw our friend Mrs. Bibi AlSabah.. who took us into a tour with all the details of the house itself.

Let’s go have our Chai Al Daha now… shall we?

The gathering was in the open area on the other side of the house… right next to their Gift Shop

I believe it is also the same area where you can register for workshop and talk to the staff in their office…. check out the display on this table, Children Workshops pieces

Tea on charcoal braziers – perfect for this weather

It was a nice gathering with lots of guests from all around… Kuwaitis, non Kuwaitis, males, females…. very friendly atmosphere and the staff/volunteers are so kind and helpful

Loved the display of items… check out this basket made of palm fronds – Khous (سلة خوص) used for fresh mint leaves to go with your hot BBQ tea ;)

That’s the covered area part were we sat in and discussed many things….

Lots of yummies served for everyone there; rahash (sweet sesame/tahini squares), darabeel (dry Kuwaiti style cinnamon rolls), samsamiya (sesame squares), cheese rolls, za’atar mini pies… and more

The covered area we sat in was decorated with the modern colored sadu piece

One of the weaving ladies

We also met one of the gentlemen there who is an expert in making those baskets

He said he would always travel to Bahrain to get fronds from there and his sister would modernize those pieces with crochet…. just like this piece next to him

Oh and this is the Sadu House portable gift shop to look for when in 52 Degrees and The Scientific Center… or any events they participate in ;) Love the design

For more on Sadu House or Beit Al Sadu you can check out their website (link) – LIKE their Facebook Page for updates and/or follow them on Twitter @SaduHouse.

LWDLIK - Many, many thanks to Ansam for allowing me to share these lovely pics and repost this here.  My hope is that more people will visit and enjoy the very lovely Sadu House.