Friday, April 30, 2010

Welcome to Kuwait Pocket Guide and Visitor's Guide

If you are not armed with one of these amazing guides yet..It is time to make the investment. Why? Plain and simple, it is almost impossible to have all this information available in one easy, convenient place.  The pocket book is good for car or handbag. The Visitor's guide is a lovely coffee table book which makes a perfect gift for visiting family, friends or guests. The guides were lovingly compiled by Eric Tan whose love of Kuwait and ability to include just about every possible detail that a visitor or resident should need  makes this an interesting and essential item.

Can be found at Virgin, Marina Crescent and Jarir Bookstore, Hawally.

Sartoria Italia presents Castelli Art in Kuwait from May 8-12, 2010

In line with its cultural roadmap, Sartoria Italia will introduce a series of artistic activities in collaboration with La Bottega delle Arti. These activities are aimed at building cultural bridges between our close societies. Through this inaugural event Castelli in Kuwait, they will be showcasing a distinctive collection of artistic sculptures, uncommon and unique.

May 8 at 7.00 p.m.
Opening of the Exhibition in Arraya Centre by H.E. Enrico Granara, Italian Ambassador in Kuwait and
Sheikha Mounira Saoud Al-Jaber Al-Sabah. Presentation of the artists and cocktails.

May 9-12
Open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

LWDLIK- Castelli is a hill town and commune in Teramo province in the Abruzzo region of central Italy. The hillside town lies within the Gran Sasso National Park beside Mount Camicia and on the eastern side of the Gran Sasso Massif. Castelli is famous for its ceramics which were collected by the nobility of Europe for centuries and which were at their pinnacle in the 16th century.
Today, Castelli is a favourite destination for tourists and art lovers; it hosts an art institute and ceramics museum.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dream Big, Dream Silver..

My friends, husband and I had the absolute pleasure of spending an evening on this magnificent luxury yacht yesterday with some family and the owners. It was a memorable evening, a short cruise along the Kuwait coastline and a tour of this jaw-droppingly, gorgeous super yacht.

Hanseatic Marine’s M/Y Silver is certainly a head-turner. It’s innovative design by Espen Oeino breaks the trend of wider yachts with exceptionally slender lines that almost make the vessel look like a pointer from an aerial view. However, this sleek silhouette certainly doesn’t take away from the yacht’s classic sophistication and elegance.
Why the narrower design? Despite its 240-foot (73.3-meter) length, the Silver can reach speeds of 27 knots powered by its two 16V-4000 MTU engines. In this way, the Silver harks back to the fast, sleek boats of the earlier part of the 20th century. Of course, the design also allows the yacht to go where most yachts its size cannot fit. Additionally, the owner wanted the vessel to be environmentally conscious. He was adamant that the design be both unique and reliable. Achieving all of these goals in one yacht – speed and long range, large size, fuel-efficiency, as well as aesthetics – was quite a challenge. In fact, some enthusiasts wondered if Oeino could actually pull it off.
But the yacht was carefully tested at the Krylov Institute in St. Petersburg, Russia and at SSPA in Sweden. Even at 240 feet, the Silver’s beam is only 33 feet for an unusually high length-to-beam ratio. The vessel is also very lightweight at 540 tons with an aluminum hull and superstructure. It avoids gas-turbine propulsion systems but boasts a surprising transatlantic capability of 22 knots.
Even the building of the Silver was unique. When a deal fell through with Western Australia’s Austal, a designer and manufacturer of aluminum yachts and ferries near Perth, the owner created Hanseatic Marine. He employed some former employees of Austal, as well as one of the company’s subsidiaries, Oceanfast. While the Silver was being built, there was an enormous amount of secrecy about it, which caused a great deal of speculation and expectation. When the yacht was finally launched, it did not disappoint, and it was clear that it had earned its title of superyacht.
While the interior was designed by Silverstrin of Munich, Germany, the style is modern Italian that is a bit minimalist. Nevertheless, it maintains a warm and welcoming ambience. Designed with entertaining in mind, the Silver was built to SOLAS (Safety Of Life At Sea) passenger ship classification and classified by Lloyds. With one master suite, five doubles, and two twins, the Silver can accommodate a staggering number of people – up to 18 guests and 16 crew members.
Cutting-edge lightweight materials, custom-made white carpets, widescreen satellite televisions, wifi Internet access, marble floors, innovative lighting, white leather couches, and an extensive use of glass are themes throughout the vessel.
A triple-deck yacht, the owner’s suite is on the top deck and features panoramic windows that face front, an ensuite bath, and a raised king-sized bed. There are also two walk-in wardrobes and raised square sinks with American walnut veneer cabinetry. A long table in the salon serves all 18 guests. Also on the top deck is an aft foredeck and lounge with four white tables and white leather built-in couches. The aft outer deck can be used as a disco.
On the top deck with another built-in L-shaped white leather couch, a small walnut veneer table, and a Jacuzzi. There are numerous other lounge areas, including four breakfast tables and a forward area that can seat more than 20. There are two areas that can turn into a cinema – the salon on the main deck and the upper sun deck.
The walnut veneer continues on the lit staircases between decks. On the main deck are two VIP suites and an office with its own bathroom that can also serve as an additional suite. The lower deck contains four staterooms. Two of these have Pullman berths, and each set of two suites can be combined for a larger guest accommodation, one on the port side and one on the starboard side.
A helicopter can land and lift off from the yacht in an emergency, and swimming from the boat is quite easy due to the large aft swimming platform. Two jet skis and rescue craft can also be boarded from the swimming platform, and two 23-foot tenders are stowed inside the bow.
Other features of the Silver include zero speed stabilizers and flared bows that make for unusually dry decks. The yacht contains a large garage which includes diving, fishing, and watersport equipment, as well as a bar, sauna, and gym.
After the success of the Silver and now that the owner has his own yard, Hanseatic Marine is planning additional innovative yachts.

LWDLIK- I'm in just have to find a few million KD.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Q8 Rowing Competiton

Kuwait Hilton Resort 30 April. For more info email or check their site [link]

Holding on to the Past: Kuwait Traditions

 3-5 May at the Modern Art Museum

The photographic exhibition is a visual documentary depicting the past Kuwaiti household activities prior to 1950. The photographs were processed in sepia tones on canvas to give a then a more aged feel.
The pictures are a cultural project and are the property of the Kuwait University so they are not for sale.
Photographs by Yvonne Pepin-Wakefield, Sarah Al Otaibi and Farah Hamed Khajah.
Click pic to enlarge for details.

Modern Art Museum (Sharqeya School)
This is a lovely new museum of modern painting and sculpture by Kuwaiti and Arab artists. Originally opened as a boys’ school in 1935, then a girls’ school in 1938, the National Council for Culture Arts and Letters reopened it as a museum in 2003. It is located directly across the Gulf Road from Souq Sharq near a large dhow. It is free and open Saturday to Wednesday 0900-1300 and 1700-2100. Very informed and friendly tour guides who speak English are available. 22468348 / 22468354 / 22468401 ex 105 or 115.

Big Sale

25%-50% off everything at A2Z Homestore, Shuwaikh for 3 days only.
Starts 27-29 April. Store open from 9am-10pm. Tel 24847180, 24847129

LWDLIK-It's rare for them to have a sale. Checked it out, bought a whole load of stuff (some of which I don't need) but I did get most at 50% off  :O)

What to do with Al-Majadi?

Karim Al-Majadi was arrested for distributing CD’s on the holocaust and since his release six days ago Al-Majadi has been on a hunger strike. He has tried to discuss the matter with Parliament and was ushered out twice. Asked why he was arrested Al-Majadi explained he distributed CD’s on the holocaust to students at AUK which alerted security officers who called the police. He disclosed that he was instructed to sign a pledge that he would not distribute CD’s without a license and not to express his opinion on the matter.
He has pledged to stay on hunger strike until he gets an apology from the MOI and AUK for violating his freedom of speech.

LWDLIK- The holocaust is not widely believed in this area of the world. Many Arabs think it is a Jewish lie. My personal opinion is that if the Germans were so meticulous in documenting everything and those documents are available for verification and if the Germans apologized for the holocaust, then how can it not be true.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Football everywhere … a dream that is becoming a reality.
Three years ago Q8Fields embarked on a journey to bring the people’s game to every neighborhood in Kuwait. Today, with multiple facilities in operation or under construction, they are edging evermore closer to their goal.
Equipped with state of the art football turf 12 fields offer players of all ages an unmatched safe and pleasant environment to practice their number on sport
Lights, electronic scoreboards, parking areas, spectator seating, washrooms, drinks and snacks, footballs and air pumps, on-line booking, centralized reservations telephone number, etc. All contribute to making your football experience an enjoyable and memorable one.
[link] or [link]

Verdi's La Traviata at Movenpick Bida'a on 22nd April

Started late which almost had my dubious husband ready to run. The weather whipped up some very annoying wind that interfered with the acoustics :O( The waves were crashing loudly, which normally I would love the sound of but that night it got more irritating by the minute. The canapes were scarce and not impressive. The performers were good but sadly the unpredictable weather of April was a formidable enemy.
I hope European Chamber Opera will return one day and perform in the new opera house that is scheduled to be built.

Small to BIG program by VIVA

but it's not enough. You lack the skills, the experience, and the resources. We do not offer you all that; however, we promise you a chance to apply to a program that will provide you with the essential tools and knowledge to help you further develop your business. Our program will give you a chance to meet people who are in your current position as well as others who have been in your shoes but walked a rough way to get where they are with their successful businesses. It includes activities, classes, outdoor fun and much more. If that appeals to you, you're probably serious about your business, so go ahead and apply. Seats are limited; the sooner you apply, the better your chance of admission! [link]

Locations: May 12th to May 14th at Marina Hotel from 6 PM- 9 PM
May 15th at Hilton Mangaf from 11 AM- 6 PM
T: +965.246.13.750
F: +965.246.13.748
M: +965.656.23.474

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Angry Kuwaiti Islamists disrupt Sri Lankan celebrations

A massive Sri Lankan celebration was interrupted after angry Kuwaitis claimed it violated Islamic rules.
The ambassador, seeking to end the deadlock peacefully, urged his compatriots to cancel the celebrations while the police said that the Sri Lankans had all the necessary permits and did not break the law.
More than 5,000 Sri Lankans, including K.S.C. Dissanayake, Sri Lankan ambassador to Kuwait, had to leave the Jahra stadium after Kuwaiti Islamists invaded the field and pressed organisers to suspend the celebration and threatened to escalate the tense situation.
Negotiations between the event organisers, the police and the angry Kuwaitis failed to reach a compromise.
The protesters said that the presence of men and women at the stadium and the playing of music on a Friday afternoon made the celebration “unacceptable” for not respecting Islamic values.
The ambassador, seeking to end the deadlock peacefully, urged his compatriots to cancel the celebrations two hours before schedule and to vacate the premises.
The police said that the Sri Lankans had all the necessary permits and did not break the law.
Sri Lanka is organising on Monday a “Sri Lanka Culture Week” in Kuwait to help promote the country as a tourist and cultural destination. The event is hosted by Kuwait’s National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters and co-sponsored by the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau and the Sri Lankan Airlines.
A 28-member cultural troupe will perform 'Sri Lak Rangana', a fusion of historical and contemporary dance forms.
The week will also feature a handicraft exhibition of products, bronze items, masks, gems, jewellery and other ornaments while a food festival will introduce Sri Lankan cuisine to Kuwait residents.
As reported in Gulf News.

LWDLIK- If the Sri Lankans had permits then does this mean those particular Kuwaiti antagonists causing a disturbance were breaking law? Intolerance and taking the law into your own hands is a dangerous combination.

Bollywood dance classes in Kuwait

With special care and interest in the youth to provide them variety of activities that match their different interests, LoYAC has decided to venture a professional teaching by starting Bollywood Dance classes.
Choreographer: Vibin John
Dance Form: Bollywood, Hip Hop, Freestyle
•Adult Ladies (20 -27 years): Sunday 6 -7 pm
•Teen Girls (13 – 19 years): Sunday 7-8 pm
•Teen Boys (13-19 years): Saturday 3- 4 pm
•Mothers & Kids (7-12 years): Thursday 6- 7 pm
•Adult Ladies (20 – 27 years): Thursday 7 – 8 pm.
Venue: LoYAC – Bayt Lothan
Contacts: Hyatt Al Sayegh
Tel: +965-25723606 Ext. 108
Fees (for a 6 week membership):
•Adult Ladies: 48 KD (2 hours a week)
•Teen Girls: 18 KD (1 hour a week)
•Teen Boys: 18 KD (1 hour a week)
•Mothers & Kids: 36 KD (1 hour a week)
Glance on Bollywood Dance Form:
Hindi dance songs are now widely heard around the world. They first became popular among overseas Indians and were eventually discovered by others. The filmy music and dances in Bollywood films are a synthesis of formal and folk Indian traditional music and dance traditions, with the infusion of Western techniques. The Bollywood dances have evolved as a unique and energetic style. Since they are group dances, they are often used as joyful exercise music. The choreography of Bollywood dances takes inspiration from Indian folk dances (like Kathak, classical, Punjabi) as well as disco mixed with hip-hop, free-styling and contemporary.

LWDLIK- Not sure what 'filmy' is? But the dance lessons do sound like a fun thing to do and my daughter just loves Hindi films and Hindi dancing.

The Bag Lady

Peruse at leisure on her facebook page [link]

Friday, April 23, 2010

U.S. Embassy Beach Cleanup Day!

Date: Saturday, April 24, 2010
Time: 9:00am - 11:00am
Location: Starting from the Green Island and ending at the McDonalds Salmiya

Join the more than one billion people in 190 countries that are taking action for the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day! Volunteer your time for the U.S. Embassy Beach Cleanup Day.This event is co-sponsored by the Kuwait Voluntary Work Center. Gloves and garbage bags provided.

ZAIN CITY April 22nd- May 1st at Mishref fairgrounds, Hall 8.

Limited edition Blackberry in new colours KD39...Terms and conditions apply.
Check out their brochure there are some bargains to be had..[link]

National Vaccination Campaign against Measles, Mumps and Rubella

Ministry of Health have launched the National Vaccination Campaign against Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) for children age 1-7 year from 18-29 April 2010, from 5-10pm except Fridays and Saturdays at your local polyclinic (you can check the link below for more details). MOH strongly urges all parents (citizens & residents) to escort their children (either fully vaccinated or not) to nearest vaccination center making sure to bring their vaccination certificates.
For more info [link]

LWDLIK- Please check the link and tell me if you think the last pic of mum and child is appropriate ;O)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Welcome to

As in Old McDonald had an apartment..full of doggy, kitty, fishy, reptilian goodies to order online and have delivered.

This website was first thought of over 2 years ago when a Westerner (who owns cats) and a Kuwaiti (who likes to make things easy in life) were ordering 6alabat with a meowing cat in the background. Feeling too lazy to go out to Sultan Center to buy the kitties food we thought "wouldn't it be cool to have a 6alabat for pets" and so the website "eeeyeoh" concept was born. We hope to make people's lives and owning pets easier for people in Kuwait. [link]

What A Month!

Moved house, dearly beloved elderly one undergoing traumatic surgery, best friend's mother died here in Kuwait and sweet friend having problems with her pregnancy after she's already been through a very harrowing, sad time :O( Rushed my daughter to Amiri hospital at 2AM with a cut on her head after falling out of bed and our trip to UK, for brother's wedding, is in jeopardy due to weather conditions over Europe. Anything else?

Verdi's La Traviata today at Movenpick

The scheduled performance for the evening of Thursday April 22nd will go ahead. A very small number of tickets are available for this performance. These can be purchased at the hotel front desk. As you are probably aware the Tuesday evening performance had to be cancelled because the opera company were unable to leave the UK. However, an additional performance has been scheduled for the evening of Friday, April 23rd. All Tuesday evening ticket-holders are being given priority for this performance and are being contacted. If they are unable to attend a full refund will be given. There are additional tickets available for sale for the Friday performance. These can also be purchased at the hotel Front Desk. The price is 27.500KD, including welcome canapés from 6pm. The opera will start at 7pm and finish at approximately 9.30pm. This open-air performance of Verdi’s ‘La Traviata’ is a unique event for Kuwait and I am delighted that it will take place here at the hotel. Thank you for your understanding and continued support of the hotel.

Gary Moran
Movenpick Hotel Bida'a.

Monday, April 19, 2010

June 2010 events in brief

1,2,3- Italian Furniture Exhibit at Salwa Sabah Al-Ahmed Theatre, Salmiya 10am-10pm
1,2,3,4,5- Outlet 2010 in Hall 5 at the Kuwait International Fairgrounds in Mishref
5- DAI's Children's Workshop presents 'Fables for Friends' 11.30am at Dar Al Athar
8- 'Tribal Carpets of Iran and Afghanistan' at 7pm in Sadu House
10- Zain Photography Competition ends. 'My name is Khan' movie free showing at Aware Centre 7pm
11- Gypsy Passion (flamenco dancing) at The Kuwait Little Theatre, Ahmadi curtain up 7.30pm
12- World Environment Day 5-8pm at The Scientific Centre
18- Bhasma Festival 2010 at 6.30PM on June 18th, AIS auditorium in Maidan Hawally
19- until July 29th 'The Proteges  Mentor Programme' starts. Neuro-training free presentation at Al Zohair Holistic Center in Salmiya- from 6 pm till 7 pm. World Environment Day 5-8pm at The Scientific Centre
20- World Peace Meditation Hour 7pm-8.30pm on the roof of Zumereida Bldg, Gulf St., opp Salwa.
28- LoYAC Summer Work Program 2010 for kids

Beauty and the Beast on stage

The British Academy of International Arts is proud to present the stage production of ‘Beauty and the Beast’, which will take place from Thursday 13 May to Saturday 15 May in the Shakespeare Theatre,  British School of Kuwait. There are five performances of Beauty and the Beast as follows;

Thursday 13 May: 18.00
Friday 14 May: 14.00 (Matinee) and 18.00
Saturday 15 May: 14.00 (Matinee) and 18.00

May 2010 events in brief

2- Octium Jewelry event at 6 pm- 10 pm and then 3-5 May from 10am-10pm
3-   Holding on to the Past: Kuwait Traditions til 5 May at Modern Art Museum.
5-   Dar Al-Athar Famous Opera Duets for Soprano & Tenor at 7pm
6-   Live Country Music, Azzomurada (Al Zumerida maybe) Bldg., Bida'a Gulf Road, at 7pm
10- Global  Day Carnival at GUST 10th and 11th of May from 12-10pm,
12- Small to BIG program by VIVA 6-9pm til May 14th at Marina Hotel
13- Beauty and the Beast on stage at BSK 13-15th May
14- Red Bull Car Drifting Competition from 2:00pm  at Jaber Al Ahmed International Circuit, Farwaniya (6th ring road). AFL Quiz Night  6.30pm at Movenpick Bida'a
15- Small to BIG program by VIVA at Hilton Mangaf from 11 AM - 6 PM
17-19 Internet Marketing Seminar 6-8pm
18- Mamma Mia at KLT in Ahmadi curtains open at 7.30pm runs til 28th
22- Galia YaQ8 Expo Courtyard Marriot, Al Raya til 24th. Harmony House presents 'Power of a Still Mind' at JW Marrioitt 7pm-9pm


The Protégés is a summer program designed to help those charismatic young ones (aged 16-24 years old) with leadership skills to gain the knowledge they lack, improve skills they may or may not have, and experience something new and adventurous for the first time. The program will be a series of fun activities, workshops, games and much more guided by talented individuals who are highly successful in their careers.
The goal of the program is to create a better Kuwaiti future inspired by the beautiful past, a future where leaders are qualified, knowledgeable and deserving.
The duration of the program is 6-weeks starting June 19th and ending July 29th.
Registration has already started on their website and at booths located in universities. Through a filtration and interview process the most qualified 25 applicants will be accepted. Good luck!
Facebook page:

Mentors from left to right;

1.Meshari Al Mufareh
2.Yarub Burhama
3.Rana Al Khaled
4.Shamlan Al Bahar
5.Bedour Al Shebli
6.Reem Al Hunaidi
7.Aziz Al Adwani
8.Hamda Al Yousef
9. Hamad Al Sayer
10.Abdulla Al Essa
11.Abdulaziz Al Loghani (Not in picture)

To view their interesting profiles go to The Proteges website [link] scroll down and click on the individual's photo.

LWDLIK- It's great to see Kuwait and Kuwaitis showing a real interest in the youth here. Bravo! Good luck.

La Traviata on 20th April at Movenpick cancelled due to the weather over Europe :O(

A Training Forum & Exhibition

A Training Forum & Exhibition will be held from April 18 to 20. The exhibition includes training courses and diplomas in business, public relations, banking and finance, marketing, languages and IT. In addition to small projects initiator's consultation. Seminars and workshop sessions will also be held throughout the exhibition hours in a side hall of the exhibition.
Due to the prevailing economic recession; if you are looking for a job, starting new project or would like to enhance your skills, the exhibition will take place in Movenpick Hotel, Conventions Hall and Q8CV will be there at booth #9 with more than 350 vacancies, so good luck for all :)
Doors open, 10:00 am to 1:30 pm and from 4:30 pm to 9:00 pm
Phone: 24917595/6 - 99933518

LWDLIK-Thanks to

Proposed Metro map for Kuwait

Click to enlarge

Saturday, April 17, 2010

The storm

Thanks Ziad and the person who shot this.

The Sharper Image® Travel Charging Valet

 Are there three electronic devices you can’t live without on any given day? Of course there are. Keep them all charged and ready with the Portable Charging Valet from The Sharper Image®.

LWDLIK- Only $39.99! Ok but what is that little blue thingy on the left.

Countertop Toothbrush Sanitizer

Don’t brush your teeth with yesterday’s germs. The Toothbrush Sanitizer and Storage System destroys 99.9% of the germs living on your toothbrush – using the killing power of ultraviolet light.

LWDLIK- I had no idea I needed one of these and now I realise that I can not possibly live another day without one..I miss The Sharper Image. [link]

British Airways Flight 9 is the main reason why all flights were cancelled in Europe

British Airways Flight 9, sometimes referred to as the Speedbird 9 or Jakarta incident, was a scheduled British Airways flight from London Heathrow to Auckland, with stops in Bombay, Madras, Kuala Lumpur, Perth and Melbourne.
On 24 June 1982, the route was flown by a 747-236B registered G-BDXH. The aircraft flew into a cloud of volcanic ash thrown up by the eruption of Mount Galunggung (c. 180 km south-east of Jakarta, Indonesia), resulting in the failure of all four engines. The reason for the failure was not immediately apparent to the crew or ground control. The aircraft was diverted to Jakarta in the hope that enough engines could be restarted to allow it to land there. The aircraft was able to glide far enough to exit the ash cloud, and all engines were restarted (although one failed again soon after) allowing the aircraft to land safely.
248 pax and 15 crew lived to tell the tale. This is the [link] for the rest of the story.

The best fashion guide in Kuwait

without a doubt is

Love this dress....

The Grace Kelly: Style Icon Exhibition at the Victoria and Albert, London

17 April - 26 September 2010

The spectacular wardrobe of Grace Kelly will be on display at the V&A. Tracing the evolution of her style from her days as one of Hollywood's most popular actresses in the 1950s and as Princess Grace of Monaco, the display will present over 50 of Grace Kelly's outfits together with hats, jewellery and the original Hermès Kelly bag. Dresses from her films, including High Society, will be shown as well as the gown she wore to accept her Oscar award in 1955. These will be accompanied by film clips and posters, photographs and her Oscar statuette. The display will also include the lace ensemble worn by Grace Kelly for her civil marriage ceremony to Prince Rainier in 1956 and 35 haute couture gowns from the 1960s and 70s by her favourite couturiers Dior, Balenciaga, Givenchy, and Yves St Laurent.
To see what's also being exhibited at the V&A [link]. Go on.. go lose yourself for a day at this wonderful museum.

Fashion Show and Charity Event

AWARE & Kuwaiti Youth Volunteers present:
Fashion Show and Charity Event " Reflections of Who We Are-Unveiling the Fashions of the Middle-East”
(All proceeds will be donated to Animal Friends League)
Thursday, April 22, 2010
Venue: PAAET College, Adaliya, block 4, opposite the 3rd ring road.
Tickets: 1KD (Available at AWARE in Surra)

Holy Moses!

Kuwait at 7.51am in complete darkness.

Same view 20 mins later after the strange occurence.

It was a very bizarre experience. I had to check the clocks three times as I really thought it was still the middle of the night. A friend called me at 7.52am also wondering what on earth was going on? We think it may have had something to do with the volcanic ash as it was too dark for just dust. Reminded me of the days after the liberation of Kuwait. Glad it's gone..

Friday, April 16, 2010

Nice to see the tigers enjoying the entertainment

Tuesday, March 30, 2010. A tiger jumps to catch a Chinese circus performer, clinging on to a ladder above the tiger den at a zoo in Changzhou in east China's Jiangsu province. Authorities cancelled the performance amid wide criticism following media exposure.

LWDLIK- And before the tigers snacked on circus performers...

Al Kout festival at AUK on April 21-22 from 12 noon-7pm

AUK hosts the second Al-Kout Festival as part of the Arabian Heritage Project, a research, archival and outreach center dedicated to promoting and fostering the heritage of the Peninsula and related cultures.

Schedule of events can be found at [link].

Thank you Anonymous :O)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Kuwait Turtle Conservation Project

Kuwait hosts two species of nesting turtles on its offshore islands Qaru and Umm Al-Maradim. Green turtles and hawksbill turtles nest on one and the other respectively in different times of the year and their offspring emerge from the nests to reach the Gulf Waters and ensure the circle of life of a very important animal is ensured. Possible presence of the loggerhead and leatherback turtle is being researched. Environmental laws in Kuwait, as in many other countries, prohibit any sort of disturbance of these animals or their hatchlings.

But why is it important to protect sea turtles? Why are nations worldwide creating strict texts of conventions and legislations in a common effort beyond borders to ensure their survival? The answers are not difficult. Many decades of scientific research and constant monitoring have proven that:

•Sea turtles are necessary for the survival of coral reefs worldwide. Without coral reefs, the degradation of all sorts of life in the oceans would be imminent and all forms of life in the ocean would become threatened or extinct. Fisheries worldwide would be gravely affected.

•Sea turtles are responsible for the migrations of several hundred species of organisms, which attach themselves on the animal and “hitch a ride”. Without this means of transport, propagation and ecological processes of these organisms would stop, and this would have an impact on the ocean’s health and prosperity.

•Sea turtles have existed for over a hundred million years, are an animal species that has survived all dramatic changes on earth and has an important role to fulfill, like all major species on the planet. Sea turtles have seen and lived with the dinosaurs. They have been great survivors of what eliminated the dinosaurs. Why have them vanish now, when preserving them seems to be a doable task? It would be a great blow to biodiversity on earth.

•As with every animal species, protecting it during its whole cycle of life is essential. For turtles, feeding, mating and nesting grounds should be protected from degradation and elimination, and migratory routes should be studied in order to achieve some level of protection there as well.

•Information and education on the importance of sea turtles and their marine environment have excellent short and long-term results for the conservation of the species.

The Kuwait Turtle Conservation Project, launched in June 2008, is a common 3-year effort of TOTAL Foundation, TOTAL Kuwait, The Voluntary Work Center Kuwait and The Scientific Center Kuwait. Its main goals are enhancing awareness and knowledge regarding endangered sea turtles in the country, studying their populations on the offshore islands Kubbar, Qaru and Umm Al-Maradim, studying the state of the marine and coastal areas they are in, conducting environmental information and education, targeting groups of stakeholders and considering possible contribution to the legislative and institutional framework of sea turtles conservation in the country.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Gypsy Passion - April 30th 2010

For one night only music, dance and the poetry of Federico García Lorca fuse to create a piece of theatrical magic which promises to take you into the soul of the emotions expressed in flamenco: love, pain, death, passion, desire and longing.
Enjoy a passionate night of live music, dance and poetry at  Kuwait Little Theatre, Ahmadi. Tickets on sale now KD 5. Tickets can be booked online where you will also find a map to KLT [link]
Call box office 99373678 for more details.

The Scientific Center 10 year birthday bash spectacular!

Happy Birthday Scientific Center!

Mark your calendars on Friday, April 16th from 4pm-10pm as it promises to be an "incredible futuristic spectacle" as quoted in the Arab Times.
The event will start with a short documentary about The Scientific Center, then a traditional Kuwaiti folklore group, followed by Miami 2 (local band), winner of the 'Name the Penguins' contest and the finale is a spectacular fireworks display. There will be tons of activites throughout the day including giveaways for visitors, arts & crafts for kids and much much more!!! Doors open at 2pm, celebration ceremony begins at 6:30pm.
Visitors who are born on 17 April 2000 will get free entry.

Amazing women rock (.com)

Need some inspiration this has to be a pit stop [link] they are also on Facebook.

J.K. Rowling Speaks at Harvard Commencement from Harvard Magazine on Vimeo.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Richard Dawkins author of 'God Delusion' calls for arrest of Pope Benedict XVI

Richard Dawkins

LWDLIK- Hmmm.. I see his point- that the head of the Catholic church may be condoning paedophilia. Though I think his biggest challenge will be converting muslims to his theory of evolution. He is going to print 'God Delusion' in Arabic. Might not be a wise career move.

My City Photo Competition!

Explore your creativity and share your vision of the world around you with Canon’s Celebrating My City Photography Competition.
Celebrate your City from March 5th until April 20th, 2010 by submitting photographs of your metropolis and have the chance to win one of 13 new EOS 500D or professional photo printer Pixma Pro 9500 Mark II.
DSLR cameras are the staple of the world’s greatest photographers and city life the inspiration for some of the most iconic photography of the last 100 years. Not only is Canon giving amateur photographers from across the region the chance to compete against the top photographic talent in 13 countries in the Middle East to win one of its most popular DSLR models, but also experience true color through a high tech professional photo printer.
One lucky Grand Prize winner will be chosen from 13 countries to receive an all expenses paid trip to two of the Middle East’s most eye catching cities - Dubai and Beirut.
With two nights at each destination for two people, the overall winner will also get a chance to capture these cities with his or her new EOS 550D and benefit from tips of the trade from a professional photographer selected by Canon.
This online competition is open to amateurs and professionals who are 18 years of age or above residing in the following countries: UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia.

Thanks to :O)

Tom Jones 16 April in Abu Dhabi

One of my bestest friends is off to see him and taking her mother, who has to be 70 plus. Love it!!! And I so want to go too...
So for us, who will be left behind, a little bit of Tommy to get your day going right :O)

Indian Legal Advice Clinic

The embassy of India has further revamped and improved its Legal Advice Clinic at the Indian Workers Welfare Center (located in the Indian embassy, Diplomatic Enclave, Arabian Gulf Street/Shaab Area)
Tel +965 22530600 / 22530612 - 14.
Kuwaiti lawyers will be available for free legal advice from Mon-Thurs 3pm-5pm. And Indian Lawyers would be available on Sundays 2pm-4pm.
There is a 24/7 Helpline telephone number for domestic workers 25674163

LWDLIK- Would be great to see other embassies offer these services to their citizens. Pls pass on the info to your maids, drivers and employees so they may share it with someone in need. Thank you.

Camp Oz Kuwait June 13 - July 8

They have moved their camp to The Palms Hotel!

As Ramadan will fall in school holidays we are guessing that many Kuwaitis may not be traveling. So we are considering running a second camp from July 13 - 26 if we can attract 40 participants, if you are interested please let us know by email on To see more of what's on offer [link] and look for Kuwait summer camp.

Monday, April 12, 2010

The CEO Expert

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Lecture on 'Profiles of Children with Learning Difficulties' by Prof. John Everatt

Professor John Everatt, whose work focuses on literacy acquisition and developmental learning difficulties, such as dyslexia, will be presenting this lecture. Prior to moving to the University of Canterbury in New Zealand, he was a lecturer in psychology at the Universities of Surrey and Wales, UK.
- Lecture is open to the public
- Lecture will be in English with interactive Arabic translation

On April 13th at 7pm  in The Center for Child Evaluation & Teaching, Street 14, Block 4, Surra.
For enquiries 1832000, email and more info

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Who is mummy?

Yesterday I took my six year old daughter to the Amiri Hospital as she had an inflammed elbow. Whilst we were waiting for our turn I was heartbroken to see maids comforting some children instead of their mums. One of the young kids had an IV drip in place and was hysterical, but it was the maid who comforted her and sat in the wheelchair with the child on her lap whilst the mum walked calmly behind. Another maid held a screaming small boy whilst the nurse tried to take his temperature and BP and the mother watched without a word or look of concern. You don't have to be a psychologist to know this has a profoundly confusing effect on a child. Perhaps if the mums had 3 other kids in tow, were frantically trying to call their husbands and fill out paperwork to have the child admitted (all at the same time) but sadly that was not the case.
I would be devastated if my child wanted to be comforted by the maid and not me.

Kuwait Dive Team

The Kuwait Dive Team is a group of skilled deep-sea divers comprised of humanitarian Kuwaitis - male adults and young men who are rescuing, as well as rehabilitating the Kuwaiti marine environment through very serious regular efforts, with demanding physical tasks throughout dedicated and distinct marine operations. Most important to them is teamwork, patriotism, organisational work, leadership, personal sacrifice, dedicated environmental projects and charitable voluntary work.
Originally founded during 1991 after the Iraqi invasion, the Kuwait Dive Team is fully-equipped, trained and experienced. Every week they organise themselves as a co-operating group of men who freely offer their time on environmental marine services in the form of charitable voluntary work, giving to society and the world an example of national, as well as environmental sacrifice. Tasks include rescuing marine creatures and repairing coral reefs, providing habitats for sea-creatures, plus removing waste and discarded fishing nets. Protection of the marine environment and all wild-life which it holds is paramount to the Kuwait Dive Team. Also, promoting serious environmental awareness of different societal sections and groups, of whatever background.
Therefore they wished to demonstrate for local, regional and global internet viewers now, plus future generations, what is possible by way of working hard, voluntarily, for protecting other forms of life and our surrounding world oceans. Such activities instill a sense of belonging and service to one's nation.

LWDLIK- As I don't watch KTV2 anymore I missed this. It's nice to know that people out there care about the beautiful islands and conserving them for all to enjoy. WTG Kuwait Dive Team :O)

Sadu House Lecture on Textiles and Costumes from Palestine

The Kuwait Textile Arts Association cordially invites you to a lecture given by Siham Abu Ghazaleh on 'Textiles and Costumes from Palestine' at Sadu House.
Date: April 13
Time: 7:00 pm
Location: Sadu House. Entrance is on corner of National Museum, Gulf Road, Kuwait City.

For Sale in Kuwait: ENDANGERED species of white Asian tigers on

Hello!... Somebody, anybody?

Endangered White Tiger.

There are only around 200 of the white tigers left in the world. White tigers are an Asian species, found on the frozen tundra of the Soviet Far East, south to the humid jungles of Malaya and Indonesia, and west to the hot, hardwood forests of India. There are five living subspecies; three others are already extinct. Current estimates put the world population of wild tigers at about 5,000-7,000, the most numerous race being the Bengal race, distributed among some 18 tiger reserves and sanctuaries of India (and a half-dozen in Nepal and Bangladesh), accounting for over two-thirds of all wild tigers.
Tigers are a protected species all over the world. Even though it's completely illegal to hunt them, people are still slaying these beautiful creatures.

LWDLIK - Or selling them for KD 500 a piece?

Summer Camp at The Little Gym, Jabriya

The Little Gym, Kuwait has begun enrollment for Summer Camp. Camp will begin June 13th-Sept 8th and will be from Sun-Thurs, they have a morning session from 9:00-12:30 and an afternoon session from 4:00-7:30, each week there's a new theme and each day the kids will swim, enjoy the gym, arts
crafts and they will provide a snack as well. Camp is for children from 3-12yrs old. Enroll today by calling 2534 4844 or email  at

LWDLIK-To keep mummy sane during the holidays :O)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tai Chi Chuan on the beach

According to Al Watan Daily, Movenpick Hotel  Al Bidaa are offering complimentary (free in my dictionary) 'Tai Chi' classes on the beach every Monday 5pm-6pm from 1-30 April. Sounds great and what a fab location for a stress-busting, keep-fit activity to balance your yin and yang. Contact 22253100 extn. 5744 for more details.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Kuwait to offer controversial MS treatment

Avis Favaro, CTV News
Kuwait has become the first country in the world to offer a controversial treatment to all its patients with multiple sclerosis who have blocked veins in their necks.
CTV News has confirmed that Kuwait's minister of health has given interventional radiologists in the country the go-ahead to use the state-financed medical system to begin treating patients who have blocked veins and abnormal blood flow in their necks.
According to a theory proposed by University of Ferrara's Dr. Paolo Zamboni in Italy, and first broadcast on CTV's W5 last November, many patients with MS have blocked veins in their necks and chests. He calls the condition CCSVI, or chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency.
He theorizes that the blockage prevents blood from draining properly, sending it back to their brain, a problem that could contribute to the immune response that marks MS.
The theory has generated a lot of interest in Kuwait, which has high rates of MS, particularly among women.
In a telephone interview with CTV, Dr. Tariq Sinan, an interventional radiologist and an associate professor at the Department of Radiology in the Faculty of Medicine at Kuwait University says the health ministry will allow radiologists to begin treating MS patients who have CCSVI, starting next week, as part of an ongoing study.
The Kuwait News Agency KUNA also reported the development, quoting the chairman of the standing committee for co-ordination of medical research at the ministry, Dr. Youssof Al-Nesf, as saying: "The presentation meets the legal, moral and scientific criterions specified by concerned organizations, including the World Health Organization."
The decision is based on research by a team headed by Sinan who studied 12 MS patients in March. All of them had CCSVI and were offered what Zamboni has dubbed the Liberation Treatment. The treatment is a vein version of angioplasty, in which a small balloon is inserted into a blocked vein to force it open.
(No stents were used in the procedures, a practice some doctors around the world have tried and one that Dr. Zamboni does not endorse.)
Sinan says all of the patients saw improvements in their MS symptoms, with some noticing "dramatic" results.
"On one day, on March 3, we did three patients. Two had dramatic improvements on the table and started crying because they couldn't believe what they were feeling," Sinan reported.
He says patients with more severe MS reported fewer improvements, but did notice feeling less stiffness and more energy. Those with less severe disease, reported up to 90 per cent improvements in their fatigue and numbness in their hands and leg.
In one case, the patient couldn't see from one eye and started to be able to see," Sinan reported.
Sinan said he's confident the results he saw were not the result of the "placebo effect," a phenomenon in which patients fool themselves into feeling better by an otherwise ineffective treatment.
"If this is a placebo effect and I have MS, I would want this placebo effect," Sinan said.
"It is amazing the kind of improvements the patients say they have. It cannot all be attributed to placebo. Not being able to see and then being able to see, better bladder control, end of foot drop -- that cannot be placebo."
Last week, Dr. Sinan says a group of neurologists petitioned the country's ministry of health to stop the treatments. Their concerns – shared by other MS specialists around the world -- is that the link between blocked veins and MS has not been proven, and that the treatment could be dangerous. They have called for more studies.
But after review, and submissions from physicians and patients, the decision was to allow the treatments, which will be covered by the state-financed medical system.
The procedure will not be performed to treat MS per se but to treat only "improper blood flow" in the veins.
"So we say this is a vascular problem in the neck. Patients, when you dilate the veins, they feel better. We don't have to talk about MS or the link to MS," said Sinan.
Patients will be warned that the procedure is experimental, and the potential risks of venoplasty will be detailed in consent forms. Patients who agree to treatment will be part of an ongoing study that will be done in cooperation with a Kuwait neurologist.
The team will use ultrasounds and magnetic resonance venograms to scan the neck veins, as well as MRIs to track changes in the brain, including the appearance of MS-related lesions.
Doctors hope to treat 10 Kuwaiti patients a week, beginning next week.

LWDLIK- Great news. Though I did, initially, think it was another controversial MS treatment they might be offering and that really piqued my interest...

UPDATE- Found this 'Kuwait CCSVI=MS starting community to MS Liberation research and treatment' page on on Facebook [link]

Qatar bans visas on arrival for UK and US nationals

British and American citizens will be among the nationals of 33 countries that will have to apply for a visa prior to arrival in Qatar, according to new rules being enacted by the emirate from May 1.
The regulations also mean that all passengers wishing to travel to Qatar for business purposes will need to have their visas arranged by a local sponsor, via the Ministry of Interior.
British nationals wishing to apply for a Qatari visa will need to provide their last three months’ bank statements, which must show the name and address of the applicant, and prove that there is at least $1,300 in the applicant’s account.

LWDLIK- Tit for tat. (Tit for tat is an English saying meaning "equivalent retaliation")

Perfect pizza recipe :O)

Makes 4 pizzas
10g fresh yeast or 5g dried yeast
325ml tepid water
500g strong bread flour
2 tsp salt
400g Italian tinned plum tomatoes
1 heaped tspn dried oregano
1 tsp salt
2 tbsp olive oil
A little semolina
2 x 125g balls of mozzarella, drained and sliced
Handful of fresh basil leaves

1 Add the yeast to the tepid water, then mix with the flour and salt. Knead for 8–10 minutes, until the dough is smooth and elastic. Shape into a ball, put in an oiled bowl and cover with clingfilm or a tea towel. Leave in a warm spot to rise until doubled in size. After the dough has risen, split it into four even-sized balls and leave to rise until it has doubled in size again.
2 Make the tomato sauce: put the tomatoes in a bowl and squash them with your hands. Add the oregano, salt and oil, and stir well.
3 Bake the pizzas two at a time. Put two baking trays, spaced apart, upside-down in the oven. This gives a flat surface to cook each pizza on. Have a thin wooden chopping board or pala (a thin piece of wood or metal used for transferring the pizza to the oven) and the semolina near by.
4 Preheat the oven to its hottest setting — 250C–280C / gas 9 — is perfect. Roll out the dough on a floured surface. Scatter some semolina on to the board or pala, pull the first pizza on to it and spread over a tablespoon of tomato sauce. Top with a quarter of the mozzarella and/or other toppings. Slide the pizza into the oven and quickly pull the board or pala away so that it glides on to the hot, upturned oven tray. Repeat with the second pizza. Bake for 7–10 minutes. The bases should be golden underneath and the cheese bubbling.
5 Garnish with the basil leaves and serve.