Saturday, May 31, 2014

Review: Tatami Japanese Restaurant in Kuwait City :O)

I'd eat here everyday if I could. Had a farewell lunch here recently with one of my BFFs -
without my 11 year old who never lets me come here when we're out together. Was a fabulous lunch in a cool, serene, stylish interior. Good service and consistently fantastic food. Had quite a few dishes to share all were excellent. My favourites and most memorable would have to be the mushroom salad and the miso cod (reminiscent of Nobu NYC), sushi is always very fresh. Valet parking a nice touch as limited parking. They do take-away so you can swing by, collect and eat at home. I love Tatami and really can't say enough good things about it.


It's a 10.


Review: Pizzetta at Seif :OI

Had a quick so-so lunch here today. A couple of pale, insipid-looking flatbreads (margarita and one with portobella mushrooms) tasted okay nothing special. Goat's chess salad was lovely and fresh, nicely dressed and delicious. Chicken Caesar salad okay. A mozzarella, avocado stacked dish was not bad. Some yummy lemonade with mint. And a well received chocolate marshmallow dessert - glad we were sharing as couldn't have eaten it all. Double expresso was very fine indeed. Not cheap at just less than KD 30. Restaurant is looking a little run-down these days. Toilets smelled awful and were dirty (tissues on floor, sink dirty). The staff were changing over it was around 3-3.30PM but no excuse as the restaurant was practically empty. Service pleasant but we had to wait a long time for the juices which arrived half way through meal.

I, usually, love to go the Seif strip restaurants but I'm finding them less appealing these days. They used to be packed, lively and so good. Sadly, that has changed.



Review: Shrek the Musical :O)

In a faraway kingdom turned upside down, things get ugly when an unseemly ogre — not a handsome prince — shows up to rescue a feisty princess. Throw in a donkey who won’t shut up, a bad guy with a SHORT temper, a cookie with an attitude and over a dozen other fairy tale misfits, and you’ve got the kind of mess that calls for a real hero. Luckily, there’s one on hand and his name is …..Shrek.

Had a fun afternoon watching Shrek the Musical today. The very talented Staged in Kuwait volunteers were brilliant. I'm always bowled over by their amazing enthusiasm to spend long hours rehearsing and put on the most incredible shows. We are really so very lucky to have them here in Kuwait. A thoroughly enjoyable show full of fun, colourful costumes, great singing, lots of vitality and seriously good acting. Let the freak flag fly. If you didn't buy a ticket yet you may still be in with a miniscule chance if you hurry [link]. Don't miss it!

Review: Vapiano Italian Cafeteria, The Avenues Near Cheesecake Factory :O(

Having been in Avenues for 6 hours I was looking forward to a nice sit down and something tasty to eat. We saw Vapiano's (next to Color Me Mine, upstairs) and it looked busy, fun and very appealing. Great interior, quirky, unique and stylish. Some good music playing and it promised to be a pleasant dining experience. WRONG.

Sat ourselves down on the high stools provided. Immediately didn't like that my chair had no back, my daughter and her friend wouldn't swop with me and I wasn't comfortable. There are only a few low tables and they were all occupied. The kids were as tired as I was after 5 hours in Kidzania so I didn't push it. 

We are then told by the waiter that we have to take our card (looks just like a credit card) and go over to the counter and order. Again, not what I wanted to hear seeing as my tootsies were on fire. Had problems with my card registering my order but finally managed to order a tomato soup and a chicken Caesar salad. Soup was ready immediately, salad needed 6 minutes. As I left the counter with my tray and soup another employee asked if I wanted bread with my soup. Seems the lady who gave me the order had; a) forgotten b) couldn't be bothered to get me some bread.

Sat down, ate soup which I enjoyed and recommended to my daughter as she had a little cold. Soup was on menu as tomato soup with basil. Tasted good. My daughter's soup was delayed as they'd run out and when she got it she couldn't eat it as it was a little too chilli for her. But mine had not been at all chilli and I wouldn't have recommended it to my daughter as she hates chilli. The chicken caesar salad had dry tasteless chicken, was overdressed, had limp lettuce and soggy croutons; everything you don't want your Caesar salad to be. Called over the waitress who took my 'almost uneaten' salad away. We then had to remind her that my daughter's friend also was not interested in eating her tasteless chicken Caesar salad. By now I've called for the manager, Lester  - who explained he was one of the managers (?), said he would look into the soup matter. He arrived back at my table with a soup sample and assured me this was the same soup. I tasted it, it was also a little chilli and watered down not unlike a watery arrabbiata sauce. Now I'm peeved. Lester tells me that he will remove the items from our bill. However, on payment to the cashier nothing has been removed except the chicken from one of Caesar salads. This is where I have minor meltdown and refuse to pay for anything except the bottles of water (which were delicious) and my soup, which was good but a lousy dining experience. Lester, bless him, knew not to elevate the situation further and took the money for the water and 1 soup.

Major gripe - the tables have a centre piece that can't be moved which leaves very little space for the huge tray and it is bothersome if you aren't so tall to see over it. Hated the backless stools. Do not like having to get up to order my food, and then go collect my food.


An expensive Sbarro's. Won't be going back.


When Love is an Instinct

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

RIP Maya Angelou

Award-winning author, renowned poet and civil rights activist
Dr. Maya Angelou has died. She was 86.


Maya Angelou Quotes    

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
Maya Angelou
“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”
Maya Angelou
“If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude. Don't complain.”
Maya Angelou
“I've learned that no matter what happens, or how bad it seems today, life does go on, and it will be better tomorrow. I've learned that you can tell a lot about a person by the way he/she handles these three things: a rainy day, lost luggage, and tangled Christmas tree lights. I've learned that regardless of your relationship with your parents, you'll miss them when they're gone from your life. I've learned that making a "living" is not the same thing as making a "life." I've learned that life sometimes gives you a second chance. I've learned that you shouldn't go through life with a catcher's mitt on both hands; you need to be able to throw something back. I've learned that whenever I decide something with an open heart, I usually make the right decision. I've learned that even when I have pains, I don't have to be one. I've learned that every day you should reach out and touch someone. People love a warm hug, or just a friendly pat on the back. I've learned that I still have a lot to learn. I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
Maya Angelou
“The first time someone shows you who they are, believe them.”
Maya Angelou
“I can be changed by what happens to me. But I refuse to be reduced by it.”
Maya Angelou
“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.”
Maya Angelou
“I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life's a bitch. You've got to go out and kick ass.”
Maya Angelou
LWDLIK - An inspiration to us all. May you rest in peace, Maya Angelou. I once gave a copy of 'I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings' to my troubled niece. I thought the irony in the title apt, and so did she.


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Documentary in English About The Formidable Proud Patriotic Legendary Songbird Umm Kulthum

Umm Kulthum born as Fātimah Ibrāhīm as-Sayyid al-Biltāǧī

What an incredible woman.

Shakshooka Market and Cookout at Bayt Lothan

French Appoint British Lady as CEO of Citroen

Linda Jackson has been appointed as the new CEO of the French automobile manufacturing company Citroen.
Linda, 55, who has been the managing director of Citroen in the UK and Ireland since 2010, will assume her new role from the 1st June. She takes over from Frederik Banzet who is moving to the French holding portfolio company FFE who are also shareholders at PSA Peugeot Citroen.
This is the only the third time that a woman has held the position of CEO at a major automobile manufacturing company. At the beginning of this year General Motors named Mary Barra as their CEO.

LWDLIK - For the French to appoint a Brit to take over their most famous export, after wine, is really a surprise. Let alone her being a woman in a male dominated field. Well done Linda Jackson.


Monday, May 26, 2014

‘Green’ Candidate Calls to Legalize Alcohol, Gambling in Kuwait

KUWAIT TIMES: A candidate who registered yesterday to run for one of the five seats in next month’s by-elections surprised the election department by announcing he will work to legalize the sale of liquor in Kuwait and allow gambling. Wearing an untraditional green bisht, Waleed Al-Nasser said that Kuwait’s beaches should be turned into “open resorts” where liquor, which is totally prohibited in Kuwait, should be allowed, “but only for a few people and tourists”.
“Beaches until Messila should be open, while from there down south, we should have ‘Islamic’ resorts,” Nasser, speaking rapidly and not in full control of himself, told astonished reporters after filing his nomination papers to run from the tribal fourth constituency. Asked why he was wearing a green bisht, which is not used at all in Kuwait, Nasser said it was in commemoration of a religious figure known as the ‘Green Man’ who happens to be his forefather. The candidate said he will focus on achieving people’s demands and economic development, which is lagging behind.
Another candidate had grabbed headlines a day earlier by turning up to register in heavy winter clothing. Mohammad Al-Masri registered to run from the third constituency and paid the registration fee in loose change, but fell short by 250 fils, which was paid by an official. He also refused to sign the registration document, preferring to furnish his thumbprints using an inkpad he brought in a plastic bag.
Besides Nasser, 12 other candidates filed their papers yesterday, raising the number of hopefuls to 65 on the sixth day of registration, which will end on Thursday. The by-election will be held on June 26 to fill the five seats that fell vacant after five MPs resigned after the Assembly rejected a request to grill the prime minister.

Travel Triumphs, Tidbits and Tribulations

Villa Euphrassi de Rothchild

I adore travelling but who doesn't. Although come to think of it I do have a few millionaire
friends who really don't like to. Quite odd. Seems the less money you have the more you like to travel. One of my favourite hobbies is planning, researching and going on...holidays. I know, a therapist would have me diagnosed in a nanosecond.

This year, and most years, we struggle to stay within a certain budget. We always overspend and can never understand why. After Vegas and LA last year we were convinced that our credit cards had been stolen. Of course they hadn't - but I kinda wish they had been as it means I'm a lousy CFO and budget-conscious travel planner :O(

Undeterred, and happy that my husband has almost forgotten last year's credit card meltdown, we are almost set for this summer's adventures. Off to sunny England (hope I haven't jinxed things already with that statement), and five nights in the south of France for a fabulous wedding at the stunning Villa Euphrassi de Rothschild in Cap-Ferat. Luckily, we also have some very wealthy friends who love to travel, enjoy their money and are so much fun. I shall wear a new sparkly Cinderella outfit and keep my fingers crossed.

So, because we are far from being rich, I like to nab us a bargain. A few great places to do that (tried and tested by moi) is perfect for renting apartments and villas worldwide, is great for bargain hotel rooms, for comparing prices on websites for travel, hotels, car hire. It is also wise to cross check that the hotel's own website isn't offering the lowest price before you book. I did try out the site this morning after seeing it's tempting full-page colour supplement and 'Win a Trip Around the World' competition. Seemed interesting, especially as it promised 3 nights for 2 deals at top hotels if paying by MasterCard. Was sucked in for a moment until I tried to book a hotel and it said code not available (and could not find a code and therefore have to pay full price). Oh well, some things are just too good to be true. Back to my favs. Although if anyone does have the code please share. Who doesn't love 3 for 2 deals?

Happy holidays all xxx


Saturday, May 24, 2014

Exam Paper Leak Means Re-sit for Hundreds of Students in Kuwait

Kuwait Times: Hundreds of students across Kuwait will be required to re-sit a multi-hour Cambridge International Examinations math exam after it was discovered that the exam papers were leaked. British-system high schools in Kuwait sent parents a note this week informing them that the 0580 IGCSE Mathematics (Extended Syllabus) Papers 2 & 4 papers from the May 12 exam have been deemed “invalid” due to malpractice.
In an official statement posted on its Facebook page yesterday, the British Council of Kuwait said, “We understand the concern that reports of leaked papers cause students. Cambridge International Examinations and the British Council take the security of every single exam paper very seriously. Cambridge International Examinations and the British Council are committed to maintaining the integrity of Cambridge exams and ensuring fair and valid results for all our students worldwide.
The British Council and Cambridge International Examinations are investigating the source of this examination leak, which may or may not have originated in Kuwait.” While the source of the leak remains unconfirmed, the British Council noted, in a response to a parent’s comments on Facebook, that: Whilst we cannot yet confirm the origin of this breach of security, Cambridge International Examinations can confirm that it has definite evidence that a number of students in Kuwait had seen the content of the question papers, meaning they were advantaged over other students.
For this reason we felt there was no option but to schedule new versions of these papers to ensure fairness to all students and in the interest of the trust and integrity of our exams.” According to a British Council official who spoke with Kuwait Times, the leak did not occur within the British Council and they are working with students to offer alternative testing dates or refunds for students who cannot make the June 1 re-sit date. That plan however has created problems for many parents and students. “Some students have finished their exams and traveled.
Others have interviews at schools in Europe and elsewhere,” explained one irate parent. “We had to reschedule flights and pay the rescheduled fee. The whole story is stinky and really upsets me.” A group of students have taken to the Internet to voice their distress, setting up a petition on, “Students in Kuwait refuse to re-sit IGCSE Maths! ”The petition had received more than 400 signatures as of late Thursday afternoon.
One student, Ali Hashim, wrote “It’s not fair to re-sit an exam we all worked hard and we will not study again for it after four months studying for the exam.” Many students called the re-sit decision unfair. “I studied hard for the exam and I didn’t have any access to the question paper before the exam so it’s unfair for me to re-sit the exam after I finished it,” wrote student Shahad Abdullah.
The British Council is offering full refunds for any students wishing to withdraw from the exams and will also allow students to re-sit in November 2014 without additional charges.
By Jamie Etheridge

My Gym Summer Camp 2014

Best Advert - Standing up for a Friend

Friday, May 23, 2014

Conquer Samasana Red Bull Basketball Championship

Norma Al Kandari's 100km Walk for Cancer Research


In loving memory of Norma's parents, John and Thelma Harper, who both succumbed to cancer. Norma is taking on the 'London 2 Brighton' Challenge for Cancer Research UK because we all have to find a way to beat Cancer.

Go Norma!

If you should like to support this admirable attempt please go to her JustGiving webpage [link]. The donation process is secure, very simple and for such a worthy cause.

Cancer Research UK

Charity Registration No. in England and Wales 1089464, Scotland SC041666
Cancer Research UK is the world's leading charity dedicated to beating cancer through research. We are fighting cancer on all fronts, finding new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat it to save more lives. We are entirely funded by the public. With your help, we can ensure more people beat cancer.


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Camels are Suspected of Transmitting the MERS Virus to Humans

By Cynthia Gorney

Published May 13, 2014
The Index Patient

His name, two years later, is guarded within the privacy of medical files and a family compound of bereaved relatives, his wives, and his children. He was 60 years old. He was a businessman. He lived in Bishah, a small city southeast of the great Saudi port metropolis of Jeddah, and when he became too sick for the Bishah doctors to care for him properly, he was transported to Jeddah, feverish and coughing. There he lay, inside one of the tall white buildings of the Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital, where a diagnostic physician called onto his case happened to be a virology specialist, an Egyptian physician named Ali Mohamed Zaki, who liked to pay close attention to the latest reports of pernicious infectious disease.
All this was at the very beginning, a single week in the middle of June 2012, long before the sick man was understood to be the "index patient."
In clinical reports you don't see the popularized term "patient zero." Once the international detective hunt was under way, as one researcher after another joined in and the search and the connector clues spread around the globe—to Rotterdam and New York City, to the Spanish Canary Islands and Oman and Qatar, to France, England, Greece, Jordan, Egypt, Nigeria, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia, Indiana, and, just announced this past week, Florida—and as the questions and implications continue to spread, the man from Bishah has invariably been referred to as the "index patient" or "the patient in Jeddah."
He died in the hospital, 11 days after he was brought in. Zaki says the work on the Bishah man was routine at first, distressing but routine. The patient developed pneumonia, his kidneys began to fail, and Zaki sent sputum samples to the Saudi Ministry of Health, as required by law in such cases, to check for swine flu.
Negative for swine flu. Zaki wondered about hantavirus, which is carried by rodents and can be deadly in humans; when he studied the patient's samples under a microscope he could see the kinds of changes that told him a virus was at work. But no. Negative for hantavirus. Zaki was perplexed, and growing frustrated. He began to guess that the patient had some form of what are called paramyxoviruses—the family that includes measles and mumps. In the 1990s there were scary, lethal eruptions of new paramyxoviruses: in Australia, where the victims were stabled horses and two humans who cared for them up close, and in Malaysia, where a paramyxovirus named Nipah killed more than a hundred people and brought about the slaughter of more than a million pigs.
It didn't seem to be a paramyxovirus, either; Zaki had the lab capabilities to test for that. By the closing days of June 2012 the man from Bishah was deceased, his mourning relatives had come and and gone, and Zaki was not letting go. Maybe his paramyxovirus testing needed another round? As he told me last week, by phone from his current office at the medical school of Ain Shams University in Cairo, "I wanted to know what this is." Some viral malady had felled that patient, something different from anything Zaki could recognize, and apparently something fatal.
So Zaki put some of the samples he had saved from the Bishah man into sterile plastic tubes. He double tubed them for safety, set them inside a metal biohazard box, and shipped the box by courier to Rotterdam, where an institute called the Erasmus MC employs some of the most celebrated virus detectives in the world.
And that was how it started.
Photo of camels.
A Bedouin in western Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, caresses his camels, which have been brought from Saudi Arabia for a beauty contest. The discovery that many camels show current or past infection with the MERS virus has sent shock waves throughout the Middle East, where camels are revered as important sources of transport, food, entertainment, and affection.
The rest of this story [link].
And the scary reason why Saudis are still kissing their camels [link].
LWDLIK - Ignorance and lack of precaution, with the Haj season coming up, is quite terrifying.

Great Websites for Kids

Monday, May 19, 2014

Zoomorphic Calligraphy Workshop

Learn how to write Zoomorphic Calligraphy with Saleh Salman Saleh tomorrow, 20 May 2014, 7pm, at the Amricani Cultural Centre. Seats are limited to 20 people, so please sign-up ASAP by emailing us at


Attention Budding Master Chefs - Ruby Tuesday's Let's Cook Competition

Do You Believe That You Can Cook? From Random Ingredients To Create A Dish?
We Present To You, The First Ever BIGGEST Cooking Competition!
The show is divided into three rounds: "Appetizer", "Entrée", and "Dessert". In each round, the chefs are given a basket containing between three to five ingredients, and the dish each team prepares must contain each of those ingredients.

After each round, the judges critique the dishes based on presentation, taste, and creativity. The judges then decide which 2 teams are chopped by each round, that is, eliminated from the competition. Thus, by the dessert round, only two teams remain and one will qualify for the finals.

6 Teams Per Day = 12 Competitors, Teams of 2, on each day.
From 2nd of June To 8th Of June, 9th will be the finale, spaces are limited & days are LIMITED.

Apply Now!
99969007 - 97475535


XCamp Summer 2014

We’re back! The XCamp Summer 2014 is here with a fun filled summer camp full of activities that will let your children enjoy, learn and burn all at the same time! Register at Extreme Sports Al Tilal branch or visit our website. Stay tuned for more details on our social networks. Let your kids have an ultimate fun filled fitness summer!
Date: 15-26 June
Location: GUST (Gulf University of Science and Technology)
Time: 9am-2pm
Ages: 4-9 years
For registration and more info. Please call 22254567/60643361 or Visit

Best Yoga Poses for Fat Burning, Energising, Calming and De-Stressing

Nameste sisters

I've done different forms of exercise, including yoga, on and off (mostly off) for decades. Until now I haven't found anything as effective and satisfying as these poses. I've increased my stamina (no need to limit myself to one event a day as I now have energy for more), seem to breathe deeper, have loosened up all my creaky stiff joints, lost the horrible cotton wool head feeling and feel pretty darn good.

We, my yogi bear sister, go straight into the second video too. But you could work up to it. I love being able to do my yoga in my neighbour's home away from kids, in my old sweats with no make up. For some daft reason I always feel I have to 'dress' for the gym.

Give it a try. You will feel calmer after and almost as if you've had a massage - I kid you not.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

I'm Very Happy Not To Have The Slightest Inclination to Buy One of these


27 Ways To Make Your Groceries Last As Long As Possible

Chop spring onions and freeze in a plastic bottle

Prepare a mixture of one part vinegar (white or apple cider) and
ten parts water. Swirl the berries around in the mixture, drain,
 rinse, and put them in the fridge.
The solution is diluted enough that you won’t taste the vinegar.
Raspberries will last a week or more, and strawberries
go almost two weeks without getting moldy and soft.

Wrap the banana stalks in cling film.
Bananas also produce more ethelyne gas than any other fruit,
so keep them isolated on the counter.

And 24 more tips here [link].


Saturday, May 17, 2014

Islam Teaches Muslims to Treat Animals With Compassion and Not to Abuse Them. Thank You Adel Al Najjar For Your Compassion

Apologies for the horrific image, but please don't look away

This post is so heartbreaking... Our friends from BFG got a call from a person who helped this dog.

The person said, " I don't like animals, I don't like to touch th
em or care for them, but when I saw this dog crawling near the airport clearly dying, I couldn't walk away, I picked her up in my car & I hope you can help her."

That's true heroism

You don't need to be an animal lover to be a hero, you just need to be human. 

Here is a photo of Adel Al Najar (who's Kuwaiti) and his family. Adel couldn't bear to leave the dog in this horrible state. He took her home, fed her, cleaned her up and found help for her.

So very proud of you, Adel.

The dog has been named Katusha, she has a fractured leg, hip and needs a lot of care. She can't get any medical procedure done now because she is so weak, the doctors said she needs to gain some strength & weight in order to admit her into the hospital.

Please contact BFG on 99861836 or email if you would like to help in any way.


Summer Camp 2014 for Kids

Kaftans @HarveyNicholsKuwait May 22nd at 10AM

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Hero Cat Saves Boy from Vicious Dog Attack

Love that cat.


Awakened Man - Russell Brand

Russell Brand is an English comedian, actor, radio host,
author, philosopher and an activist.


LWDLIK - If you consider that we are all 'temporary blobs of atoms' then we really must re-think, develop and realize the reason we are here. I'm onboard with Russell Brand. Nothing has ever seemed so believable and simple.


Shakshooka Market @Pintxos on Seif Strip, Kuwait City

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Wonderful People (and Animals) of KARE - Kuwait Animal Rehabilitation & Education

The magnificent Bingo was adopted by a family who had to return him due to allergies suffered by their youngest daughter. They were very sad to return him because, as they said "He is an amazing dog, very smart & easy to train, loves to play & very affectionate" They already knew that but we're happy to hear all that from someone else 😊

Bingo gets along very well with other dogs, he is 5 months old & can't wait to meet the new lucky happy family. If you wish to adopt Bingo please call 66610320 or email 

Kimchi was in the middle of the street under the cars when an animal lover spotted him & rushed to save his life.

She did her part, now it's someone else's turn!

Kimchi needs an urgent foster home, he is 6 weeks old, can eat on his own but could use the bottle or just kitty milk to support his system.

Can you help Kimchi? please call 97833237 or email

LWDLIK - I'm bowled over by KARE's endless energy and big hearts. Selflessly rescuing and housing the unwanted and often horribly abused stray cats and dogs in Kuwait. How can anyone throw out these poor babes? If you'd like to adopt or contact them the tel number and email's above. They are on Facebook [link] too with a gallery of gorgeous little BFFs.


Saturday, May 10, 2014

Food Revolution Day

Budding Filmmakers and Francophiles




Workshop Presentation

For free, open for everyone who loves cinema!
With Hakim Zouhani, French filmmaker. Below please find his biography.
Workshop during 4 days.
Day one: The workshop will begin with an introduction to shooting and sound (rules, lines, microphones)
Day two: make a script. But not any kind of script, it will be a script from a short movie script that will be screening at the French short film festival.
Day three: make a short film outside.
Day four: last one, result of the work. Editing and monitoring.


HAKIM ZOUHANI, film maker.

Movies :

Rue des cités (2011) ACID Cannes 2011, nomminé.
Molii (2013)
La virée à Panama (2013)


Friday, May 9, 2014

Perfect Match: Brazilian Kids Learn English by Video Chatting With Lonely Elderly Americans

How lovely is this.


Muslim Hipsters #MIPSTERZ - Music Video For A Jay-Z Song. Why Was It So Controversial?

The dominant narrative in American media often reduces Muslim women — particularly those who wear hijab — to voiceless subjects of oppression. So it's refreshing to take a break from one-dimensional characterizations and see Muslim women portrayed by, you know, actual Muslim women for a change.
This music video caused quite a stir when it was first released.

LWDLIK - Okay so I can see the tight leggings may have a few a little displeased. But I found the video very uplifting, bold, brave and inspirational. WTG ladies. It's even opened my mind up a whole load. I'm guilty of wondering why some Muslim ladies wear figure hugging clothes and full make-up but having seen this video I'm thinking why not? Welcome to the 21st century ladies.