Sunday, May 31, 2015

Ramadan Tips Do's & Don'ts Followed By Dinner at AWARE


​How should I greet Muslims on the occasion of Ramadan? How should I reply if they greet me? Should my public behavior change in Ramadan? When and where can I eat during daylight hours? How should I handle food gifts from neighbors or colleagues? What should I expect if I accept an invitation to break the fast? What will happen on the roads? When is the best time to shop? Will my paperwork get done? And how should I look at non-productivity and excessiveness?

​​The presentation will start at 7 pm on Tuesday, June 9, 2015 and will be followed by a Dinner Buffet.

RSVP requested at


Thursday, May 28, 2015

Zeri Crafts Open House


Summer Schools in UK

A Summer School provides an unforgettable experience with English tuition, multi activities and a lively social programme; English becomes a passport to new friendships and understanding.
Summer schools are located in top independent schools with outstanding facilities; supervision by well qualified staff ensures the safety and security of all students.
Students follow an intensive English language programme to develop the skills they need to communicate effectively and for those considering studying in the UK there is the option of studying a choice of academic courses to develop technical knowledge and vocabulary.
The vacation courses allow students to soak up the English way of life and have fun. All courses have small classes, a daily programme of sports and social activities, a full recreational programme that includes a wide variety of activities and sports on campus, as well as weekly excursions to different cities and attractions. or email


Fingers and Toes Crossed for the Kids Taking Exams - Fabulous Free Science Revision Sheets


Now I know I'm more worried about the exams than my precious babygirl and I'm trying not to transfer that anxiety to her but kids (and some parents) now just don't seem to realise they have to up their game. There is much more competition out there than ever before for good universities and jobs.
I curse the day babygirl got an iPhone, they spend way too much time on them. The iPhone usage is a constant battle in our house with the phone being confiscated for weeks at a time, the upside is; it is almost in pristine condition and there really is no point in getting her the much wanted iPhone 6 as she'd never see it. But the softies that we are it will be the report card that decides that.
I did stumble on the best science revision ever. It's a pdf file so I can't put it all on here but if you email me I will gladly send it to you. Subject: Science Revision Keystage 3.
Failing all the revision, hair-pulling, cajoling and crying.. there's always summer school. Evil grin. Shall be looking in to it with

Anderson Education offers FREE impartial help, advice and guidance on UK boarding schools, summer and language programmes.
Good luck kids.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Remember Sandy? She's Off to Canada Tonight


This sweet little pup was rescued in Salwa Park. It seems she had been tortured by some kids so she was taken to the vet to tend her wounds, a new forever home was found in Canada (no one wanted her here), the airfare raised and she leaves tonight to her new home with loving humans.

Don't cha love happy endings?

Thank you to all the kind souls involved in Sandy's happy ending especially to my girlies xxxxxxxx


Apartments for Rent in Kuwait - Recommended Realtors and Online Sites 2015

An updated, well-researched list of realtors and rental property managers in Kuwait

Thank you DG

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Baby Mine Kuwait Adorable Baby Keepsakes

Baby Mine take those treasured first baby clothes
and transform them into a unique family keepsake.
Four keepsakes made from Baby P's first sleep suits.
Keepsakes made the ideal present for Grandma or a lucky Auntie.
Each keepsake requires six baby sleepsuits/items of clothing and cost 20KD.

Bespoke Travel and Cot Sized Quilts

Baby Mine have two sizes of quilt. Travel size, suitable for a pram, moses basket or crib. Priced at 20KD. 15 items of baby clothes are required.

The second type is a cot bed size (to fit a cot 70cmx140cm). Priced at 35KD.
Approximately 30 items of baby clothes are required.

Custom made, one of a kind plush animals. Priced at 20KD.
Six baby grows, or items of clothing are required. Choose from Larry the Lion, Dizzy the Dolphin, Chrissy the Camel, Pete the Puppy, Diggles the Dragon, Horsey Horse and Ellie Elephant as of now! More animals to follow!

Facebook Baby Mine Kuwait 
Instagram Baby Mine Kuwait
Whatsapp 94443527


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Costa Coffee in Mahboula How Delightfully British


Costa Coffee is opening one of our most beautiful locations yet, and we’d like YOU to come and celebrate with us!

Come see the best of Britain meet the best of Kuwait at our new Costa Coffee Sea View location.

The UK’s favourite coffee show has some exciting activities planned to remind us of Merry Old England. Join us for some local art, British music, and a little taste of coffee flavoured fun!

Sea View Complex
Mahboula/Abu Halifa
Tuesday, May 26th
7PM — 10PM


Shanta Mia Exclusive Handbags Sale

An Embarrassing Day for MPs in Kuwait


Summer Camps Kuwait 2015


The first ever Funzone Camp!
Bring your kids (age 2 to 12) during Ramadan from June 21st to July 9th. 
Lots of sun, fun & interactive workshops.
Visit to print the application form or call us on 98000331 for more info.

Kuwait Camp Highlights


June 6th - June 18th 


Hilton Kuwait Resort


8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Camp Ages

Ages 3 - 16 Years


Breakfast & Lunch 

Star Activity

12 days of Intense WaterSports & Activities

This list will be updated as more kids' camps advertise. If you are running a reputable camp this summer please feel free to send me the flyer and details for free advertising here email

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Please Help Sweet Sandy Get to Her New Home in Canada

This is Sandy. She is 3.5 months old, when she was 2 months old she was found in Salwa park being tortured by some kids, they pierced her ear with a sharp object which ended up with a bad infection. Through all this Sandy stayed a sweet natured dog with nothing but love to give, unfortunately no one in Kuwait wanted her. No one wanted a mix stray dog. She has an opportunity of a life time now, she has an amazing couple in canada that want to adopt her and they have even sent a contribution toward her flight expenses but the problem is that to send her to Canada it costs over 400kd. Sandy needs to fly out on the 28th of May but we do not have the money to send her. We need to raise 400kd in order to be able to give her the life she deserves. So we kindly ask anyone who is able to donate towards making her dream come true. Any amount counts. Thank you kind hearted people.

Contact number 60006440.
LWDLIK - Have started the ball rolling with KD 10 anyone else want to help?

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Abolish 153 Charity Exhibition at CAP #KuwaitPenalCode153SanctifiesTheMurderofFemaleKin

Contemporary Art Platform is pleased to invite you to:

Exhibition dates: 17/5/2015 - 4/6/2015
Location: Contemporary Art Platform - Exhibition Space

Abolish 153 is pleased to present a group exhibition at the Contemporary Art Platform on 16 May 2015, marking ten years since women obtained their political rights in Kuwait. The exhibition will feature works in various media by local and regional artists to raise awareness and funding for our campaign, Abolish 153. This campaign is committed to abolishing article 153 of Kuwait's penal code that sanctifies the murder of female kin, and treats it as a misdemeanor punishable by a maximum sentence of 3 years or 3000 rupees fine. Many Kuwaitis are not aware of this law’s existence, it is harmful to women and girls as it sanctifies their murder, and violates the constitution, Islamic Sharia and CEDAW, which Kuwait ratified in 1996.

The exhibition will include works by 16 artists. It will feature paintings by Kuwaiti artists Alaa Al-Haddad, Amani Althuwaini, Amira Behbehani, Ibrahim Alatiya, Khadija Al-Bahaweed, Mohammed Ramadan, Majeda AlSabah, Mohammed Sarkouh, Shaimaa Ashkanani, Suhaila Al-Najdi and Thuraya Al-Baqsami. It will also feature photography by Maryam Mesri and Nasser Al-Ghanim. Iranian artists Salar Ahmadian and Behnaz Ghasemi have contributed to this exhibition, along with Lebanese artist Katya Traboulsi. Their works highlight women and their role in society. Some works celebrate the family and womanhood. Some emphasize the importance of men women being equal members in society. Others focus on direct and indirect forms of gender violence, raising awareness to the legislation that encourages it. 


Strongest Man Competition Kuwait at Flex Fitness

Join our Strongest Men Competition in Flex Executive (Shab Al-bahari).
For more details call 22664666 - 22638331

Nuqat & Imagine Express Music Concerts - For The Love of Music at Al Amricani Cultural Center

Friday, May 8, 2015

Gala Opera Benefit Chamber Music Evening at The Bushmans

After an exciting 60th anniversary season, Ahmadi Music Group will offer a small and intimate fundraising concert/party at the home of Richard and Harriet Bushman. A classical music concert starting at 8:30 pm, followed by a delectable dessert buffet and dancing will offer you culture, taste, and style all in one evening. Help to support the continuation of opera and all large-scale high-culture events offered in Kuwait only by Ahmadi Music Group.

Tickets will be very limited and will go on sale this week at

Thursday, May 7, 2015

FunDay at Al Corniche Club for Kids Battling Cancer

On Wednesday, May 13, kids battling cancer will come together and take a break from harsh treatments for a day of fun at Al Corniche Club from 5pm-7pm. An event organized for the patients and their families to enjoy leisure time together outside of the hospital atmosphere.  The fun day will feature a wide variety of fun games, giveaways; face painting and much more!

We invite you to be part of our fun day. We think your readers and viewers would like to know about this event and learn more about how they can help draw a smile on a child's face.

Your coverage of this event will be much appreciated not only by us but also by the kids who constantly need help and support from the community.

"Together we can make a difference"

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Summer Charity Gift Bazaar

3rd Annual International Museum Day at Amricani Cultural Centre

Friday, May 15 2015, from 4 – 10pm at Dar al-Athar al-Islamiyyah’s Amricani Cultural Centre.

There will be plenty of museum and non-museum activities including: lectures on sustainability, art workshops, charity drives, recycling activities, outdoor music concerts, hand craft-goods, organic food vendors, children’s activities, theatrical plays, exhibition tours, temporary art exhibitions by Dar al-Funoon and the Sultan Gallery and so much more. 

Old Men Grooving

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Mayweather V. Pacquiao Fight: Private Aircraft Parking Full in Vegas

The determination and desire to crawl out of crime and poverty that prize fighting gave to both Mayweather and Pacquiao is admirable. Even though Pacquiao lost, he is a larger-than-life hero for all Filipinas. Pacquiao, once homeless and fighting for $2 per win at age fourteen back in The Phillipines, could now run for president of his native country, and win.

I'd want a refund if I'd paid big bucks to see this fight. Mayweather defended and threw out a few punches whilst Pacquiao fought hard and with only one good hand (his team are saying he was denied a pain killer for a shoulder injury that had been permitted by the commission). Hmmmm.. 

One of many good punches that Manny got in.

How Mayweather won that fight I'll never know. 

Immense Animal Cruelty and Suffering in Kabd, Kuwait - Pet dogs shot dead in Kabd Block 4 – Friday 1st May

Late Friday night – shots fired from a Kalashnikov rifle were aimed at my two pet dogs and fatally wounded both of them.  I am devastated and broken-hearted at the unnecessary cruelty of a Nissan Patrol car containing a driver in his mid-twenties with a rifle, a teenager and 3 kids in the back of the car.  

had first spotted them cruising around the area at 9pm, when I was outside the farm playing with and feeding both dogs.  They passed slowly by, watching us, with Arabic music blaring out of the vehicle and kids hanging out of the window, yelling something inaudible at me.  I took no notice and didn’t think anything of it.  Kabd is often full of that sort of yobbish behaviour, particularly at the weekend.  

Just after 12.30am, I had let my dogs outside for a quick run-around before bed-time and suddenly heard what I thought was fireworks.  Tragically, it turned out to be rapid gun fire.  By the time I reached them, both dogs had been shot in the side and were writhing in painThe killers must have known they were pets but had decided to shoot them anyhow!
A few of our friends jumped into vehicles to try and find the culprits.  It was difficult at first but then after a few minutes, the sound of gun shots was discernible in the distance

Eventually they caught up with them in Block 6, where they were hard at work killing more dogs and cats at close range.  When confronted about what they had done, the killers admitted that they had been shooting at dogs most of the day and didn’t seem to think there was anything particularly wrong with that.  A heated argument ensued, with one of the killers eventually giving a half-hearted apology for killing our pets.  An apology isn’t going to bring them back!

This morning as we were driving out of Kabd, there was an eerie silence.  Slain bodies of dogs were scattered around the area. We are heartbroken - when will this senseless cruelty and madness ever stop?

Frances Lennon