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Harmony House Calendar of Events for March 2011

There has never been a better time to add meditation to your life than the present. You will be surprised how a few minutes a day can make tons of difference in your life. Harmony House Meditation Centre offers various activities to help you on your inner journey – come and join them!

Meditation Courses (Registration necessary)

NEW! MORNING COURSE! (Hindi) Introductory Course in Meditation
Starting from Monday 7th March, 9:30-11am
Due to popular request, we are offering a morning meditation course beginning on Monday 7th March morning in Hindi. Sessions continue on the following dates: Tues 8th, Mon 14th, Tues 15th, Mon 21st, Tues 22nd March

NEW! WEEKEND AFTERNOON COURSE! (Hindi) Introductory Course in Meditation
Starting from Friday 11th March, 4:00-6.30pm
To cater to those who are available only during weekends, we are offering a weekend afternoon meditation course beginning on Friday 11th March afternoon in Hindi. Sessions continue on the following dates: Sat 12th, Fri 18th, Sat 19th

NEW! MORNING Advanced Level (Hindi)
Every Thursday from 9:30-10:30am
For those who speak Hindi and have finished the introductory and intermediate courses.

Introductory Course in Meditation (English)
Starting from Monday 7th March, 7-9pm
Introductory meditation course in English begins on Monday evening 7th March, followed by following sessions: Tues 8th, Mon 14th, Tues 15th, Mon 21st, Tues 22nd March

Intermediate Level Meditation Course – (Arabic)
Starting from Mon 7th March, 7-9pm
PLEASE NOTE: Intermediate level is only for those who have completed the “Introductory Course in Meditation”. First class begins on Mon 7th March, followed by Tues 8th, Mon 14th, Tues 15th, Mon 21st, Tues 22nd March

Courses in Meditation are available in Arabic, English, Hindi, Mandarin and Tamil.
Please email or call to enquire.
Telephone: 2565 5224

Open to all (Registration necessary)

NEW! Vegetarian Cooking Seminar
Saturday 12th March, 9:30 – 11am
Vegetarian Living - Energize the Soul and Nourish the Body. Heal Body, Mind, and Soul ~ Learn how food affects thoughts and feelings with a new vegetarian approach to eating.
This Seminar will offer practical demonstration in:
· Preparation and Cooking
· Diet & Nutrition
· Food for the Soul - A spiritual approach

A vegetarian diet is becoming an increasingly popular lifestyle choice for ethical, ecological and health reasons. Learn about the impact of food on our spirituality, ability to think, our health and on nourishing the soul.
This seminar offers an opportunity to understand the dynamics between food and thought, and how to nurture the whole self spiritually and physically through simple, yet powerful changes in our eating and food preparation habits, and creating a meditative environment while cooking.

Quotes by Famous People:

"It is my view that the vegetarian manner of living, by its purely physical effect on the human temperament, would most beneficially influence the lot of mankind." ~ Albert Einstein

“I do feel that spiritual progress does demand at some stage that we should cease to kill our fellow creatures for the satisfaction of our bodily wants” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

NEW! Wise Women’s Group – (Criteria: Open to all mothers)
Friday 4th March and Friday 18th March 10:30am-12noon
The aim of Wise Women’s Group is to help women grow spiritually – by rediscovering their true worth, value and potential and by reconnecting with the inner self in a nurturing, constructive and peaceful environment.
Women of all ages and backgrounds benefit from this atmosphere of trust and affirmation. They have an opportunity to learn from the experience of others, restore their self-value and self-confidence, acquire skills which help rebuild inner strength, and identify ways to enjoy and apply spiritual skills in everyday life.

Open to all (Registration necessary)

Seminar in Hindi “Tanav Mukt Jeevan” (Stress Free Living)
Sunday 6th March, 7-9pm
By Pavitra Sangwan - guest speaker who has been working in a fast paced media environment for several years and has been balancing the art of Raja Yoga Meditation with this demanding profession for over ten years.

Seminar in English  “Harmony in Relationships” (Managing Conflict)
Sunday 13th March, 7 - 9pm
By Aruna Ladva - a conflict mediator by profession, Aruna will be sharing practical tips on how to manage relationships in order to bring about win-win outcomes.

Third Sunday – World Meditation Hour
Sunday 20th March - pls see below for more details

Seminar in Arabic “Healing the Heart”
Sunday 27th March, 7 - 9pm
By Wajeeha Al-Habib - Educator by profession Wajeeha has been conducting various workshops and seminars on self-development for more than a decade. She shares passionately about how Raja Yoga Meditation has truly changed her life for the better over the last twelve years.

Special Program – “Shivratri”
Come and celebrate with us on Thurs, 3rd March from 7-9pm
“Shivratri” is a celebration from India denoting the birth of light and removal of darkness from the world. It signifies the dawn of a new era where virtues and values thrive and goodness and abundance overflow. Is this just a myth or is it a possibility? In this time of uncertainty and restlessness, the significance of “Shivratri” brings hope to humanity.

RETREAT “Healing the Heart & Soul” (Registration necessary)

Friday 25th March 10am-2pm – BEIT AL SALAM, Julai’a Bnaider
Healing the heart and soul is a process that needs compassion and insight. We all carry past wounds and hurts that prevent us from experiencing joy and happiness. It is imperative that we begin this process and feel a sense of restoration in the soul for only then can the soul move on and fly. Learn to let go of old baggage and find out how to nurse the soul back to life.


“Tapasya” Meditation
This month’s Tapasya Meditations are:
Fri 4th, Thurs 10th, Fri 11th, Thurs 17th, Fri 18th, Thurs 24th , Fri 25th, Wed 30th at 7-8.30PM
Tapasya means intense meditation. After sitting for some time and practising stillness of mind and body, there is a shift in consciousness which creates changes in the soul and body. We arrive at an inner peace allowing our vision, attitude, awareness and perspective to change.

Third Sunday - World Meditation Hour, Sunday 20th March 7-8:30pm
Third Sunday World Meditation Hour started in 1978 and since then Raja Yoga meditators around the globe donate several hours of yoga power on every third Sunday of the month towards world peace. Come and join us that evening from 7:00pm to 8:30pm and help us add to the power of world peace.

Rumaithiya, Shaheen Al Ghanim St., Block 5, Villa 3, Kuwait .

Please email or call to enquire or register.
Telephone: 25654062

Campaign 7- A Project To Document on Film and Remember Forever the Brave Deeds of Kuwaitis and Others During the Dark Days of The Occupation of Kuwait

February 26, 2011 marks the 20th anniversary of the liberation of the State of Kuwait. To date, there has been no feature-length documentation (in fiction nor non-fiction form) of the events that took place within the seven month time frame of the brutal Iraqi “Saddami” occupation. In fact, the event has been erased from the local scholastic history books, and is today only a faded memory for those who lived through it; and a “non-event” for those who did not. Talk of occupation, social harmony, and heroism has been replaced by political banter and social/economic discourse. The scars of the invasion have faded, and the minds have chosen to forget.

This project is a call for remembrance and celebration of that time. In its manifestation, it will also serve to shed light on the true nature of the Kuwaiti spirit; that of unity, tolerance, respect, and compassion.
To learn more [link] or submit a script.

LWDLIK- I won't be submitting a script it's purely coincidental that I posted a few of my memories and experiences and then found this. Coincidental perhaps but I happen to not believe in coincidences...Hmmm?

The Children of Gaza- Photo Exhibition

Earlier this year three international photographers, Giuseppe Aquili, Jim McFarlane and Anthony Dawton with the support of Al Madad Foundation and Save the Children entered Gaza. For nearly two weeks the award winning photographers photographed children and their families all victims of the Israeli incursion on December 27th 2008. The images are extraordinary, they tell of what happened and the damage done, physically and psychologically but they also tell of a people particularly the children, bright intelligent and full of hope.

The exhibition will be as dramatic in its presentation as the images themselves comprising of black and white photographic art works. Included in the exhibition will be original pieces inspired by the photographic images from the renowned artist Dia Azzawi. His images will provide a vivid and colourful contrast to the imposing mono chrome images of Aquili, Dawton and McFarlane.

The exhibition hopes to define the process in which art can bring understanding to seemingly intractable political conflict as well as to highlight the terrible consequences long and short term of such conflicts.

Proceeds from the exhibition will go to Save the Children projects in Gaza particularly its outstanding work with conflict traumatised children. Both Al Madad Foundation and Save the Children will be on hand at exhibitions to answer questions both about the works of art and Save the Children’s projects in Gaza.

Exhibition dates & timings:
Opening : 8th March - 7 - 9 pm
9th March - 10am - 4pm & 7 - 9pm
10th-17th March - 10am - 4pm ( Closed on Fridays & Saturdays)

Tel: 24704325/6/8
Location: South Sabhan, Block B, Street 105, Building No. 168.


My Gulf War Experiences

I've already written about my first day of the Iraqi invasion in 1990. And having been at the British Embassy on the 25th February, 2011 with friends and dignitaries (including Former Prime Ministers Tony Blair and John Major) for a very memorable 20 year reunion where we reminisced about those surreal days, I was encouraged by friends to post some of my pics and more stories of my time during the Gulf War.

I had left Kuwait during the invasion and occupation in September, 1990 with the organised evacuation of British women and children. A 17 hour journey by bus to Baghdad followed by a flight to Amman and from there a BA flight to London.

Once back in the UK my old employer Kuwait Airways called and asked me to join them in Cairo where they were starting up operations. After a month we were asked if anyone wanted to volunteer to go on a British military operation flying troops out of the UK - all the British girls, some Kuwaitis and a few other varied nationalities didn't hesitate.

We arrived at a hotel in Oxford and the following day were taken to Brize Norton RAF Base for a briefing. What a briefing that was! We were issued with nuclear, biological, chemical warfare suits and combo pens. Combo pens were a huge syringe full of anti-nerve gas antidote (belladonna) that were only to be administered if you had suffered nerve gas poisoning because the belladonna could kill you alone if you hadn't already been poisoned. Ok, so what are the symptoms of nerve gas poisoning? Well they're same as if you were scared silly by the thought of a possible nerve gas attack; sweating profusely, shaking, nausea, dizzy so how one tells the difference I'll never know. We girls had made a pact that we would stand in a circle and jab each other in the behind. Fortunately, we never had to use them.

We were two crews alternating on the B-747 that flew British troops daily into Jubail, Saudi Arabia (the closest airbase to Kuwait) until it got far too dangerous and then we started flying into Dharan.

That's me in Jubail, Saudia Arabia. Can't believe they let me play with those light baton thingies for guiding aircraft in. However, it was only for a photo opportunity.

In Dharan we experienced a full blown skud attack whilst on a jumbo jet full of fuel. Sandy, one of the Tornado squadron leaders was having a cup of tea with us when I heard a siren. We had been briefed about the warning siren and the flag would would turn to red if  there was imminent danger. I asked Sandy if that was the warning siren going off. It sounded very much like the C-130's taxying out (which make a hell of a noise and already Dharan was a huge, busy military air base with loads of noise) but simultaneously Sandy and I noticed the red flag and we knew it was the business. Sandy told me to close the door until he could check on his radio, in the jeep at the bottom of the stairs, what the situation was. If there were chemicals in the air then we would be better off staying on the closed aircraft but if there were incoming scuds we'd better get the hell off the big fat target full of fuel. He came back in seconds yelling at us to get off and get to the bunker. We knew where that was as we'd made sure of its location first moment we opened the door.

On the aircraft we had an emergency alert button called PP with PA overide. It was my one and only time to ever use it. I pressed the button and yelled at the crew over the PA "Attention we have incoming scuds, get your NBC suits and get to the bunker". We grabbed the huge bags containing the suits and struggled as fast as we could to the arriving buses that Sandy had organised to take us across the tarmac to the bunker. Half way to the bunker we heard the most almighty bangs which had the girls screaming and crying but the driver said it was the Patriots being launched; they break the sound barrier.

When we got to the bunker there were already lots of people inside who helped us put on our suits as we were shaking with fear. 

The pic below was after the scud attack at Dharan. Some of the crew had already changed and some even stayed on the aircraft not bothering to go to the bunker. The pics don't really show our charcoal covered faces from using the gas masks

Jan 16, 1991 was a change in destination, instead we flew into Riyadh who fueled us in record time. Usually the military planes had priority but that day we got priority. There was a hurried feel to everything and we could sense something was wrong. We took off and were barely out of Saudi airspace when the captain called me in to listen to the the BBC - The liberation of Kuwait had begun. The airwar started. All the crew and 4-5 servicemen squeezed into the cockpit to listen to the news. We laughed, jumped with joy and then cried with fear and apprehension.

Unforgettable memories.

Putting the 'Great' Back in Britain

This has been a brilliant week for the Brits. I'm very proud of the daring evacuation of stranded British expat workers from Libya using RAF Hercules aircraft. Awesome stuff.

We've had top billing representing us here for the Kuwaiti celebrations with former Prime Minister John Major, former Prime Minister Tony Blair, Ret. General Sir Peter De La Billiere (my personal favourite superhero) who led the British forces during Desert Storm.
And last night, after watching the parade along the Gulf road, I topped the week off with 'The King's Speech' what a great movie.
Feeling very proud to be British. 

Saturday, February 26, 2011

More Fireworks Tonight?

Now according to the Kuwait Fest schedule there are 20 rounds of fireworks to go off tonight along the seafront (boulevard?) no timing but yesterday's was supposed to start at 7PM and it started nearer 8.30PM. Sorry nothing more on this.

LWDLIK- Yep.. Checked the schedule three times definitely said fireworks on 26th on page 9. Did anyone see any? Maybe it was a typo and the fireworks went off at the military show? Oh well, yesterday's were more than enough.

50/20 Celebrations - The Kuwait Towers Light and Firework Show on YouTube

Say NO to Drugs! What Drugs Can do to You!

As well as give you hepatitis, HIV, lose all respect for yourself and even die.
For more mugshots of the disfiguring toll of addiction [link]

The World’s Most Expensive Purse: $3.8 million

In 2007 we had the exclusive on the Chanel Diamond Forever Classic Bag which came with a $261,000 price tag. But today $261k appears to be nothing compared to what the Guinness Book of World Records crowned as the world’s most expensive purse.
Here is the outrageous “1001 Nights Diamond Purse” which is valued at $3.8 million. The heart-shaped bag is encrusted with over 4,500 diamonds – of that 105 yellow, 56 pink, and 4,356 are colorless. Total carat weight is a staggering 381 carats.

Obviously there is more absurdity and ridiculousness to this bag, like the fact that it was handcrafted from 18-carat gold and it took 10 artisans over four months to finish. The Dubai-based designer, House of Mouawad, was founded in 1890 and is no stranger to extremely high end creations (they made the Very Sexy Fantasy Bra for Victoria’s Secret). And apparently, this bag is for sale. Just answer me this – if you were to buy this bag, it would never leave the safe vault in your home right?

Courtesy of one of my fav blogs

LWDLIK- Yesterday my buddy had her limited edition LV with her which I made sure was taken very good care of in my home. Though she did try to assure me that it's already been drizzled with sherwerma and tahina :O)

Kuwait's 50/20 Celebrations - The Most FANTASTIC Firework Show

We had a fabulous afternoon with Sir John Major, Tony Blair, Sir Peter De La Billiere, Lord Lamont and Lord King at the British embassy. Thank you so much Ambassador Frank Baker and lovely wife Maria, it was truly a most memorable day. Followed by a viewing of a mind-blowing, awesome firework display with our dear friends from our balcony.

These were the pics from our building taken by my friend Linz. I'm still awestruck by the whole day.. I think it'll last a while :O)

Thanks Linz x

Click to enlarge

Friday, February 25, 2011


Busy day today which is why I probably woke up at 6AM. Lunch with JM :OD Followed by firework party. Very excited. Even the foggy weather outside hasn't fazed me. Hopefully it will clear up as the day goes on. Have a great day all.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Kiku No Kai (Japanese Traditional Dance)

When: 3rd March, 2011
Cost: Free of charge
Time: 6.30-9.30PM

Where: Abdul Aziz Hussein Cultural Center Theater which is located behind Mishref Co-Op
Contact Ms Yasmin tel. 25309458 for details.

FB link


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Golden Years Between Britain and Kuwait

HH Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmed Al Sabah, Amir of Kuwait
& Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain.

Britain has been a unique part of Kuwait's history for over 100 years.

The Beginning:
The British mail route from India to Aleppo via the Gulf was uploaded at Kuwait instead of Zubair and Basra in mid 1775. This route was of extreme importance to the British East India Company, for it forwarded mail to and from India as well as serving wide commercial purposes.

In the Early 1970s Samual Manesty and the staff of the British Factory at Basra, were still encountering difficulties with the Ottoman officials, so in April 1973 they moved into Kuwait and settled there until August 1795.

The first agreement between Britain and Kuwait (1841):

In April 1841, Sheikh Sabah Bin Jaber signed the Naval Agreement on behalf of his father. The decision came about due to the struggle between Iran, the Ottoman State and the British authorities affected the maritime activity and pearl diving. In the Naval Agreement, Britain called the countries of the region to join for security, stability and in protection of ship owners from the dangers that resulted from such conflict.

British-Kuwait Agreement (January 1899):
In January 1899, the ruler Sheikh Mubarak Al Sabah--"the Great"--signed an agreement with the British Government that pledged himself and his successors neither to cede any territory, nor to receive agents or representatives of any foreign power without the British Government's consent, in exchange for protection and an annual subsidy.

The late Sheikh Ahmad Al Jaber was the first Kuwaiti official who visited Britain. He met King George V, in October 1919.

The Independence of Kuwait (June 1961):
On 19 June 1961, independence was announced in both London and Kuwait. The Amir of Kuwait HH Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem and the British Political Resident of Her Majesty in the Gulf, Sir William Los, exchanged letters to end the 1899 Agreement, declaring Kuwait's independence.

In continuation of good relations between Kuwait and Britain, HH the late Amir of Kuwait Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Al Sabah invited Queen Elizabeth to visit Kuwait on 12 May 1979. It was the Queen's first visit to Kuwait. She was accompanied by her husband the Duke of Edinburgh.

The Liberation of Kuwait from Iraq (August 1990-February 1991):
The Kuwaitis will never forget the great role played by Britain in liberating Kuwait from the Iraqi occupation of August 1990. Margaret Thatcher, the then Prime Minister, played a vital role to foment the world powers to denounce and deter the aggressor.

After Kuwait's liberation, HH the Amir visited the UK on 2 October 1991, where he met with a number of British politicians to show Kuwait's appreciation and gratitude for the British comprehensive and effective participation in liberating Kuwait.

On an invitation of HH Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad, Margaret Thatcher British Prime Minister arrived at Kuwait on 23 November 1991.

Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Al Sabah visits the UK (May 1995):

HH Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Al Sabah paid a second visit to the British capital on 24 May 1995. He was welcomed by Her Majesty the Queen, and the then Prime Minister, John Major. Those visits contributed to cementing the British relations.

HH Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Sabah, during his former career as a Minister of Foreign Affairs, and later a Prime Minister, had many friendly relations with key British personnel especially ministers of foreign affairs.

With thanks to the British Embassy Kuwait website

LWDLIK- It takes quite a bit to impress the Kuwaitis these days but a trip in her (QEII) golden carriage must have been something to remember for Baba Jaber (God rest his soul).

50/20 Celebrations in Brief and in Plain English With No Boulevards

Thursday Feb 24th
- Kuwait Towers: Special Forces show at 3:30pm followed by fireworks at 6:00pm
- Marina Crescent: 5000 doves will be released in less then 5 minutes in an attempt to break a Guinness World Record at 3:30pm

Friday Feb 25th
- Anjifa Beach: Classic Car Show at 1:00pm. They will drive on the Gulf Road starting from Anjifa Beach to Kuwait Towers. Other cars can join.
- Kuwait Towers: Big fireworks at 7:00pm. This is a must see.

Saturday Feb 26th
- Subiya Road: Military Parade that will include Coalition Forces as well at 10:00am. Subiya Road starts from the end of the 4th Ring Road heading towards Jahra. It is about 25min drive.

Sunday Feb 27th
- Gulf Road: Carnival Parade starting from Shaab Park on the Gulf Road.

Monday Feb 28th
- Marina Mall: Water Show at Marina Mall Beach around noon

Borrowed from Mark at  who got them from Othman of thank you for sharing with the people :OD

New update from Othman for the upcoming events:

Saturday 26th Feb:

6th ring road will be closed in preparation for the military parade. It will be closed starting from Sulaibiya road till Messila bridge starting from 8am till 12 noon. It will be opened until 2:30pm where it will close again until 5:00pm.

Sunday 27th Feb:

In preparation for the carnival on the gulf road, the road will be closed from the intersection with the 3rd ring road till the intersection with the British Embassy (where is this?). Time will be from 12 noon till the end of the carnival. All parking lots will also be closed with the exception for Green Island parking lot which will be dedicated to the elderly and disabled only.

About Sunday’s carnival:

It will include cars from 92 different government and private sectors. The carnival will start after lunch time (I’m guessing after Aser prayer or so?) till sunset. It will start from Marina Mall all the way till Kuwait towers. The cars themselves will remain parked for 3 days at the Kuwait Towers for people to watch. Seating areas will be provided so that people can watch the carnival. Special areas for the disabled will also be allocated. Furthermore, there will be designated parking areas for people who are attending the carnival as well as buses to transfer people from the parking lots to the seating areas. At the Kuwait Towers, a 2 kilometer long flag of Kuwait will be on display. (This carnival is supposed to be similar to the ones we had back in the 70′s and 80′s and is supposed to be BIG so make sure you come to watch

LWDLIK- Woohoo! Thanks Othman :OD

Kuwait Rally 2011

Kuwait International Rally 2011 check  for detailed information, registration, news, updates and results!
As always, they are looking forward to see you and your friends on the track and hope that some of you might want to volunteer to make this rally as successful as the previous ones!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Gold Cake Anyone?

Check out the masterpiece… A cake covered with edible 24k gold for Kuwait’s Golden Jubilee, decorated with beautiful Al Nowair flowers. The inside? Well…. the colours of our flag in the flavors of course- green pistachio, white vanilla, and red raspberry! Only from Le Notre! To place order call 1805050 ext. 28
Thank you the Official 360 Mall page on FB.

Bayt Lothan Offers Citizens and Expats- Folk Songs, Dancing and Crafts

Kuwait Times published Date: February 22, 2011
By Ben Garcia, Staff Writer

KUWAIT: Bayt Lothan, a nonprofit organization that serves the community by promoting events focused on national heritage such as art, music and crafts, is currently hosting Crafts Heritage 2011. Besides hosting exhibitions, the event will showcase musical recitals by several well-known Kuwaiti folk singers and dancers. The event, under the patronage of His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser Al-Muhammad Al Sabah, started on Feb 19 and will continue until Feb 23. Speaking with the Kuwait Times, Bayt Lothan's General Manager Farah Fawaz Al-Sabah said the exhibition and musical extravaganza is free of charge. She added that the event is an opportunity to present citizens and expats with the history and heritage of Kuwait and is part of their contribution to Kuwait's upcoming national days.

I want everybody to come and witness the performances of our artistes," she said. "These performances are not exclusive to Kuwaitis. I personally would like to see expats enjoy the music and the display of our national heritage." Bayt Lothan prepared performances by several groups of professional folk singers and dancers. "If you noticed our music is really a little bit of everything from our neighboring countries, it's fun and jolly," she continued.

Persian influences are there but there are also African and Indians influences as well," She said that traditional sailing songs will be presented on Wednesday, including famous Persian song such as 'haban' and 'samris.' "In this presentation, we are going to demonstrate how the people of the pre-oil era managed to survive merely by pearl diving. Every song has a particular meaning. There were songs for pulling rope, diving, even for saying goodbye or that it was time to eat and have some fun," she said.

Also for the event, Bayt Lothan has displayed their most valuable and worthwhile collections. A place called the bride's room displays charming and impressive wedding dresses from the early 1930's, 40's and 50's. Another room is reserved for astrologer Saleh Al-Ajari, where an old astronomy instrument is on display. "We have a room filled with old folk instruments and another with photos and paintings of Kuwait," she said.

Al-Sabah said the exhibition is an opportunity to link the present to its past but also to remind children about the importance of their national identity. "I want this event to show our children how our forefathers worked hard to build a country full of the people we are today." Farah Al-Sabah also thanked the event's sponsors, ABK, Markaz, Knetco, Wataniya Telecom and Ford.

LWDLIK- This was published this morning in Kuwait Times so we (the expats) have already missed 3 days. Hmmm..Bayt Lothan didn't release the details in English prior to commencing the event?

Monday, February 21, 2011

50/20 Celebrations - The Releasing of 5000 Doves Will Put Kuwait in The Guinness Book of Records

During the occasion of Kuwait's National day Golden Jubilee, 20 years since Liberation and 5 years for HRH The Amir of Kuwait, Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmed Al Jaber Al Sabah. Al-Sayer Group will extend a message of peace from Kuwait to the world and place Kuwait in the Guinness book of records.

An historical event when the world will witness the releasing of 5000 doves into the sky at Marina Crescent on February 24, 2011 at 3.30PM and fireworks in the evening.

The Speaker's Progress by Sulayman Al Bassam - A Version of Twelfth Night by Shakespeare

You are cordially invited to an exclusive preview of “The Speaker's Progress” a play written & directed by Sulayman Al-Bassam. Presented by SABAB Theatre in collaboration with Dar al-Athar al-Islamiyyah.
Date and Time: Sunday, 20th Feb, Monday, 21st Feb, Tuesday, 22nd Feb at 7:30 PM.
Location: Al-Maidan Cultural Centre, Maidan Hawally.
Language: The play is in Arabic with English subtitles. Limited seats.
Since DAI is a non-profit organization, SABAB cannot sell tickets. However, any contribution towards the entrance pass is greatly appreciated which will go to SABAB.
Join DAI Facebook Page for latest updates and news:

Follow their blog for DAI Cultural Season Reviews and news on The al-Sabah Collection:  

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Saturday, February 19, 2011

2nd Day of Protests- Kuwaiti police use tear gas against protesters

(AFP) – 2 hours ago

KUWAIT CITY — Kuwaiti riot police used tear gas to disperse hundreds of stateless Arabs who demonstrated for the second day Saturday to demand basic rights and citizenship.

Police arrested dozens from around 300 protesters who had gathered in Sulaibiya, 25 kilometres (16 miles) southwest of Kuwait City, to press for their demands.

On Friday, at least five people were wounded and local media said as many as 100 protesters were arrested when around 1,000 stateless Arabs, also known as bidoons, clashed with police in Jahra, west of Kuwait City.

Like in Jahra, protesters in Sulaibiya carried Kuwaiti flags and pictures of the ruler and also demanded their right to work.

The bidoons, who are estimated at more than 100,000, claim they have the right to Kuwaiti citizenship, but the government says that ancestors of many of them came from neighbouring countries and they are not entitled to nationality.

Kuwait launched a crackdown on the bidoons in 2000, depriving them of basic rights including the right to health, education and jobs, in a bid to force them to reveal what the authorities say are their true identities.

Many bidoons have no right to a driver's licence, cannot get birth certificates for their babies or death certificates for the dead. They are also banned from getting their marriage contracts attested.

Due to stringent government restrictions, a majority of them are living in dire economic conditions in oil-rich Kuwait, where the average monthly salary of native citizens is more than $3,500 (2,575 euros).

Authorities said that following the crackdown, some 20,000 bidoons disclosed their original citizenship and were given residence permits like other foreigners.

Most bidoons claim to be Kuwaitis whose forefathers, who lived as Bedouins in the desert, failed to apply for citizenship when the state first introduced its nationality law in 1959.

Kuwaiti MPs have called on the government to quickly resolve the problem of bidoons and Kuwait's society for human rights called in a statement Saturday for the release of detainees.

LWDLIK- Let's hope a peaceful, humane solution is found very soon.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

AUK 50/20 Celebrations

Click [link] for pdf schedule of events.

Adoption Info

Here's a link to a Special Mothers' group on Facebook where you can find out more info, ask questions and volunteer help at the orphanage in Kuwait.  For those that don't have FB call the Director Mr. Bader Al Awadi Tel: 24878949.

Habibityi Ya Kuwait!

Click to enlarge

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

An Evening of Jazz Music with the Chris Byars/ Ari Roland Jazz Septet

Wednesday, February 23rd at 7:00pm - 8:30pm.
Al Babtain Central Library for Arabic Poetry, Abdullah Al-Ahmed Street (Next to the Grand Mosque and Ministry of Planning). See map below if all that sounds like double Dutch to you :O)

The U.S. Embassy in Kuwait is pleased to present the Chris Byars/Ari Roland Jazz Septet, which will be performing in Kuwait in conjunction with the nation-wide celebrations marking the 50th anniversary of Kuwait’s independence, the 20th anniversary of the liberation, and the 5th anniversary of H.H. the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah’s ascendance.

The Chris Byars/Ari Roland Jazz Septet is based in New York City. The band’s music is inspired by the great masters of jazz - Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie - and the members learned to play under the guidance of the living legends of jazz in New York. The group performs songs from the Golden Age of Jazz (1930's - 1950's), and its original compositions have been celebrated by jazz critics from around the world. In addition to the group’s performances in New York and busy touring schedule, its members direct international jazz programs bringing together young musicians from across the globe.

Love from Japan 007 Style

Hmm..A set of pens maybe?

Pens with cameras?


You've just looked into the future...
A replacement for your PC.

In the revolution of miniature computers, scientists have made great developments with blue tooth technology.These are the forthcoming computers that you can carry within your pockets.


Can anyone say, 'Good-bye laptops!' Looks like our computers are out of date...again!

Art Exhibit: Hues of Humanity

Saturday, Feb 19th for an all day public exhibition 10:00am -7:00pm  at Dar Al Cid in Jabriya, Block 12, Street 1. Email: or Tel. 25318061. Free entrance.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dog Missing

This sweet old lady has gone missing in Sabah Al Salem, block 2. Her name is Lassie, she is black and grey, gentle natured and some teeth missing. If you happen to see her please email me

NBK Walkathon on 12th March 2011

Registration started Sunday at NBK Walkathon Tent next to the Scientific Centre in Salmiya on Sunday, February 13 and continues until March 11, which is one day before the start of the walkathon.

National Bank of Kuwait (NBK), the best bank in the Middle East, announced the launching of its 17th Annual Walkathon on the 12th of March 2011 on the occasion of Kuwait's celebration of 50 years over its independence, 20 years over its liberation from the Iraqi invasion and 5 years since H.H. the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jabir Al-Sabah assumed his post. The Walkathon event will also feature a host of functions, activities and competitions with rewarding prizes and rewards awaiting the participants.

NBK's Vice Chairman and Chairman of the Bank & Community Committee, Nasser Musaed Al Sayer said that it has been clear that NBK's Walkathon is growing year on year, and we are extremely thrilled to take our involvement with this exciting event to new levels. This year, we are expecting participation to be much more than previous walkathon which witnessed more the participation of more than 12,000 contesters".

Al Sayer added said that NBK has set all the preparations for the launch of the Walkathon. The registration for the Walkathon has started in NBK Walkathon registration tent.

"It is gratifying to note that the annual walkathon event, which is a major component of NBK's corporate social responsibility (CSR), has over the years garnered huge success and public recognition as being one of the much awaited nationwide health, sports and entertainment-related activities", Al Sayer added.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day at Al Maidan Cultural Centre

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Happy Valentine's Day To My Darling Husband

There is nothing like a song to evoke vivid emotions. This one has me in tears in nanoseconds. I had left Kuwait a month after the Invasion, I would have stayed if I thought I could have contributed and not put people in danger of losing their lives. My dear husband stayed and refused to leave his family and country. From September 1990 to March 1991- I heard nothing from him. I had no idea for six months whether he was dead or alive. It was a very tough time but thank God we had a happy ending. This song we shared with all those who had loved ones out here during that horrendous time.

Yep, after 20 years it can still turn me into a bubbling mess right thro til the end :OD


My top ten list of great Valentine gifts...

A trip for the two of you, anywhere, even if it's Dubai for the night. As long as it's away from normal routine and the kids are not with you.

Try Fly Dubai or Jazeera they both have some great last minute deals for this month.

2. Dinner for two at a fab restaurant , The Regency Hotel  has a lovely Valentine's dinner planned with piano, chocolates and roses. Top tip; do NOT take the kids, do NOT play with your phone through dinner, do NOT talk about work. Do reminisce about when you met and how lovely you both still are, try to remember cute stories about the two of you.

3. Red roses the biggest bunch you can afford. You will be rewarded.

4. A nice piece of jewelry that you know she'll like, if you are not sure which piece to get then move on to number 5. If it comes from Octium in 360 Mall I can tell you she'll love it!

5. Godiva chocolates or Fauchon, both are excellent and so beautifully packaged they can not fail to impress and make anyone feel special.

6. Have the kids sleep over at a friends or in bed early and cook her dinner. Stick to something simple maybe buy some fois gras or pate as a starter, beef tenderloin and aspargus as a main, strawberries dipped in melted chocolate for dessert. TV and mobile must be switched off. Nice music and candles. Voila! (It's at number 6 because it really depends how well you pay attention to the recipe).

7. Run her a nice bubble bath and sprinkle a few rose petals on top. A little back rub would be good too. Whilst she's in the bath order in her favourite food for you to have together later.

8. A nice lunch somewhere just the two of you. If he's too busy or tired after work then try to meet up for a special lunch.

9. If you have to have dinner with kids then after they sleep put on a good movie (not Terminator 3) and make some popcorn and hold hands at home. Go get her hot cocoa with extra marshmallows before bedtime. Should give her at least a single red rose.

10. A red Maserati would be perfect.

Hope my husband's reading this :OD..

List has been repeated from last year because it can't get much better and husband still hasn't read it..

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pecha Kucha Night Vol. 7

Pecha Kucha Night Vol.7 on Wednesday, February 16 at 7.30PM in Gulf University for Science & Technology (outdoor amphitheatre) Block 5, Building 1, Mubarak Al-Abdullah Area/West Mishref.

Guest speakers include:
Dr. Naif Al-Mutawa
Haider Al- Mosawi
Dr. William Schuilenberg
Monira Al Qadiri
Mohammad Al-Dhubaib
Ola Al-Refai
Najwa Maarafi
Najiba Maarafi
Bader Al-Bassam

Elevation Burger
Mexican Elephant

Pecha Kucha Night, devised by Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham (Klein Dytham architecture), was conceived in 2003 as a place for young designers to meet, network, and show their work in public. Pecha Kucha Night is a not-for-profit event, conceived, inspired, and performed solely to strengthen creativity whether it be famous or soon-to-be famous talents.

But as we all know, give a mike to a person you'll be trapped for hours. The key to Pecha Kucha Night is its patented system for avoiding this fate. Each presenter is allowed 20 images, each shown for 20 seconds each - giving 6 minutes 40 seconds of fame before the next presenter is up. This keeps presentations concise, the interest level up, and gives more people the chance to show.

Pecha Kucha (which is Japanese for the sound of conversation) has tapped into a demand for a forum in which creative work can be easily and informally shown, without having to rent a gallery or chat up a magazine editor. This is a demand that seems to be global - as Pecha Kucha Night, without any pushing, has spread to over 159 cities across the world.