Friday, October 27, 2017

Happy Halloween - The Brain Cake

This was so much fun to make and the kids loved it. Truly not that difficult [link]. Happy Halloween. 

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Elevation Burgers Science Club

Marketspace at Artspace

Family Cinema Day at Yarmouk Cultural Centre

Day Out To The Farm, Yoga, Kids Activities, Flowers, Vegetables and Healthy Meals

True Hair Story

So I have been trying to grow my hair for the longest time but had one of the most difficult cuts to grow out, the Pixie. I spent the whole of my holiday in France with hair envy but was determined to grow it. Having no style is like having no personality, in my case anyway. My hubby and daughter were begging me to let it grow. Dilemma. I tried and was pretty hair-miserable especially when I saw myself in a photo in a newspaper. Time for action. I thought I could have it cut into a bob but that still wasn't me and more work than I'm prepared to do every morning. So back to my trusted friend, Michelle, at Strands who then cut me a short, darn cute pixie which I adore. It's not really what others think is good for you, it is what you think is good for you. Surprisingly hubby loves it. And I am back!

Okay so the above photo is not of me but that colour is gorgeous or maybe some toffee highlights for Christmas. Loving my hair again.

IGN Convention for your Gaming, Movie Buff, Comic Addicted, Pop Culture Kids


Trilogy Events Management Company
965 99333525

IGN Convention (IGN Con) is a video games, movies, comics and pop culture convention held in various cities in the Middle East. The event generally includes celebrities, video game tournaments, table top games, card games, movie previews, comic book stalls and a cosplay competition. A number of Middle Eastern artists and game developers also showcase their work at IGN Convention. This convention is owned and operated by IGN Middle East, the Middle Eastern edition of popular video games website IGN.

Ticket Prices:

- 1 Day Pass = 5 KD
- 3 Day Pass = 10 KD
- VIP Pass = 40 KD

VIP Pass includes :

- 3 day pass
- Goodie bags
- Fast lane for activities 
- Entrance for VIP lounge
- Priority for meet and greet with celebrity
Tickets here

Staged In Kuwait's Puss In Boots Christmas Panto Tickets Are On Sale Now Get Them Quick or Miss Out

Ticket bookings online here [link].

Yay! Got mine, but that's because I hover over the keyboard waiting for the Box Office to open. You really, really shouldn't miss this. The amount of effort, enthusiasm, talent and sweat that goes into these shows is phenomenal.

See you there or be square, and super whiny because you missed it!

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Quotes From The Very Inspiring Women at The International Conference on Women Leaders in Science, Technology and Engineering Being Held in Kuwait

AWARE Center November Schedule

Synopsis: In a street called Blue in a very poor neighborhood in Paris, Monsieur Ibrahim is an old Muslim Turkish owner of a small market. He becomes friend of the teenager Jewish Moises, tenderly nicknamed Momo, who lives with his father in a small apartment on the other side of the street. To know more join us at AWARE on Tuesday. Movie Duration: 94 minutes Refreshments will be provided.

Fee: KD 3 per person (includes transport) Advance reservations required at This well-hidden treasure houses a collection of over 30,000 items collected over the last 50 years, of which approximately 10,000 are on permanent display. Tareq Sayed Rajab was the first Kuwaiti to be sent abroad to study art and archaeology. While a student in the United Kingdom, he met his future wife, Jehan Wellborne, who from her childhood was interested in folklore and particularly the arts and life of exotic peoples and minorities. The Museum opened to the public in 1980 &has a spectacular display of ceramics, metalwork, glass, jade, costumes, textiles, jewelry, wood & stone-carvings & musical instruments. Join AWARE for a guided tour & a most memorable experience!

By Iman Martin Graham Chapman, an American counselor wrote a book – Love languages of God. Written from the Christian point of view can it have any relevance in the Arab world and in particular for Muslims? In her 20 minute present Iman Martin will discuss these love languages, showing if and how they fit into Islam and for family relationships. All are welcome. Join us for a most engaging conversation.

By Iman Martin Naturally we tend to look at the differences rather than similarities. Westerners coming to Kuwait / Middle East for the first time find many cultural differences and virtually all will go through culture shock to some degree. However, are there similarities between Arabs and Westerners? If so, what are they? Are we getting closer or more different? An opportunity to hear others opinion and voice your own. Join us for a most engaging conversation. Refreshments will be provided.

In celebration of Prophet Muhammad's birthday on December 1, join the AWARE Center on November 28 for a presentation about his life. Dr. Teresa Lesher will give an overview of Muhammad's early life and focus on his roles as a prophet, human rights activist, educator, philanthropist, feminist, abolitionist, diplomat, commander in chief and head of state. The presentation will be followed by a discussion. Dr. Teresa Lesher holds her PhD in Information Science from the UK & is now associate professor at the Kuwait College of Basic Education. She held the position of General Manager of the AWARE Center for three years and returns often to host presentations related to Arab and Islamic culture. Advance reservations required at

For a rewarding, spiritual & informative experience. This is a 1½ tour of one of Kuwait’s most famous landmarks. Ladies are required to cover - long sleeves and long ankle length skirt, otherwise the mosque will provide a cloak. If you have your own scarf you’re welcome to bring it. Cameras are allowed. Children are welcome. This tour meets directly at the Grand Mosque

Monday, October 23, 2017

Is This Another Horror Story - More Dogs Die and Dying? Who Is To Blame?

A story is circulating that KLM has abandoned four Pit Bulls at Kuwait customs. Seeing as this breed of dog is banned in Kuwait it is presumed the dogs were held at the airport due to that reason.They have been there for more than a month. Three are still alive and one is dead through starvation. The others are extremely ill. 

Who is to blame? The owner who tried to bring them in? The airline for accepting them? The holding area for not making arrangements to feed them and/or inform KLM that they are refused entry?

Various organisations are trying to help as it seems the dogs are going to be euthanized - Pit Bulls are a banned breed in Kuwait - which is ironic as there are many that are trained and used for fighting in Kuwait. It's so sad and not the dogs' fault. 

Saveco Kids Winter Camp

KFAS 10th International Conference of Women Leaders

A Christian Monastery on Failaka Island, Kuwait

DAI Storytime

Artspace Schedule for this week

Gingerbread House Decorating at The Craftery

DAI Art Festival Artist Call Out

Autumn Decoupage Weekend at The Reading Room, Al Shaheed Park