Thursday, April 28, 2016

Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie - Now That's More Like an Ab Fab Trailer

Hooked, Hacked, Hijacked: Reclaim Your Brain from Addictive Living: Dr. Pam Peeke at TEDx

Dr. Pamela Peeke is an internationally renowned physician, scientist and expert in the fields of nutrition, metabolism, stress and fitness. 

Your choice.... I wish I'd seen this before my bowl of sugar puffs this morning.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Stevie Wonder Carpool Karaoke

Just love Stevie Wonder.

About 30 years my friend, Nikki, and I were in a nightclub in London we were just about to leave, as it was full of Japanese tourists, when two black guys came in. One was really tall and one shorter with beads in his hair. As we walked up the stairs to the exit the tall black guy had followed us and asked us to have a drink with him. We said no thanks and that we were moving on. As we got outside he asked if his driver could drop us and before we knew it a Rolls Royce pulled up, before I could say no my friend got in the backseat, the tall black guy introduced himself and said the driver will drop you wherever you want to go and he left. Once in the car the driver asked if we were friends with Stevie and we said Stevie who? The driver then went on to tell us that the other guy with beads in his hair was Stevie Wonder and was staying at a hotel in Mayfair where he would play piano some nights for the hotel guests. Awesomeness. No, we didn't dash back to the nightclub but still a great memory.

Redbull Road to Nagoya World Football Final Starts Here

What’s Your Location? Re-imagined Reality - Group Exhibition at CAP

Opening reception: Tuesday3/5/2016 – (7:00pm – 9:00pm)Exhibition dates: 4/5/2016 – 4/6/2016Location: Contemporary Art Platform / Main Exhibition Space

What’s Your Location?

Originally shown in Porto Alegre, Brazil, the acclaimed exhibition What’s your Location? Is coming to CAP, Kuwait. The latest works of 16 contemporary Kuwaiti and international artists will be exhibited showcasing their development of the themes that made this thought provoking exhibition so successful in Brazil.

What’s your Location? Explores what is more real, that which we see for the first time or what we know from experience? Is our memory of a subject more real than its description? What of the many representations of the world; can we take them as substitutes for a deferred reality or the condition of the world itself?

The works in the exhibition derive from artists living in different environments using various means to address their circumstances, and yet they continue to ask these same questions of us. How do we apprehend the world now that we can experience it more easily as representation than at first hand? Where does this leave us?

Participating artists: Amani AlThuwaini, Amira Ali Behbehni, Antonio Da Silva, Dana Aljouder, Farah Salem, Frederick Bell, Gayle Chong Kwan, Jassim Alnashmi, Judy-Ann Moule, Katia Salvany, Khaled Nazar, Mohamad Hafez, Muneera Alsharhan, Rommulo Vieira Conceição, Ruth Jones, Steven Scott.

To read more, click here.


Context, Process and Practice: A one to one discussion about approaches to contemporary art.
Tutorial by the British artist Steven Scott
Inline image 1

About the tutorial:Working with media and material combinations that include video and moving image, projection, light, photography, text and print, Steven often utilises such methods as mirroring, repetition, phasing and extended duration to approach a point where movement and stasis become less distinguishable and the image begins to loosen its relationship to its subject. An international contemporary artist, Steven Scott, currently studying for a PhD in the Royal College of Art, is coming to Kuwait to present a new project in association with CAP. 

The tutorials will start from the 2nd of May with a presentation about the tutorials followed by one-on-one artist meetings of one-hour duration. The second meeting will be discussed with the artists and Steven, it will be the opportunity to discuss and bring proposals concerning what the artist intends to develop in his/her art work.

Finally, a group critique will be organized by the curators, Antonio Da Silva and Jassim Alnashmi, where all the artists will be gathering together to discuss the development of their work based on the tutorials provided. This critique will be sent to Steven in London.

The artists, who participate in the tutorials, will be invited to submit their final piece of artwork for a future exhibition.

·  Only 10 participants will be selected.
·  Participating artist should submit:
   - Portfolio
   - Biography
· Tutorials start: 2nd May - 5th May 2016


What’s Your Location? Program

Talk by Judy-Ann Moule on Monday May 9th at 7pm

.Inline image 2

Talk by Amira Ali Behbehani on Monday May 9th at 7:30pm

Inline image 3

Talk by Antonio Da Silva and Jassim Alnashmi Wednesday May 11th at 7pm

Inline image 4     Inline image 5
Attachments area

The Absolutely Fabulous Movie Has Arrived Sweetie Darlings

Eddie and Pats are back. The teaser trailer for Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie has arrived. And it’s about bloody time because we were having withdrawals.

With more booze, more pills and more fashion, we can’t wait for the movie. All our favorite ladies will return, including Saffron and Bubble. They’ll also welcome cameos from Chris Colfer, Kate Moss, Cara Delevingne, Rebel Wilson and numerous others.

The teaser finds Edina and Patsy living the high life on the French Riviera with some handsome boys in tow (literally). But no doubt, drunken antics will ensue.

Cameos include supermodel Kate Moss, but the cast also sees Julia Sawalha return as Saffy, Jane Horrocks as Bubble and June Whitfield as Mother.

Abbey Clancy, Barry Humphries aka Dame Edna Everage, Ella Eyre, Foxes, Graham Norton, Gwendoline Christie, Jeremy Paxman, Jerry Hall, Dame Joan Collins, Ozwald Boateng, Pam Hogg, Perez Hilton, Tinie Tempah and Wanda Ventham also have some screen time.

As well as starring in the film, Saunders wrote the script, which was directed by Mandie Fletcher, produced by Jon Plowman and Damian Jones.

The film hits cinemas in the UK on July 1, 2016 with US and Australia release dates of July 22 and August 11, respectively.

Cameos include supermodel Kate Moss, but the cast also sees Julia Sawalha return as Saffy, Jane Horrocks as Bubble and June Whitfield as Mother. Abbey Clancy, Barry Humphries aka Dame Edna Everage, Ella Eyre, Joan Collins, Foxes, Graham Norton, Gwendoline Christie, Jeremy Paxman, Jerry Hall, Dame Joan Collins, Ozwald Boateng, Pam Hogg, Perez Hilton, Tinie Tempah and Wanda Ventham also have some screen time. As well as starring in the film, Saunders wrote the script, which was directed by Mandie Fletcher, produced by Jon Plowman and Damian Jones. The film hits cinemas in the UK on July 1, 2016 with US and Australia release dates of July 22 and August 11, respectively.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Color Therapy Workshop

Whether we realize it or not, color affects us physically, emotionally and spiritually in our daily lives.
Color therapy uses the full spectrum of colors to help re-balance the body and activate all the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

The workshop includes: The history of color therapy, The effect of colors on our energies, Color meditation.

Color Therapy
Date:  Saturday 30 April 2016
Time:      5 -7 pm
Location: Dar Al-Athar Al-Islamiyyah - Yarmouk
Price:      30 KWD

AWARE Schedule of Events May 2016

Food of the Middle East brings with it a variety of exotic flavors. While some dishes will be fragrant others will be spicy, delicate or at times, even syrupy. From dates, saffron, rose petals and orange blossom to cardamom or cumin - these are but a few of the ingredients comprising the fascinating cuisine of the Middle East. This 4 week course starts Wednesday, May 4, 2016 and ends on May 25, 2016. Course Time: 6:00 - 9:00 pm Course Fee: K.D. 30 per person Very Limited seats! Advance registration required at

Click to view full details

By Dr. Ebrahim AlAdsani (General Manager, AWARE Center) How should I greet Muslims on the occasion of Ramadan? How should I reply if they greet me? Should my public behavior change in Ramadan? When and where can I eat during daylight hours? How should I handle food gifts from neighbors or colleagues? What should I expect if I accept an invitation to break the fast? What will happen on the roads? When is the best time to shop? Will my paperwork get done? And how should I look at non-productivity and excessiveness? This presentation will be followed a dinner buffet. RSVP is required at

Click to view full details

Fee: KD 3 per person Opened by a Kuwaiti gentleman in his own home, this museum has an excellent collection of Kuwaiti antiques with a section of the museum dedicated to his relatives who died during the invasion of Kuwait. Join us as he recounts stories about Kuwait & about the antiques housed in the museum. Advance reservations are required

Click to view full details

Synopsis: An Indian Asperger's sufferer, Rizwan Khan, moves to San Francisco and meets a vivacious single mother named Mandira. They form a special bond and fall in love against all odds, but fate and tragedy conspire to tear them apart. Khan then sets out on a remarkable journey across America on a challenge to speak to the American President to win back his one true love. As his travels continue, Khan inspires optimism and joy in the hearts of the people he encounters by spreading messages of goodwill wherever he roams. Movie Duration: 161 minutes. Popcorn & soft drinks will be provided.

Click to view full details

For a rewarding, spiritual & informative experience. This is a 1½ tour of one of Kuwait’s most famous landmarks. Ladies are required to cover - long sleeves and long ankle length skirt, otherwise the mosque will provide a cloak. If you have your own scarf you’re welcome to bring it. Cameras are allowed. Children are welcome. This tour meets directly at the Grand Mosque This tour does not require prior registration.

Click to view full details

Fee: KD 2 per person The Dickson House Cultural Centre, as it is now known, once served as the official residence for a series of British Political Agents to Kuwait, with the most famous of them being Colonel Harold Dickson who came to Kuwait with his wife, Violet, and two young children in 1929. The house was the scene of momentous occasions in Kuwait's history and provided accommodation to a multitude of fascinating characters including royalty, statesmen, writers, oil prospectors, rebel leaders, and explorers. Limited Seats! Advance reservations required at

Click to view full details

Cat-O-Mania K's Path's Cat Quiz

American Film Showcase

Better Beach Event Vendor Opportunities

‏We are the Phenomenal Family

‏Which means (unique) in terms of the work we have decided to be different in the thrill of giving all kinds, as we discovered in our own way and contacting many of the Kuwaiti gracious personalities, that there are a lot of Kuwaiti families that are in need of our help.
‏So with kindness we're going to help them with the money we will going to earn from the event.

‏in this event were gonna have a lot of exciting activities, water sports such as wakeboarding, jetski, water slides and much more to offer!

‏This email is sent to ask if you would like to have a booth for this event which will be held in Khairan on May 6 approved on Friday from 8am-8pm.
note: 50% of the money we'll be raising of this exhibition are for the Kuwaiti families that are in need either its going to be cash money, house needs, etc.

‏Booth size: 3x3 = 75kd
‏Food truck= 120

‏For inquiries:
‏Jana alzanki: 66151501
‏Jouri alzanki: 69985272
‏Nouria alfadhl: 67089888


‏To book a booth:
‏Booth name:
‏Booth description:
‏Booth owner:

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Al Kout Beach Fridays

Join us this April 29th for action-packed beach days at Al Kout beach! Jet Ski – Parasailing – Soap Football – Sandcastle competitions – Musical performances – Giveaways & Prizes from 1:00 to 9:00 pm...

Please call 23930101 for more details...

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Queen Elizabeth II Hazes Crown Prince Abdullah

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is many things: corgi owner, eager participant in Olympic stunts, the UK's longest-reigning monarch
And as this story from a former British ambassador to Saudi Arabia makes clear, she is also a stone-cold badass.
Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles was given a private audience with the queen when he was appointed ambassador to Saudi Arabia in 2003. At the time, Abdullah was technically still the crown prince, though he'd been de facto ruler for several years. During their meeting, the queen gleefully recounted the story of Abdullah's first visit to Balmoral, her castle in Scotland. It all started innocently enough, with an offer to tour the estate:
After lunch, the Queen had asked her royal guest whether he would like a tour of the estate. Prompted by his foreign minister the urbane Prince Saud, an initially hesitant Abdullah had agreed. The royal Land Rovers were drawn up in front of the castle. As instructed, the Crown Prince climbed into the front seat of the front Land Rover, his interpreter in the seat behind.
But then, a surprising twist! The queen herself was Abdullah's driver:
To his surprise, the Queen climbed into the driving seat, turned the ignition and drove off. Women are not — yet — allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia, and Abdullah was not used to being driven by a woman, let alone a queen.
And she wasn't just driving, she was DRIVING, leaving Abdullah a quivering wreck:
His nervousness only increased as the Queen, an Army driver in wartime, accelerated the Land Rover along the narrow Scottish estate roads, talking all the time. Through his interpreter, the Crown Prince implored the Queen to slow down and concentrate on the road ahead.
That's right: Queen Elizabeth basically spent an afternoon using her military-grade driving skills to haze the crown prince of Saudi Arabia.

In addition to raising Corgis, the queen is no stranger to driving, going back to World War II:
Princess Elizabeth, in 1945, standing by an Auxiliary Territorial Service first aid truck wearing an officer's uniform. Photo by Keystone/Getty Images
Princess Elizabeth, in 1945, standing by an Auxiliary Territorial Service first aid truck wearing an officer’s uniform. Photo by Keystone/Getty Images

Friday, April 22, 2016

Review: Madrid in April

Stunning location for a fairytale wedding. A wonderful happy day.

A fairy tale wedding in Madrid at the Casino de Madrid, fabulous fun with friends at Platea, tickets for the Real Madrid vs Villa Real match and a tour of the stadium. Lots of very enjoyable strolls, lunches and evenings with friends. 

Madrid is one of my favorite cities - no secret there [previous trip]. A few hiccups with hotel booking I had hoped we were staying in Vinnci's The Mint but fortunately I found out, just in time and by accident, that the hotel's double room doesn't allow an extra bed for my 12-year-old princess. Frantically had to last minute re-book, maybe it was just as well as communication with The Mint was fraught and almost impossible but managed to cancel before incurring a penalty. We did go to check out their rooftop bar whilst there which I had fallen in love with from the online photos - it was closed. Kismet. 

I booked us 6 nights at the 4* Maria Elena Palace, Calle Aduana 19, it came to a very reasonable KD 209 (breakfast not included but there is a Starbucks at the end of the road). The Maria Elena is undergoing some refurbishment but didn't bother us, staff were magnificent, get a quiet inside room as some on the street are noisy at weekends a friend told us, room was nice, really comfy bed, housekeeping superb, great location walking distance to Sol (Mercado San Miguel, Primark on Gran Via, Retiro Park), free good wifi but would have liked more English TV channels only found CNN but we weren't there to watch TV.

Madrid is lively, artsy, vibrant, friendly and incredibly cool. The weather was a little rainy
in April but didn't stop us enjoying the sights, tastes and sounds of this gorgeous
underrated city.
So don't knock the Primark mention. If you've ever been to Primark - and I tell you Madrid has the absolute best, most mind-blowing Primark store on the planet you still won't get how phenomenal it is, Madrid is worth a trip just to visit this store alone. 

Primark on Gran Via. A huge beautiful store spread over 4 floors with mobile phone recharge spots (take your recharge cable) you will need to recharge your phone as we were there for hours and lost each other a few times.

Madrid City Tour was a perfect thing to do on a rainy day just hop on and pay but make sure you can sit by the window as they do steam up and are better opened as long as rain is not coming in sideways. I could not manage to get my family into the Prado, Reina Sofia or the Thyssen museums but I had done them last trip and so was not forcing the issue. 

Mercado San Miguel is a lovely place for a casual lunch or supper, Platea at Plaza Colon is not to be missed especially on a Saturday night when they had a free show, which was truly amazing.

Platea's yummy seafood bar, there's also an oyster bar, jambon and cheeses,
tapas, hot kitchen and many more. The ground floor seating is more a non-booking 'mercado' type
set up so you find a table or sit at the bars and wander around and choose
whatever you would like to eat or drink. Upper floors have a la carte tables to reserve.

A must do, if you have a male of any age travelling with you, is the Santiago Bernabeu tour it's the home of Real Madrid FC. Takes 10 mins to get there by taxi from Gran Via/Sol, the self-tour is approx an hour and you can have lunch at one of the restaurants looking on to the iconic pitch. If you are lucky enough to be there when Real is playing then reasonably priced tickets can be bought online or at the stadium. My happy husband got to see Real Madrid beat Villa Real 3-0 and I got to see Ronaldo change his shirt. 

Loads and loads of things to do in Madrid; fabulous museums, shopping, food, parks, a good walking city but there are bikes for rent too. We did miss out on BBike beer bar tandem cycle and although it's touted as the healthiest beer one has to wonder if it's not a traffic hazard. Toledo and Segovia are ancient beautiful cities and are only a short train ride from Madrid.

After indulging for 6 days we then stocked up on healthy aloe drinks, honey and 9 bars from my friend Lucia's health food store, La Nodriza near the Palace. I really need to get a regular supplier because they are so delicious. Thank you my dear friend for the lovely evening at La Molette the teeny, tiny hidden gem of a restaurant with yummy home-made food. 

We love, love, love Madrid.

Tango Argentino

The Secret Garden Project

Baghdad street, Salmiya next to Fawziya Sultan Rehabilitation Institute.

Calling All Poets

Batman vs Superman

Jewellery Arabia Kuwait Exhibition at Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel April 23-26

Monday, April 18, 2016


Dear Friends of Operation HOPE Kuwait,

Please forgive the long silence . . . but someone needs your help! 

We received an appeal from Al Sidra to help get Crispen Rabiles home to the Philippines. He is 56 and a driver of a cement mixer truck at a construction company. He has been out of work for 2 years undergoing treatment for his colorectal cancer which has now spread to his liver.  He is still independent but in tremendous pain and discomfort.

We purchased a ticket for Mr. Rabiles to return to the Philippines this Wednesday early morning on Cebu Airlines.  Once he arrives in Manilla he will continue his journey homeward by boarding a bus and riding for another two hours. 

This man has two children and a wife in the Philippines, and we are asking your support for his final days on this earth, and to help his family.  Our goal is to raise KD 1,000 for this family, and we hope you and your friends will be led to contribute towards this appeal.  All donations will be remitted to his family account on Saturday, April 30th, 2016.  And all donors will be issued a receipt for your donation. 

Kindly contact us on 9937-5613 should you wish for more information. 

On behalf of the entire Operation HOPE Kuwait team, and the family of Crispen Rabiles, I thank you for your kind consideration. 



Sheryll Mairza

Operation Hope Kuwait

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Crying Here - Kids, God Love 'em

Desperate Plea From Mother Stuck at Doha Airport #QatarAirwaysMedicalEmergency

My husband and I and our Dr, were traveling to Berlin yesterday with our VERY SICK INFANT Sofia, and thanks to their incompetence we are not.
We are stuck in Doha Airport hotel due to the incompetence of Qatar airways, before leaving Kuwait and while booking our flight we had a medical form filled out by the airline, and we supplied them with all the medical reports they needed, and we have a Dr flying with us as well.
The signed agreement was to supply both flights KWT/DOHA, DOHA/BERLIN with a medical Ventilator and oxygen, both on standby in case of any emergency regarding the baby.
While flying Doha, our Dr, TAREK AL AWAMRY, asked to see the ventilator so that he can operate it in case of an emergency happening, the crew told us they do not have it and they do not know what we are talking about, all they did supply us with was oxygen, no ventilator, we let that pass ,and then while boarding to Berlin, again, no medical machines on the flight, so of course we went off the plane not to put our baby in danger.
After speaking to a lot of people in the airport, apparently someone did not send our form to qatar with the confirmation of the ventilator, THOUGH WE GOT A CONFIRMATION FROM QATAR AIRWAYS THAT THE MACHINE WILL BE ON BOTH FLIGHTS.
Now they cannot supply us with anything to go Berlin, they found a ventilator that can help us reach Berlin (where our baby has an appointment at Helios Klinik that took us quite an effort to arrange, and now we will simply miss it), "But its too expensive to use only once, you have to go back to kuwait", they want to terminate our medical trip due to their incompetence and refusal to buy a medical ventilator that saves our baby's life because its too expensive for Qatar airways.
The disaster is that our Dr have to leave us, he will return to kuwait today and we do not have anyone to accompany us to Berlin if they found the ventilator, Im a lawyer and we will file charges in Kuwait.
Now we want to save our baby she is jeopardized, she is supposed to have an OPERATION ASAP, we will not go back to kuwait, we are now staying at Doha's airport hotel.
We need a ventilator
We need a new pediatrician/neonatologist to accompany us to Berlin
We need help right this second
Please share this post"

Sue Azmi.